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Wikipedia:  Songwriting


Wikipedia:  Songwriting 

"The structures or musical forms of songs in popular music  are typically sectional, repeating forms, such as strophic form.

Other common forms include thirty-two-bar form , verse-chorus form, and the twelve bar  blues.

Popular music songs are rarely composed using different music for  each stanza of the lyrics (songs composed in this fashion are said to be "through-composed").

This form can be used in any structural difference in melodies. A common format would be as listed: Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Verse, Chorus, Middle Eight

The foundation of popular music is the "verse" and "chorus".  Both are essential elements with the verse usually played first.      Exceptions abound with "She Loves You" by The Beatles being an early example in the Rock  music  genre.  Each verse usually employs the same melody (possibly with some slight modifications), while the lyrics usually change for each verse.

The chorus (or "refrain") usually consists of a melodic and lyrical   phrase which is repeated. 

Pop songs may have an introduction and coda      ("tag"), but these elements are not essential to the identity of most songs.

Pop  songs often connect the verse and chorus via a bridge, which as its name suggests, is a section which connects the verse and chorus at one or more  points in the song.

The verse and chorus are usually repeated throughout a song though the bridge, intro, and coda (also called an "outro") are usually only used once. 

Some pop songs may have a solo section, particularly in rock or blues influenced pop.

During the solo section one or more instruments play a melodic line which may be the melody used by the singer, or,  in blues or jazz influenced pop, the solo may be improvised based on the chord progression."




Art  Of  Songwriting


Great Songwriters not only have great mastery of the elements of  music and musicianship; 
They have the gift of creating a magic
world of storytelling through the art of music 


Songwriters Page
I Write The Music

Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource
Tools & resources  |  Featured Artist Spotlight  |  Muse's Muse Message Boards  |  Recent Press Releases - News Within The Community  |  The Muse's Muse Music Resource  |  Songwriter's Toolkit  | 
Songwriting Resource Web Ring  |    Featured Reading Resource  |


Go2Audio directory - Music - songwriting
46 sites  |  brief descriptions 


Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Page
Special Features



BandRadio directory: songwriting
Search results with brief descriptions  |  Songwriting Advice  |  Articles  |  Legal / Business  |  Resources:  Online: |  Newsgroups  |  Chats |  Email  lists  | Newsletters  |  Message Boards,
Public Lyric Critiques  |  Songwriting Sites  |  Writing References (Online)  |  Lyrics  | 
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Songwriter   /Songwriting  |  USA  |  International  |  Web rings  |  Performance Rights  | 
Products & Services  |  Instruction  |  Wanted  |  Songwriting Services  |  Song Pitching and Artist Promotion  |  Publishers  |  Songwriter Demo Services  |  Software  |  Contests  |  Showcases  | 
Charts  |  Music Industry/Musicians  |  Associations  |  Labels  |  News  |  Copyright  |  Other  | 
A comprehensive songwriting resource site  |



Seth Jackson's Songwriting Page
This page is for anyone interested in Songs, Songwriting and the Music Business.
This site, hosted by songwriter Seth Jackson, was last updated on 7/9/04  | 
Songwriter WebRings  |  Info about Songwriter  | 
Seth Jackson - Songwriter  |

Seth Jackson's Songwriting Page 
This page is for anyone interested in Songs, Songwriting and the Music Business. This site, hosted by songwriter Seth Jackson, was last updated on 7/9/04  |  Songwriter WebRings  |  Info about Songwriter  |  Seth Jackson - Songwriter


Yahoo! directory Music Composition > Songwriting
Commercial@  |  Events (2)  |  Organizations (18)  |  Rhyming Dictionaries@  | 
Songwriters (504)  |

Directory Of Songwriting


MIDI Magic Studio 
Music Recording Service and information + tip center for Songwriters and
Music Artists providing competitive demos and album production.  | 


Songwriting resource by Nashville songwriters  |  "where songwriters surf"  | 
"Songwriting and Songwriters - Professional Songwriters Explore and
Explain the Craft of Songwriting."

Singer/songwriter  Directory
news  |  featured CD  |  Singer/Songwriter Forum  |  Site of the Week  | 


Songwriting Associations (USA)

Yahoo! UK & Ireland  Directory
Music Composition > songwriting

"Get your music to the right people with TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle that
connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers,
and film & TV music supervisors."


"Songwriting tips & marketing information for songwriters and lyricists: how to
write songs, song contests, lyric contest, how to write song lyrics, song publishing tips,
Great American Song Contest - market your songs, meet songwriters, musicians,
lyricists, recording artists, publishers & producers."

Latest Singing and Songwriting News and Updates


"LyricsReview.com provides a forum, with world wide exposure, for songwriters lyrics.
View the lyrics and reviews of your peers. The site stimulates writers with a workshop
and writing tips."


