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Music Theory On The Web / Rhythm

Lovers of percussion & drums, drums, drummers, drumming, percussionists and musicians rejoice! the web is ALIVE with 
interesting and vibrant rhythm cultures

Eric Weisstein's TreasureTrove
Time Signatures

Interworld Music
Rhythm Library  |  These rhythms are from the Interworld video, Rhythmic Wisdom by Layne Redmond | Rhythm Wisdom 
features special "combination strokes" that build on each other to create highly musical rhythms that get progressively more complex

Rhythm Tutor
Music education, training

Over 300 Free Drum Lessons and Tabs

Time and Rhythm, Part One

Salsa Music, Rhythm, Phrasing & Timing

MusicGoals Rhythm Music Theory Software  |   Rhythm Support | Music Questions

Rhythm Tutor
Beginner Software  |  free demo  |  This is a direct download link


Rhythm Flashcards
Google search

Aural Theory IV Rhythm Assignments

Ancient-Future World World Rhythm Training
African Rhythm ExercisesFree drum set lessons | Balinese Interlocking Rhythms | Tabla SiteConumfrom Informal lessons
Dumbek - Turkish | Claveworld beat workshop | Increase your rhythmic skills by learning the rhythms of Africa, Bali and India! 
FREE MIDI files of global groove

On the beat
People can adjust to tiny changes in tempo, keeping time with a beat even when the shifts are too subtle for us to consciously 
perceive, a US study has revealed | NewScientist.com

Rhythm & Counting Time
johncomino.tripod.com | The Basics | Ties & Rests | Triplets | Sixteenths | The Jazz/Blues Rhythm | Easy Strumming Patterns

Music Theory; Rhythm
musicman 110

Rhythmic Dictations
Indiana U


Rhythm, Grouping and Meter: Music Theory

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music
Bibliography and Glossary of Terms specific to the Bibliography | The author of this list provides links to his own synopses 
of the books listed |


Wild Bill's Dictation Sensation
Courtesy of Dr. Bill Eldridge

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music / Indiana U
A Bibliography and Glossary of Terms

Rhythm | interactive exercises | requires Macromedia Flash |

The Atomic Rhythm Theory Project

Rhythm Chat With Grids

The Art of Successful Rhythm Piano/Keyboard Playing

A Rhythmic Vocabulary
A Musician's Guide to Understanding and Improvising With Rhythm

Theory and Analysis of Musical Rhythm

Time and Rhythm Theory

Theory and Analysis of Musical Rhythm

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music: A Bibliography

Rhythm Troubles?
Here's a solution from Easy Music Theory


Rhythm tutor products  -  search results

Basic Music Theory / Neil Hawes
Rhythm  |  Beat  |  Note Lengths  |  Metronome Marking  |  Tempo  |  Bars  |  Syncopation  |

Rhythmatism: Folk Drums & Percussion Styles
Berklee Shares  |  Links to many world instruments & Percussion styles  |

Machine Recognition of Music
Rhythm Quantization for Transcription

Grouping and Meter: Music Theory


Eric's Treasure Trove  |  Time Signatures

Time & Rhythm
GuitarMasters.com  |

brief page with ilustrations & music clips

Download lesson  |  Berklee Shares: rhythm part i - music theory and time signature
Learn about rhythm in this lesson by chair of Berklee College of Music's piano department, faculty member Paul Schmeling. 
You'll explore meter and time signatures with fun, hands-on activities  |

Rhythm Content Learning Sequence
Rhythm Content  |  Elements of rhythm  |  Macrobeats  |  Microbeats  |  Melodic Rhythm  |  Meters  |  Rhythm Functions  |  
Rhythm Solfege  |

music theory online : rhythmic variety  |  Rhythmic Modes & Anacrusis  |  notes & rests  |  measures and bars  |  time signatures  | 
tempo  |  duration  |  Anatomy of a Note  |  Dotting & Double-Dotting  |   Beams & Beaming  |  Ties  |  Origin of Music Notation  |

Music theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Swing jazz rhythm in improvisation  |  1 illustration  |

Elements of Rhythm

Aural Theory IV Course Menu
Online EarTraining Course  |

JBL Music
Rhythm  |  Notes and Rests  |  Dotted Notes  |  Triplets   |

Aleck  |  Online Rhythm Training Patterns
Rhythm patterns to practice  |


Articles  |  General  |  Creativity  |  Practicing  |  Insights  |  Music Theory  |  Improvisation  |  Technique  |  Chords  |  Picking  |  
Others  |  Etudes  |  Rhythm  | Ear Training  | Features  | Reviews  |

video  |  Rhythm  |  Marking time and moving through our bodies, rhythm has a special relationship to both musical form and 
worldwide dance traditions. How rhythm structures music is examined through the American marching band, North Indian tala, 
Japanese shakuhachi tradition, West African drumming, and Afro-Cuban dance music  |

Cartage: Rhythm


Music Ace 2 Educator Version, Hybrid CD-ROM

Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: / John Clough

Studying Rhythm / Anne C. Hall

Essentials of Music Theory /: Karen Farnum Surmani

Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly / Mark Phillips

Encyclopedia of Rhythms: /: Joseph Schillinger

Melodic Rhythms for Guitar /: William Leavitt

Rhythm & Meter Patterns / Gary Chaffee

Rhythm & Pitch /: Stevenson

Rhythm / David Mead

Complete Rhythm Guitar Guide for Blues Bands / Larry McCabe

Rhythm, Music, and the Brain /: Michael Thaut

Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms / Gary Hess

Rhythm /: Julia Schnebly-Black

Syncopated Rhythms /: Patricia Hills

Rhythm and Noise / Theodore Gracyk

Sight Singing / Samuel Adler

Rhythm and Timing of Movement in Performance / Janet Goodridge

Basics in Rhythm /: Garwood Whaley

World Beat Rhythms / Maria Martinez

A Rhythmic Vocabulary / Alan L. Dworsky

Basic Jazz Rhythm Guitar /: Corey Christiansen

Rhythm Reading /: Daniel Kazez

Rhythm Riffs /: Greg Koch

Sonic ReFill Vol. 13: World Percussion (Reason Refills)

The Rhythm Section / Mark Burnell

Rhythmanalysis / Henri Lefebvre

Time in Indian Music /: Martin Clayton

Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1 /: Troy Stetina

West African Rhythms for Drumset / Royal Hartigan

Drum Machine Patterns / Rene-Pierre Bardet

The Latin Beat / Ed Morales

Egyptian Rhythm /: Moustafa Gadalla

Sacred Rhythms /: Ruth Haley Barton

Portraits in Rhythm Study / Anthony J. Cirone

Rhythmic Gesture in Mozart /: Wye Jamison Allanbrook

Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset /: Frank Malabe

Rhythm, Music, and the Brain / Michael Thaut

The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion and Drum Set  /  Ed Uribe

When the Drummers Were Women /: Layne Redmond

National Rhythms, African Roots / John Charles Chasteen

Megalithic Measures and Rhythms / Anne Macaulay

Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset /: Duduka Da Fonseca

Rhythm Science / Paul D. Miller







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