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Top 10 Free Programs to make the most out of your MP3 Collection

Hands on: Songbird 1.0 music app soars  |  ArsTechnica   -   by David Chartier  |  "Songbird is a music player and organizer based on Mozilla technologies. After spending two years in the beta oven and gaining a wealth of add-ons and other features, Songbird's first official release candidate is out, and we take it for a hands-on spin"  | 

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About Music Making with Computer Software
With news about Free and Commercial Music Making software  -  MakingMusic.Blogspot

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Jono's Blog : iPodSoft - more than music (Freeware Smart Client Apps)
The iPodSoft team have create a bunch of Windows Forms-based applications to help you get more from your iPod. |  iPodSoft

Automated Composing System
is a clever program that composes music and saves it as a MIDI file. Select the style you prefer, choose a key, chord progression, even a type of scale to use, hit the "Compose and Play" button, and the program does the rest. You can also select the level of complexity in the melody and harmony, and you can orchestrate your selections with sounds ranging from strings, to distorted guitar, to a dog barking. Any MIDI files created with the Automated Composing System belong to the user of the program. This program is useful for creating music to use for your Website, or generating musical ideas, or other purposes. Plus, it's fun to play with, and it's free.

Arvid's Guide to Free Mac Music Software
This list of free mac music software exists to help people to have fun, with and become inspired by, creating electronic music using their

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(virtual music) is a free application that allows the user to display sheet music and flip pages without removing the hands (or feet) from the instrument the music is performed on. It is very useful during concerts and practice sessions.  |  Music stands are usually able to accomodate at most a single book or 2-3 pages of loose leaf music at once. When performing a longer piece of music, the musician must often move one of the hands away from the instrument to turn the pages. This interupts the performance and breaks the flow of music especially when the page turn occurs during a musically demanding passage.  |  This software allows the user to create "songs" out of sheet music images obtained from a scanner, digital camera, or pdf, and "PlayLists" out of the "songs". During a performance, the user can simply press a mouse button to move to the next / previous page or press various keyboard keys to advance the music.  |  USB foot switches are available which emulate mouse button presses thus freeing the hands to play the instrument. Even without a FootSwitch, using a laptop display avoids the problem of books that don't stay open, or loose leaf pages that fly off the music stand when the wind (or HVAC unit) blows.


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New Freeware Software: Plug-ins A-Go-Go

Digital Daydreams - Downloads

Sound utilities

PC World
Free MP3 EZlib Music Library/Playlist Manager  |  Download from this page  |  More music freeware  |

TraxAxPC  |  Buying music and video software for your PC can be an expensive and confusing experience for even experienced consumers. All that is about the change with the introduction of the TrakAxPC —the ultimate multimedia creation tool.  |  TrakAx empowers you to create professional music and video mixes in an easy-to-use and fun environment. Whether you are creating a music track for your MySpace page or a video for YouTube, TrakAxPC is the most powerful FREE application on the web  |

Practice drums with Rock Band hardware and PC freeware
"The Rock Band drums are nice and all, but practicing on your PC along with your own music is great"

Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More

Wu-Tang Clan Releases Free Music Widget on Same Day Its Album Leaks

Andrew Rudsen.com
Free Drum Machine on PC - Works with Rock Band Drum Set!!  |  "application that allows you to play your rock band drum set freestyle. This application lets you reassign each pad to whatever you want (including .wav files of your own), save pad settings, and record/playback your playing. Pretty great considering it's FREE" 

OpenSong is a free software application for managing chords and lyrics sheets (lead sheets), presenting lyrics (and custom slides) using a projector, and much more! Great for worship leaders and musicians!

Best Freeware Guide

Many utilities

5 pages of music freeware with full descriptions

This site offers a nifty roundup of free software programs for Nokia mobile phones. Free programs here include Ringtone Converter, which lets you quickly and easily enter ringtones into your Nokia phone.

Brent Hughs Music Instruction Software Page
Contains pointers to educational software of interest to music teachers and students.

Everybody likes getting something free. That's one reason the Internet is so popular - you can find tons of software available at little or no cost. We're not talking about pirated software, either. Many software producers actually make their products freely available, or offer free programs in the hope that you will eventually want to pay for them.