Hotlinks > Industry Resources  

"Writing songs .com a complete resource for songwriters. Writing lyrics, songs and
music while getting together with other writers from around the world. Join our
online chat, post your songs, critique others, read classifies, free songwriting tips,
links, news and much more!"


SongwriterUniverse - Empower the Songwriter
"Songwriting resource,music business,songwriting,music,songs, song & CD
evaluations, individual consultations, resources,useful articles, interviews,
songwriter associations, musicians,recommended 
  reading books,club lists,
publications lists, record label lists, music publisher lists,collaboration" 


12 Steps  |  88 Wrongs  |  Workshops  |  Consultation  | Recommendations  | 
Songtips: Articles  |  NSAI Interview  |  Links  |  "Songwriters: Write Better Songs! " 


Singing Spot - Online Vocalist Resource directory - songwriting  | 
General Resource Links  |   30+ categories   |



Addicted to Songwriting
Your resource for songwriting information, articles, news, tips and more.  | 
Articles  |  Song Chorus Construction  |  Successful Song Stuctures  | 
Interviews  |  Janis Ian: Breaking Silence  |  Shawn Colvin: Her Story  | 
Steve Seskin Shares Secrets  |  Sarah McLachlan's Walden  |  Pond  | 
Musicians Junction  |  Find and be found by other bands, artists, musicians,
songwriters and more with the Musicians Junction. It's free!  |  Links • Link with Us!  
Songwriting Associations • Unsigned Showcases • Record Deals •
Songwriting Contests  |   Film & TV Music Placement  |
  Song Hooks  | 


SongLyricist.com is a free educational resource for aspiring song lyricists,
song poets and songwriters. | With generous assistance from some of America's
most successful songwriters, SongLyricist.com provides helpful songwriting tips,
opportunities and articles on all aspects of the art and craft of lyric writing


ongwriting resources, articles


Irene Jackson
ongwiting tips


usic & soundtrack lyrics

Songwriters Resource Network 
Learn the Craft & Business of Songwriting  |  Music-Industry Contacts & Opportunities
Song Lyricists, Music Composition & Lyric Writing  |  The Great American Song Contest  |

Songwriters Directory
I Write The Music


Songwriting Tips & Tools
The Muse's Muse 



Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters
Hal's Tip Jar, lots of resources


Robin Frederick
How To Write A Song


rticles. FAQ, news, books, links


Online rhyming dictionary


Easy Song Writing
Basics, 21 tips, recording checklist

Musician News

Songwriters Resource Network
Songwriting Tips, News & Information For Songwriters

Essential Secrets of Songwriting
By using the examples of professional songwriters, you can improve your
songwriting skills and create better melodies, chords and lyrics

Graham English

 List of Opensource Music Software  |  The Rules and Principles of         Counterpoint  |  Hit Songwriting Tips Podcast  |   4 Things That Will Make Or Break Your Song  |  How To Master Musical Textures  |  How Do You Develop New And Interesting Chord Changes? Who is Dick Grove?  |   How To Use Tension And Release In Your Melodies  |  Learn Orchestration Free Online  |  Internalize And Eternalize The Music By Transcribing Solos  |  Songwriting Challenges - Where Do I Begin?  |   Hit Songwriting Tips Podcast  |  A Web-Based GarageBand?  |  Learn Orchestration Free Online  |   Top Music Theory Articles for 2006  |  Splice is a free website where you can download music, compose songs, record sounds, remix, make friends and just listen to new music — all through your browser window!



gold piano

Songwriting  EzineArticles.com 

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Sound Technology Schools Teach Art of Acoustics

Dividing Your Practice Time

Creative And Feeling Alone? What To Do When Your Friends
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Rock & Roll Feature: Dylan Bringing the Controversy All Back Home

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10 Ways for Unknown Musicians to Get the Word Out

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Guitar - Beyond The Chord Chart

Going Seamless: Dissolving the Brain Divide

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Turning a Band Into Songwriters - 10 Songs In One Hour

5 Songwriting Tips For The Lazy

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Tapping Into Your Musical Side - Writing Song Lyrics

How To Get Signed To A Label - Top 10 Ways

Copyright Basics for Songwriters

Why You Must Stay On Course

The Gig Is Up - Getting Those Gigs

Every Song Tells A Story...But Does It Need To Be An Abstract Novel?

What Bruce Springsteen Taught Me About Writing

People are Turning to Meaningful Songs for Emotional and Spiritual Relief:

Improvisation in Music: Is that What Your Soul is Saying or are You Just Regurgitating?

