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Music Transposition

MUSIC - Music Transposition Chart  |  A chart showing the relationship between musical keys, and musical notes  |  Vaughn's Summaries  |

CNX.org  |  Transposition: Changing Keys  |  Summary: Transposition, or changing the key of a piece of music, can be useful and is sometimes necessary to make music more singable or playable

MasterKey Music Transposition  |  "If you’re playing marked chords on a song-sheet, you can make the transposition ‘in real time’"  |

java applet for music transposition  |  Transpose music into another key and change each chord in a song

PageBrandGenerator  |  sheet music transposition service  |  links to services  |

Music Transposition:  Guitar Chords  |  chords.kytara.cz  |  script tool  |

PianoPlot  |   Music Theory & Harmony - Boring? No! It’s An Exciting X-Ray Into How Music Works!  |  "How transposition and modulation works — playing songs in different keys, and getting from one key to another smoothly."  |

Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online  |  Transposition

shanemcdonald.org  |  Transposing : How to Transpose Music from one Key to Another  |  "Hopefully, with the above examples you can understand at least the basic principles behind transposition of music between keys"  |

Simple English Wikipedia  |  Transposition

Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory  |  Octave Transposition

The Free Dictionary  |  transposition  -  7 entries  |

Diatonic and chromatic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reference to transposition

Lilypond.org  |  One melodic frament transposed

Music Arrangers.com  |  Tansposing instruments  |  Transposition, a simple example  |  Transposition, a more complex example  |  Transposition for a baritone saxophone  |

Outsideshore  |  Music Theory: Reading Music: Transposition  |  "f a trumpet player is asked to read from music written for piano, he must do the transposition mentally"  |

Transposing instrument  |  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ingenta Connect  |  Aspects of Harmony in Messiaen’s Later Music - PDF

Finale:  Plugin  |  CLASSIC TRANSPOSITION DIALOG  |  The 'Type' Group  |  The 'Interval' Group  |  The 'Direction' Group  |  The 'Alteration' Group  |  The 'Octave Offset' Group  |  The 'Settings' Group  |  The 'More Types' Group  |  The 'Options' Group  |  Apply/Done/Play Buttons  |  SPELLING SETUP DIALOG  |  NOTE SPELLING TABLE DIALOG  |  CHORD SPELLING TABLE DIALOG  |  ALTERNATE SPELLING TABLE DIALOG  |  SET CUSTOM DIATONIC TRANSPOSITION DIALOG  |  SET CUSTOM CHROMATIC TRANSPOSITION DIALOG  |  SET FIXED PITCH TRANSPOSITION DIALOG  |  DOCUMENTATION WINDOW  |

Modes of limited transposition  |  Simple Wikipedia  |  "a kind of musical scale used by Messiaen  |

ArpegeMusic  |  Transposition  |  Intervals  |  Diatonic and chromatic transposition  |  "Chromatic transposition respects the exact number of half tones for each transposed note."  |

MakeMusic  -  Forum  |  Re: chromatic transposition  |


NAU.edu  |  "A rich panchromatic context is possible by combining a whole tone scale and its transposition"

Wikipedia: Musical Scale  |  "Composers often transform musical patterns by moving every note in the pattern by a constant number of scale steps: thus, in the C major scale, the pattern C-D-E ("doe, a deer") might be shifted up a single scale step to become D-E-F ("ray, a drop"). This process is called scalar transposition."  |

CNX.org  |  Scales that aren't Major or Minor  |  "There are many musical scales that cannot be classified as major or minor, including chromatic, whole-tone, pentatonic, blues, and various scales common to Non-Western music."  |

Very illustrated  |  All-Combinatorial Hexachords  |  Only a few hexachords are combinatorial in all forms. Six of the hexachord set classes are all-combinatorial. An all-combinatorial hexachord produces its complement in I, R, and RI forms under one or more transpositions

ComposerTools  |  More Properties of Pitch Class Sets and Interval Vectors  |  Common Tones when  Transposed  |

Answers.com  |  modes of limited transposition  |

CDlib.org  |  Stravinsky and the Rite of Spring  |   Pitch Structure: A Russian Heritage  |  Even the whole-tone transposition is in imitation of the tonic-dominant relationship. Somewhat more elaborate is the passage shown in Example 46c

NAU.edu  |  Whole-tone Scale transposed

Jody Nagel's Writings  |  References to transposition that relates to division of the octave by 4  |  Unique Harmonic Relationships:  -  A Consideration of Progressions Between Major Triads, Minor Triads,
Augmented Triads, Fully-Diminished-7th Chords, Major-Minor-7th Chords, and Half-Diminished-7th Chords  |

Numbera  |  Transposition  |  Scales and Key Signatures  |  The Major Scale  |  The Natural Minor Scales  |  The Natural Minor Scales  |  The Melodic Minor Scale  |  Pentatonic Scales  |  Key Signatures  |  Circle of Fifths  |  Modes  |  Solfeggio  |

NewMusicBox  |  BETWEEN U S: A HyperHistory of American Microtonalists  -  Equal Temperaments  |  equal temperament is that it allows free transposition  |

ieeexplore.ieee.org  |  "A Novel Efficient Algorithm for Music Transposition"  |

Everything2.com  |  Octagonic Scale  |  "Literally, a scale consisting of eight tones. Alternatively listed in E2 as the "diminished scale."  |

NewMusicBox  |  "During the 19th century, transposition became so central to compositional thinking "  |

music-cog.ohio-state.edu/~pvh  |  PDF  |  HTML  |  How Rare Is Symmetry in Musical 12-Tone Rows?  |  Transposition, retrograde, and inversion are used throughout the Viennese 12-tone. repertoire  |

Buzzle.  |  Transpositions and modulations.  |  Discussions on 12 Tone Music with Mark Gould: A Composer’s Journal Entry: April 8, 2007  |  Serial Music: further discussions on twelve tone music with Mark Gould. A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad.

Dolmetsch Online.  |  Music Theory Online - 12 tone scales  -  12 note scales described and transposed

19-Tone Theory and Applications  |  Hubert S. Howe, Jr.

Twelve-Tone (Serial) Music  |  website.lineone.net/~webduck  |  What is a Tone Row?   Transposing the Prime Row   The Retrograde   The Inversion The Retrograde Inversion  The Matrix

Transposition Booklist


Harmonization-Transposition at the Keyboard for the Student and Teacher of Class or Group Piano, Private Piano, Music Education, General Education: Transposition at the Keyboard by Alice M. Kern

Mel Bay Guide to Capo, Transposing, and the Nashville Numbering System by Dix Bruce

Transposition for Music Students by Reginald Hunt

Beginner's Piano/Keyboard Course, Vol. 3: Playing, Creating and Transposing Songs with Chords by Irma Irene Justicia

The Complete Book of Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios for the Guitar by Al Politano

Basic Blues Etudes in All Twelve Keys

The Complete Book of Scales, Cadences & Arpeggios in All Keys (Beginning Skills) by John Brimhall

Scales and Pieces In All Keys, Book 1

Scales and Chords in All Keys: Alfred Masterwork Edition

Arpeggios and Pieces in All Keys / Book 1

Advanced Blues Etudes in All Twelve Keys by Jordon Ruwe

Minor Blues Tunes in All Twelve Keys

Technic All The Way, Level Two-B, The White Key Scales by William Gillock Ruth Burr


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