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MXPLAY 1.1.6 Beta
MXPLAY provides the best freeware desktop music experience - it is the only player that renders  music in a 3D audiospace, providing a rich, immersive "live" audio experience (especially with  headphones). It supports all the popular file types (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC)  and also allows users to mashup their music with videos from the web (YouTube, myspace, 
Google). MXPLAY currently has plug-ins for Last.fm, MP3tunes and Nintendo WiiMote.

Finale / Notepad
Basic music notation software

Here's a handy new little freeware sound utility that lets you dynamically adjust your sound volume using keyboard hot keys. Perfect for anyone who is constantly having to open the sound mixer to adjust the volume when listening to sound files recorded at different volume levels. Support to control Winamp's Next, Previous and Pause buttons via a series of hot keys is also included. (For Windows)

Nullsoft Winamp
The Web's most popular MP3 sound file player, Winamp, is now freeware (previously, it required a registration fee). Winamp is a flexible, high-fidelity sound file player that supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, MOD, WAV and other formats. There are endless ways to customize this player via skins (which change the appearance of the interface), as well as audio effect plugins of various sorts. (For Windows)

MusicMatch Jukebox
Music Player  |  Music Library  |  AutoDJ  |  Volume Leveling  |  MP3 Recorder/Ripper  |  CD Burner  |  Portable Device Manager  |

This handy freeware program can help you get your MP3 collection in order. HTagEditor is a feature-laden tag editor that helps you create and edit MP3 playlists. (For Windows)

LiquidIce MP3 Player
Here's a solid, easy-to-use, no-frills freeware MP3 player that features nice sound quality and includes a variety of skins. (For Windows)

This impressive freeware "streaming audio ripper" program offers one of the best ways we know of to build your MP3 collection quickly. RipCast lets you save streaming broadcasts as MP3 files and helps you organize your MP3s with an easy-to-use interface. Note: a broadband Net connection is recommended, but not required. (For Windows)

This is a basic (but competent) free version of the popular ACID loop-based music software program. ACID XPress has an easy-to-use "pick, paint, and play" style interface. (For Windows)

Anvil Studio
This is a free Windows program for recording, playing, composing and editing MIDI music using and sampled percussion sounds. Anvil features many effects, such as delay, pitch change, volume and filtering. You can also compose rhythm tracks with your own sampled percussion sounds. An essential sound program if you want to work with MIDI sound files. Here's a screen shot. (For Windows)

HammerHead Rhythm Station
So you've heard the latest in techno and drum 'n' bass and you think you can do better, huh? Try out this easy-to-use freeware drum program. HammerHead lets you easily create drum loops on your PC. You can edit on the fly and record your actions to a high quality and completely noise-free WAV sound file. It features 23 separate drum patches and 6 complete loops to sequence cool breakbeats right away. There's also a feature to implement banks with 6 samples of your own. (For Windows)

A free MP3 and audio CD player, Sonique offers a cool animated control panel and lots of options and configurations, such as an equalizer balance and the ability to change tempos, etc. (For Windows)

Yamp sound utility
If you're downloading sound files off the Web, you're going to need a good sound player utility to hear them. Yamp fits the bill well. This free program from Germany plays virtually every format out there, including WAV files (all formats, also compressed ones), MIDs, RMIs, MODs, S3Ms, XMs, ITs, AVIs, MPAs, MP1s, MP2s and MP3s, MPEG, and AVI. It offers powerful playlists, "Drag and Drop" functionality and more. (For Windows)

Freeware, open source music notation program for Linux

Anvil Studio
Freeware music notation program for Windows

Bucket o' Tab
Free guitar tablature editor for Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP

GNU LilyPond
LilyPond is a freeware and open-source music notation program for Windows and Linux. It produces music notation from a description file. LilyPond input is plain text. So, you can use your favorite text editor to enter it, for example: \key c \minor r8 c16 b c8 g as c16 b c8 d | g,4

MuseScore is the MusE music typesetter. uses TrueType fonts for screen and printing (adapted from the LilyPond project feta fonts) easy and fast note entry, xml file format  |  Freeware, Open Source, runs on Linux  |

Denemo is a graphical musical score editor, and serves as a frontend to Lilypond. Runs on Windows and Linux.

Free western music notation package written in Common Lisp. For advanced computer users, because one needs to compile it using a LISP compiler before being able to run it. It can run on NeXTstep with ACL, Clisp; SGI with ACL, Clisp, or CMU-CL; Linux and ACL or Clisp; Mac with MCL.