JOHN LENNON - The Man and His Times

Tips on Songwriting

100 Tips to Market Your Music - Part 2

How To Break A #1 Hit Song On MP3.com

How to Become a Successful Independent Artist or Songwriter




Songwriting  Software

song software

Logic Pro 6
Write, record, mix, and print music with this all-in-one program  | 
Arrange and record multi-track compositions  |  Build compositions from
scratch or from existing MIDI files  |  View your creations during playback
in real-time notation  |  Print to review your composition; rehearse at your
own pace  |


MUSITEK SmartScore Piano Edition Software (PC/Mac)
 SmartScore has fully integrated music scoring, and music scanning
with advanced recognition technology  |  Whether you are copying music,
composing or importing MIDI files; there is absolutely no faster way to
get music into your computer  |  recognizes and plays back repeats,
dynamics and articulations  |  Automatic recognition and display of
contrapuntal voices with dirct voice-to-MIDI channel linking  |  Automatic
instrument assignments according to number of staves  |



Music Write Songwriter
Create musical scores on your PC  |  Notation for all instruments  |  Hear your music played via MIDI instruments  |   Print sheet music  |   Includes the book Introduction to Songwriting  |



Magix Notation
Compose, edit, arrange, and print music scores  |   Intuitive interface  | 
Keyboard, mouse, and MIDI support  |  Unlimited number of staves per
system, and up to 16 polyphony voices per staff  |  Add lyrics to composition,
and display them as syllables  |

Sibelius Notes
Educational resources to help teach music in the classroom with  Sibelius  | 
Ready-to-use exercises and worksheets on everything from notation to
composing  |  Use on computer or with pen and paper; photocopying
worksheets allowed  |  Covers all school levels: K-12, Key Stages 1-4, and
beyond  |  Dozens of music files on CD-ROM; teacher's guide and student
skills guide  |

SmartMusic Studio
Create a loop that repeats those difficult passages over & over, until you
get it right  |  The unique Intelligent Accompaniment tools listens to musicians
as they sing or play, and follows their spontaneous tempo changes  | 
With this type of computer accompaniment, you'll improve on issues like
being in tune, keeping time, learning to listen and more  |  Over 20,000 fun accompaniments to make teaching & learning music efficient, productive and enjoyable  |  Different exercises for practicing scales, intervals, arpeggios and twisters 



Voyetra Digital Orchestrator
Voyetra Digital Orchestrator for Windows PC is a  comprehensive music
editor for use with MIDI applications  |  Digital Audio Effects Processors  | 
MIDI & Digital Audio Track Editor  |  MIDI PIano Roll Editor  |


Propellerhead  Recycle 2.0 
Using Recycle, you can create loops called 'rex loops', which are
time-stretchable and pitch-stretchable  |  Change the tempo of a
groove without altering its pitch & vice-versa  |  Make pitched grooves
fit inot songs in other keys  |  Use processing tools like Transient Shaper,
Envelope & EQ to energize your loops  |  Normalize the sound levels
Alter or quantize the timing, or isolate & extract individual pieces out of
any sample


Finale Guitar

Rhyming Dictionary helps songwriters find the right rhyme for any lyric  | 
Enter your music in a traditional staff, or display it automatically for a
TAB staff  |  An extensive library of special symbols and shapes used
with notation and for over 50 fretted instruments  |  Input notes with a
MIDI guitar and see instant TAB notation  |  Advanced music scanning
 technology and optical character recognition helps musicians scan
sheet music and turn it into a Finale file  |



Print Music

Easy to print, e-mail, or save as SmartMusic Accompaniment  | 
Music notation software for creating, hearing, and printing sheet music  |  Free music scanning and SmartMusic instrument sounds  |  Write songs up to 24 staves; create scores and print out parts  |  Create lead sheets with lyrics, chord symbols, and guitar fretboards


Masterwriting Software

Full-function word processor  |  Rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 entries  |  Pop-culture dictionary with over 11,000 icons of American and World culture  |  Dictionary containing over 35,000 phrases, idioms, clichs, sayings and word combinations  |  Rhymed-phrases dictionary with over 36,000 entries 


Book List

Songwriting  Book List


Fretboard Logic SE
The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios

Hearing and Writing Music
Professional Training for Today's Musician (2nd Edition)

Songwriters Idea Book
Design Distinctive Songs & Keep Your Creative Flow

Songwriters on Songwriting

Song Writer's Market         

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting

Rock Troubadours
Conversations on the Art and Craft of Songwriting

FastTrack Lead Singer Method
Book 1

The Craft and Business of Songwriting

Melody in Songwriting
Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs (Berklee Guide)

The Songwriting Sourcebook
How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs

6 Steps to Songwriting Success
he Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs

Writing the Broadway Musical

Computer Music
he Complete Guide For Mac And Pc - Includes Cd-Rom

How to Write Songs on Guitar
A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course

Songwriting Essential Guide to Rhyming

88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them
Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting

The Craft and Business of Songwriting

How to Write Songs on Guitar 
4 Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course

The Songwriting Sourcebook 
How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs

Songwriting for Dummies

The Craft of Lyric Writing

The Songwriter's Workshop: Melody

You've Written A Song, So Now What?