Free Music/Song Editor for Windows. Musette simplifies creation and distribution of public domain songs as lyrics and music are included together in one file. Special features help create, edit, play and print scores and songs, even if you're not familiar with music notation.

Apple / iTunes
Largest Legal Download Catalog  |  Auto-Sync with iPod  |  Stream Music Wirelessly to Your Home Stereo  |  Share Your iMix  |  Party Shuffle  |  Print CD Inserts  |  Discover Music  |  Previews in Playlists  |  Automatically convert WMA to AAC  |  Apple Lossless  |

Freeware. Unix/X. Integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor. It is free software for Unix and X, running on machines such as SGI IRIX workstations and Linux PCs, and now also OpenVMS.

Microsoft's Media Player
Media Player 10  |  New Streamlined Design  |  Choice of Online Stores  |  Choice of Devices  |  Smart Jukebox Features  |  (Note:  Some apps don't like WMP 11 , which requires SP2 )

Real Player
Enjoy crystal-clear audio and video  |   Play every major media format  |   Shop for tracks in the integrated music 
store  |   Transfer music to 100+ secure portable devices  |

OpenSong is a free software application for managing chords and lyrics sheets (lead sheets), presenting lyrics (and custom slides) using a projector, and much more! Great for worship leaders and musicians!


Download MusicIP Mixer 1.7 Now with tag fixing!

Music notation for everyone  |   Computer printouts of sheet music usually look dull. LilyPond is different: it can make beautiful sheet music. Use it for your music too!  |

Realaudio-to-Wav Recorder
This software can play all kinds of  real audio files and record them in PCM WAV format.    It has resampling function with good quality using Digital Signal Processing algorithms.    A great tool to help you create  your own audio CD    Allows you to play (optionally record at the same time) either online or locally.    Can select multiple files and play/record continuously as a batch job    This is a free software for personal use only. It has been tested on  Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0. It is a beta version. Run at your own  risk!

mpTrim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor. Use it to clean-up and improve your MP3 collection.

vanBasco Karaoke Player
Plays MIDI and Karaoke files, complete with lyrics.

Anvil Studio
Windows program for creating and editing MIDI and audio files

Jet Audio is integrated, multimedia software made of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has features such as CD burning, recording, and conversion to other file formats.

dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC
Nicknamed the Swiss knife of audio Music Converter is a must in the world of audio, transforming your PC into a true multimedia tool.

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware 4.6
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware is a powerful, yet easy-to-use audio and MIDI sequencer for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It features four stereo audio tracks, 16 MIDI tracks, effects plug-ins, a per-track EQ, Aux buses, video sync, score, GM/GS/XG, and piano roll editors. It also has all the capabilities required to easily share musical projects across the Internet.

Chart Wars 1.2
Chart Wars is a freeware music industry simulator putting you in charge of your very own record company. In this role you ust hire bands, release and promote albums and singles, arrange tours and much more, all whilst attempting to balance the books, manage the growth of your label and compete with intelligent computer opponents.

LameFE 2.2.3
LameFE offers a simple GUI for LAME and other encoders, including Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, WAV, and Monkey Audio. LameFE features a fully automated batch mode (it can use all CD drives) and also supports CD backup, CDText, and CDPlayer.ini. A toggled ID3 tag editor allows quick edits to ID3 version 1 and 2 tags. Users can easily define filename format, create playlists, query FreeDB servers to access file and album information, and much more.

CD Player Maximus 3.4
Maximus is a full-featured freeware CD player for Windows. Features include disc and track naming with no length limit, direct jumping to any track by number or song name, track segment programming, fade-in and fade-out, and system tray minimization. Version 3.3 added an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. This update adds many improvements and bug fixes.

CDR Tools Front End 1.4
Burn your own data and music CDs with this freeware. It is Windows Front End of the popular Linux CD recording software 'cdrecord'. Includes Windows version of cdrtools/cdrecord. Supports data, audio and mixed mode CD burning, multisession CDs, audio CD extraction, and CD-RW erase. Has Multilanguage abilities.

Musyx - MP3 Karaoke Player
This freeware player suits best for playing back and showing the embedded lyrics of our Musyx MP3 karaoke files. Lyrics are displayed synchronously to the music. The font style, grade, and color can be set as desired.

Free CD Ripper 3.0
Free CD Ripper 3.0 is a freeware program and easy to use. Free CD Ripper 3.0 is a powerful, professional software which can extract Digital Audio tracks from an Audio CD into sound files on your hard disk. You can save CD audio tracks to CD-quality WAV files or encode them to OGG Vorbis or MP3 compressed audio format. Moreover it can encode existing WAV files to Ogg Vorbis or MP3 format, and window media audio file('wma' format). With its powerful sound engine, Free CD Ripper 3.0 extracts with high speed and quality. Free CD Ripper 3.0 supports Freedb and ID3 tagging so you can automatically download CD track information and it them in the encoded file. Play back all the sound you extracted in the player with many music function. Free CD Ripper 3.0 can convert to four formats of audio files. It supports wav, mp3, wma, ogg - these four kinds of popular audio frequency formats, and it would not produce new medium files.

Mega Disc 1.1
If you're drowning in a sea of CDs, DVDs, and MP3s, this freeware media-management program may be the life preserver you need. After the quick setup process, Mega Disc recommends that you restart your computer. Don't bother. Jump right in and start poking around the bare-bones interface. Mega Disc organizes your media in virtual storage units that hold up to 999 discs. Just insert a disc in your drive, and the program registers its basic stats and queries the online CDDB database for label, artist name, and much more (you have to register your computer with CDDB, but it takes less than a minute). Mega Disc tracks discs taken out of storage and notes when they're returned. And while the tree-based search function is hard to find, it's powerful once you do. We recommend this software to people who spend more time flipping through their media collection than enjoying it. "Download.com"

A Music Crash Course 1.0
Designed for musicians, vocalists, or anyone who would like to be able to read music and for those who would like to be able to understand more about the music they read. This material is beginner to intermediate level and takes a fresh, just the facts, approach to the subject

Audio Phonics Instrument Tuner
APInstrument Tuner, helps you tune your instruments & aids ear training, too many features to list here

BPM Counter
Beats Per Minute counter that you can try online here at Vocalist in our Beats Per Minute section which also has a handy BPM Reference Chart and timing related information.  This neat little javascript counter works via a web browser and shows the beats per minute as you tap along to any track or song.

Audio Switch 1.4.4
Compare the sound quality of CD rippers, compressors and more

Carta Musica 1.0
Carta Musica is a programme that prints out blank manuscript music paper. You have the possibility to print 5-line staves and/or 4-line/6-line guitar tablatures, with or without the clefs printed at the beginning of the staves (you can choose among treble, alto, bass, low-8va treble and TAB clefs). You can choose among 10 pre-set, single or multi-staff layouts (guitar, piano, SATB choir, string quartet, etc.), or compose your own (with up to 6 staves). "You can freely set the page margins, the line thickness and the spaces between lines, staves, and systems or also add a footer to be printed on each page. Settings can be stored in files and thus easily re-loaded, so giving the user the possibility to have multiple templates. Preview is fully supported."

Chord Diags 2.0
Small program to display guitar chord diagrams. From A to G, major, minor and 7th, uses easy patterns for the beginner. In response to numerous requests, Chord Diags version 2 now includes finger positions to suggest which finger goes where."

Chords V1.0
Instantly generate thousands of possible fingerings for each of hundreds of different chords and intervals. Find an easier fingering or an easier chord change anywhere on the fret board. Identify almost any unknown chord. Print or save chord diagrams and their notation. You will never need chord tables again

dBpowerAMP Music Converter
Convert audio files easily from one format to another. From the developer: "One of those must have utilities, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another. Part of dMCs formidable arsenal, is its ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs!, or LPs [optional install]. Straight out of the box dMC can convert to and from Wave, Mp3 and from CD Audio (CDA) files. Codec downloads add Windows Media Audio v8 (WMA), Ogg Vorbis and many more types to the table. Features include: Volume Normalization - have all audio tracks use same volume. ID Tag preservation & Editing - keep those ID tags between conversions, Explorer Audio Info Pop-ups - display useful information on an audio file in explorer, Convert To - simplest way of converting right click on a file and select Convert To."

Digital Music Control 2 1.0
DMC2: Digital Music Control 2 is an ActiveX (or Object) that lets you add a sound system to your application or game. DMC2 can play a handfull of different digital audio formats, including WAV, MP3, MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MTM, and MO3. You can also play large WAV or MP3 in a stream, while at the same time playing any of the music modules files. You can also play as many as 32 sound FX WAV samples too, all at the same time.