Learning  Tips

Songwriting  Tips


Writing Lyrics : Song Titles
John Braheny

Writing Lyrics - Keeping it Simple
John Braheny

Writing on Assignment
John Braheny

The Basic Forms
2-part article  -  by John Braheny

John Braheny

Rewriting: Your Essential Tool Kit
John Braheny

Song Dynamics: Getting Their Attention
 John Braheny

John Braheny

Chorus Construction
John Braheny

Choosing a Form
 John Braheny

Writing For Specialty Markets
 Jason Blume

Pre-Choruses & Bridges
Jason Blume

Developing Successful Song Stuctures
Jason Blume

Visualizing a Hit
Jason Blume

Rewriting Lyrics
Jason Blume

The Importance of Contrast
Jai Josefs

Ten Tips for Building Stronger Songs
Peter & Pat Luboff

Stairway to Your First Cut
2-part article by Jerry Vandiver and Gracie Hollombe

A Good Melody is Like Sex
 Michael Anderson


The Song As A Script
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

The 7:00 A.M. Rule
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

What Publishers Really Want
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

Know Your Own Strengths
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

Overcoming "Writer's Assumption
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

The Mighty Pronoun: The Little Big Word
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

Co-Writing with Established Songwriters
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

The Checklist
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

Your Demos: Dress Them for Success
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

Drawing Maximum Attention To Your Hook
Ralph Murphy (ASCAP)

21 Songwriting Tips
Ken Hill  (MusicBizAcademy)

18 More Songwriting Tips
 Ken Hill  (MusicBizAcademy)

How to Write an Artist Biography: A Bio Made Simple
by Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcad

The "Creative" You and the "Business" You
By Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

How and Why Major Labels and Independent Labels Work Together
By Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

10 Essential Tips for Making a Living with Your Music
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

10 Reasons Why Most Demos are Rejected
Christopher Knab  (MusicBizAcademy)

35 Tips for Self-Management as a Musician
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Income and Expenses for Developing Your Music Career
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

25 Things to Remember About Record Distribution
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Becoming A 'Priority' At A Record Label
Christopher Knab  (MusicBizAcademy)

Music Business Internships Do's and Don'ts
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Thoughts for the Aspiring Musician
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Copyright and Songwriting Basics
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

10 'Reality Sandwiches' For The Independent Musician
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Planning Your Music Career: Part 1
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Ten Tips for Developing Musicians
Christopher Knab   (MusicBizAcademy)

Mastering Your Music
Ken Hill    (MusicBizAcademy)

Sell Your CDs Online
Ken Hill    (MusicBizAcademy)

Performance Contracts
Ken Hill    (MusicBizAcademy)

How to Write a Press Release
Ken Hill    (MusicBizAcademy)

Guerrilla Marketing Tips
Ken Hill    (MusicBizAcademy)

Tax Tips for Musicians
Ken Hill     (MusicBizAcademy)

7 Steps to a Successful Audition
Article by Marco Kasell  (MusicBizAcademy)

Set Goals: Your Rockstardom Wasn't Built in a Day
Article by Shena Metal   (MusicBizAcademy)

Your First Recording Session
Jeff Wheaton   (MusicBizAcademy)

Coping with Stage Fright
Jan Smith  (MusicBizAcademy)

Stop Burning Bridges... or Your Career Might Go Up in Flames
Article by Shena Metal   (MusicBizAcademy)

Take Control of Your Career Now
Chris Standring  (MusicBizAcademy)

How to Help the Music Industry Take You Seriously
Chris Standring  (MusicBizAcademy)

An Introduction to the FourFront Music Marketing Concept
Chris Knab  (MusicBizAcademy)

Re-Thinking Your Image: Creating a Signature Style
John Battaglia  (MusicBizAcademy)

Your Speaking Skills Can Make You a Better Performer
Marc Gunn  (MusicBizAcademy)

So You Want to Quit Your Day Job?
Mara  (MusicBizAcademy)

The X Factor: What is it and do YOU have "IT"?
Gian M. Fiero (MusicBizAcademy)

Are You Ready? Are You *Really* Ready?
Kenny Love  (MusicBizAcademy)

10 Things to Do Before You Release Your Album
Jeremy Rwakaara  (MusicBizAcademy)

Having Two Ears
Eric Barouti   (MusicBizAcademy)

How to Reduce Your CD Manufacturing Costs
Keith Holzman (Mus

Cutting a 'Hot' CD
John Vestman  (MusicBizAcademy)

Top Ten Graphic Tips for Designing CDs
Chris Knab  (MusicBizAcademy)

What You Should Know About Your Fans
Chris Knab  (MusicBizAcademy)

Finding A Manager
Article by Jaci Rae  (MusicBizAcademy)

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