GNU Solfege 1.4.4
Train your ear to recognise chords, intervals & rhythms. "GNU Solfege is a program that will help you to accomplish ear training. The program includes exercises to train chords, intervals and rhythms. The program can be extended by users using lesson files

Arranger's Tool ® music composition software
Get started in composition or expand your harmonic repertoire with Arranger's Tool. Play your melody with the mouse on a simulated piano keyboard and Arranger's Tool software will harmonize it for you. Make changes to the harmony until it sounds the way you want.

ABC Notation Software

a freeware integrated text  editor/player/viewer for abc music files.

Music Publisher
professional quality music notation system for all 32-bit Windows platforms. Focussed entirely on the printed page it is above all a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get visual system. The philosophy of Music Publisher is that it is simply a replacement for pencil and paper. If you want a particular effect on your score which "breaks" the rules of music then Music Publisher will not argue! Above all it produces the notation you want to see and does not impose its own rules.

Ear Training Software
Mac & Win

Goodfeel Braille Music Translator
Dancing Dots serves blind musicians and their educators through technology and training.

GNU Free Directory


AirGuitar Wireless Lyric and Tablature 1.0
for the Palm, the AirGuitar Wireless Lyric and Tablature 1.0 allows you to access a network of tabs and chord progressions.

Zel is free music software for making MIDI files which you can play through your soundcard, attach to your web pages or use as a ringtones for your phone. You don't need to play an instrument or understand music notation and you don't need to own or play a MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer to create MIDI music with Zel. Zel can even compose for you.

Myriad Music Plug-in
Free plug-in for your web browser. Play, display, save, transpose and print music pieces published on the web. Enables you to publish your own music scores

Media Jukebox
Bottom of page  |   This advanced jukebox software is for playing MP3s and ripping, burning, and managing a digital music collection. It encodes to MP3, WMA, OGG, and APE. The Media View feature gives you control over file organization. It supports more than 20 media file formats, including MP3, RealMedia, Windows Media, and QuickTime. The Find CD feature lets you search for purchasable music by the currently playing artist. Tune into Web radio or watch TV/DVD on your PC. A Visualization Studio feature lets you create your own savable visualizations, and a DSP Studio allows customization of the listening environment. Other utilities include Media Scheduler for sleep, alarm, and recording functions, and Media Editor for editing sound files. The new Download Manager utility works seamlessly with sites such as Emusic.com for easy download and playback of tracks and albums.

eXtremeMP3 Player
Audio  |  FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory

Quartz AudioMaster
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware gives you access to a fully functional MIDI player, letting you record, compose, mix, play and share music using just a computer and a sound card. Quartz AudioMaster Freeware allows you to work with 4 audio tracks and 16 MIDI tracks simultaneously

BestPractice 0.7
This tool slows down or speeds up music, either from a WAV or MP3 file, or directly from a CD. You can also change the pitch of the music without affecting its duration. The processed audio can be saved to disk.

Sonique 1.96
Sonique provides a wonderful, eye-catching control panel while offering numerous options and configurations, including tempo increase and decrease, equalizer and balance control.  There are quick links available on the main window of the program that will take you to Sonique's home page, Sonique music, music news and a concert guide. The My Sonique section gives you quick links to more skins, plug-ins and a help file.

100Share.com Lyrics Search Base 1.5
This utility can quickly retrieve your favorite lyrics from 120,000 songs.     All artists are listed in alphabetical order with their albums. You can save, edit or print the lyrics and even get MP3s.
Other features include local search support and an Internet search assistant for lyrics and MP3s.

WinMP3Locator 4.0
This program helps you find your favorite music in MP3 format on the Internet. It searches for a song through user-specified keywords, in all popular MP3 search engines. It also verifies whether the links are valid, and it can pass the links to a user's downloading program or copy them to a Windows clipboard.

KaraFun 0.80
This Karaoke program provides an editor which can import songs. It supports KAR MIDI files, MP3 files and KFN files. Additional Software Required: DirectX 8.1

Quicktime / Apple

Free CD to MP3 Converter 1.6
This CD ripper allows you to extract audio files from a CD and convert them to MP3 format. It can automatically retrieve title information from the CDDB database, normalize the output files and supports additional LAME options. You can also use the software to record to MP3 with your microphone, or to convert WAV files to MP3 format.

Mp3tag 2.30
This is a tool to edit MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG Vorbis, OptimFROG, Musepack, AAC, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, True Audio and WavPack files. It can rename files based on tag information, replace characters or words from tags and file names, import and export tag information, and create playlists. The program supports freedb database lookups for selected files.

Quintessential Player
Free Media Player - Mp3 Players : Quintessential Player is a fully skinnable audio player that uses a plug-in architecture, allowing it to be as simple or as feature-laden as you like. Go for a minimal installation to preserve system resources, or add a variety of visualizers, library functions, DSP filters, language packs, and other plug-ins to extend the player's capabilities. Quintessential Player has full support for most popular audio formats, including MP3, MP3 Pro, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and Windows Media. Other convenient features include CD ripping, MP3 encoding, cross-fading, and CDDB integration. Also, Quintessential allows you to listen to streaming audio from broadcasters such as Shoutcast and Icecast. Version 4.1 adds a new encoding UI and many small enhancements.

SunMetronome 2.0
It is a metronome, a tuner, and more.

BitMapMusic 1.4
BitMapMusic is a music notation program, suitable for short scores and situations where you don't want to be bothered with anything much more complicated than "click and drag".  -Although I don't think that this is the tool for your next symphony.... :-)  Printed output, while limited to the screen resolution, is reasonable enough to read comfortably

Midget 3.5
Midget 3.5 is a MIDI music program for Windows 9x/2000/XP. |  The interface of Midget is based on the kind found in "trackers" (eg: Impulse Tracker / ScreamTracker), where notes are represented on-screen by their name, octave and velocity (eg: C#4 99 specifies a C sharp note in the 4th octave, at velocity 99.)

Igor Engraver 1.7 for Windows and Macintosh
Igor Engraver is an extremely powerful program. Yet it has been designed to be very easy to use for beginners and experts alike. At the same time, Igor Engraver offers the professional engraver powerful control over all aspects of the notation of music. In addition, it offers full built-in support for e-commerce, allowing you to produce portable, fully cross-platform scores which can be published on the Internet.

EchoView Pro 6.0
an integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. It's a 32 bit package which works with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME & XP. It is of interest to both experts and beginners alike.

Clarion 1.1
Clarion is a simple tool for practicing the recognition of musical intervals. It supports the QuickTime music architecture, so the user can pick from among all of the available synthesized instruments installed on the Mac.  You can have the program play a desired interval, or have it quiz you on the selected intervals.

Power Tab Editor v.7
ower Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP.B  It allows for the creation of tablature scores that can be printed out and played back via MIDI.B  Features standard music notation and symbols as well as all of the popular tablature symbols.B  Can import MIDI tracks, and can export to ASCII Text, HTML and MIDI format 1 files.

SampleCatalog 1.2
Helps you catalog and categorize your sample sounds. You can also categorize your channel, effect and other setting or preset files you might have in your music production. Features: custom libraries, customizable categories, category filtering with boolean support, support for export/import of category templates, drag and drop to/from other music programs, customizable file format support, powerful boolean search, one click category assign, user comments for individual libraries and samples, easy sample preview, Windows Explorer style interface, full documentation in HTML Help format.

TrackTracker Lite
TrackTracker is an application designed to organize and document the artistic and technical aspects of music recording sessions at modern studios. It will track songs, tracks, and equipment used on each track for instant recall of the studio layout.  TrackTrack Lite does not allow equipment settings to be saved (this feature is enabled in the full version)

EchoView 6.00
DELAY TIME CALCULATOR  |  DELAY TIME GRID  |  METRONOME  |  TAP TEMPO UTILITY  |  CHORD CUE  |  THE VIRTUAL GUITAR  |  THE SONG LENGTH CALCULATOR  |  THE STOPWATCH  |  A SAMPLE CALCULATOR  |  PRINTING FEATURES  |  Limitations of the freeware version: Chord Cue, Virtual Guitar and Sample Calculator features are only available for a limited time.

jambientFREE, version 0.7.22 for Windows 95, 98
jambientFREE lets you use a joystick (or mouse) to sculpt sound in 4 channels simultaneously, and move in sonic space.  Designed to allow live performance of electronica, ambient and audio collage style music, it is also great for studio or theatrical sound effects.

AnalogX Vocoder 1.00 Windows 95 / 98 / NT
If you've ever wanted to make it sound as if an instrument is speaking, or you would like to get more expression into a robotic sounding voice, then AnalogX Vocoder is for you! It allows you to load up two wave files and modulate one based off the other for a very useful effect. The effect is very common in dance music, but can also be use to make sounds pulse with the beat, etc

Midi Thru 2.0.3 fat A Software Midi Thru Box
Midi Thru is for use with either OMS or Midi Manager.  If you don't know what these are, then you don't need Midi Thru.  Midi Thru simply connects a controller synth to a slave synth.  Midi Thru allows you to slave up to six synths, sending on the midi channels of your choice. It's great for those times when you don't want to fire up a major memory eating sequencing program to use as a midi thru or when you want to write lyrics in your word processor and don't have enough memory left to fire up your memory hogging midi sequencer or if you just want to jam on that favorite synth module.  Its a simple program that does one thing and one thing well.  It's a Midi Thru !!!!  Midi Thru works on any mac running sys 7.0 and up with at least  2.5 meg of free ram.  Midi Delay is now a Fat Binary, which means it will run in the fast native mode on power macs.

The RealTime Tuner 1.2 An Interactive Microtuning Program / Mac
The RealTime Tuner is an integrated suite of microtuning facilities offered as freeware for the Mac.  It allows the user to perform in various 12-tone temperaments and intonations, to change the tuning key on-the-fly, and to record and edit tuned performances

Realizer Pro 1.0
Realizer Pro is a complete mastering solution for your Internet-bound audio. It's based on  the technology of Arboretum's incredible Realizer, a plug in used in the popular Sound Jam  and Winamp players, to expand the stereo image, add missing low end, and synthesize overtones   lost to data compression. Realizer Pro adds EQ, Reverb, and Loudness controls to the Bass  Maximizer, Stereo Enhancer, and Harmonic Exciter found in Arboretum Hyperprism to become a  powerful mastering tool! Produce the studio quality sound of Realizer *before* your music hits   the net.  |  Freeware/Sharware status - Demo

ArKaos Visualizer 1.0
Free visualisation plug-in for MP3 players (Winamp and Soundjam) that accepts any visual files created for it.

DDT Calc 1.3.5
Freeware delay time calculator

MKS-80 Patch Manager
A simple free patch librarian program for the Roland MKS-80 analogue synthesizer.  You can load, save, and name patches/tones for your Mks-80. Original Roland factory presets as well as user uploaded presets are available at the home page of this program

Transposer 4
A utility to transpose song transcriptions for Windows 9x/NT/XP Needs Windows Installer Engine to install

QE 1.1
Freeware editor/librarian for the Alesis QS4/5.

TEFview 2.60
Free TablEdit TEF file viewer/player/printer for TAB/Standard Notation  |  View songs that are available from the internet in TablEdit file format on your computer screen.

Digitonix Element 1.01
Digitonix Element(tm) is a self-contained, software based drum machine for Windows. It's a professional product, powerful enough to create beats and rhythm tracks on par with even the most expensive hardware and software based drum machines and samplers.  Digitonix Element Features  |  12 high quality drum sets modeling vintage, modern, and future drum kits  |  Over 400 + original drum sounds and samples included  |
Streamlined interface and features for creating original beats fast  |  General MIDI Import/Export  |  16th and 32nd notes  |  96 Measure Sequencer  |
Overdrive  |  Individual Note and Track Controls for Volume, Panning, and Pitch  |  DrumSet Editor and Customizable Graphics(Skins)  |  Hi hat Cut-By  |
4/4 and 3/4 time signatures  |  Humanize, Random Generator, and More.

Delta SP
Delta SP is a Sequencer, Sampler and Synthesizer all in one executable. No external hardware or software required except the windows OS, a waveform output  device (like on-board sound), and the software.-Full midi sequencer , many edit functions like quantize ,interpolate and transpose -Sampler - 128 banks with unlimited sam ples per bank, and 128 instruments per bank   Instruments are multi layered and have many parameters . Like 2 LFO's , 2 Filters,    Wave shaping , FM , Envelope , Distorsion , Pitch controls etc ... -Synthesizer - Modular softsynth supports Internal and Native plugins called   "Synthcards",VST plugins and internal modular softsynth allows creation of own  synthcards |  -On line context sensitive help.

MIDInight Express 2.7
The MIDInight Express II is a * free* real time, emulated wavetable MIDI jukebox and renderer. It runs with any 16 bit Windows sound card capable of playing 22050 Hz digital audio (DirectX 3 or higher required under NT). It can also copy its output to a WAV file for fast MID to WAV rendering.

Power-B 1.0
Power-B is an enhanced tonewheel organ Reaktor Ensemble with some major improvements:  independent  percussion switch for each drawbar, adjustable key click, reverb, and more. Includes  a high quality rotary speaker simulation. System Requirements: Native Instruments Reaktor 3 or 4

SetMaker is a computer application for rapid creation and management of Set Lists. Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, SetMaker allows users to store song titles, styles, tempos, lengths, and more. It is also a fast way to create and print out Set Lists for any occasion. Whether you're a gigging musician, a worship leader, a DJ, or a music director, SetMaker can help you organize your songs and assist you in picking the best songs for your performance.

SoundApp PPC 2.5  |  Sound player and conversion freeware for PowerPC Macs  SoundApp can play or convert files dropped onto it in a variety of formats. In addition, it supports Play Lists which are lists of sound files that can be saved for later usage.  Files in a Play List can be played or converted as a group or individually. SoundApp supports a randomized shuffle playback mode and repeated playback of Play Lists.

WaveCraft 1.0  |  WaveCraft is a sample generating emulation of a modular synthesiser, with a wide selection of modules to choose from, including resonant low-pass and high-pass filters, glide, analogue sequencer and so on.  It produces sample files in the standard WAV format as well as a raw format for other purposes. It is ideally suited for use with wavetable sound cards such as the AWE32, which can play WaveCraft's samples as musical tones with considerable polyphony and multitimbrality.  WaveCraft was only previously available commercially; this official   downloadable version is free, and lacks only the bulky library of pre-rendered sounds,  although all the settings files required to recreate them are provided.

TapeIt 1.0  |  Silverspike TapeIt is a freeware VST-Plugin to record audio streams creating wave files.  You can plug TapeIt into your VST host application at any point accepting VST plugins. Unlike most other plugins, TapeIt does not change the sound of your audio. But, while copying the sound unaltered from input to output, TapeIt writes it to a standard WAV file. This way you can grab any audio signal that appears at one of the plugin-points of your audio application.

Randy Tab  |  Randy Tab is a Freeware guitar tabulature authoring application for writing guitar tabulature.

AnalogX SampleSlide 1.03  |     AnalogX SampleSlide is a DirectX plug-in that allows you to delay an audio stream by an arbitrary number of samples, as well as milliseconds, for up to seconds at 44.1 kHz.  In order to use this plugin, you must have DirectX 6 or greater installed, as well as DirectX Media.  You must also have a DirectX audio-compatible music application (like Paris, WaveLab, Cakewalk, etc) installed in order to use the plugin.  It works with either a mono (1 channel) or stereo (2 channel) audio stream.

4ormulator Vocoder Extreme DirectX Plug-In 3.5  |    Explore the wilds of new sonic kingdoms today with this free plug-in:   |  Pitch-Augmentation  |  Sympathetic Drones  |  Re-synthesis Effects  |  Formant Effects  |  Voice Disguisers  |  Multi-Band Ring Modulation  |  Vocoder Effects  |  Sub-harmonic Bass Generation  |  Robot Voices  |  Talking Instruments  |  Sci-Fi Effects  |
Ambient Generators. |  Up to 520 'analog' bandpass filters and a unique architecture that includes stereo harmonic  effects in addition to resonance control, spectral envelope generators, internal carrier  options, LFO modulators, and more.

Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator 1.9.1  |  Older synthesizers had arpeggiators, and now new synths can have them too with Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator. This 'virtual arpeggiator' program contains four arpeggio objects that will arpeggiate all MIDI notes that pass through it.

BeatMe  |  Function: Audio/MIDI sequencer  |  Platform: PC

Anvil Studio  |  Function: Audio/MIDI sequencer  |  Platform: PC

m3ute2  |  m3ute2 is program for copying, moving, and otherwise organizing M3U playlists and directories. m3ute2 can also generate detailed reports  about lists of files.

Guitar Scale Viewer  |  A very nice FREE viewer from www.sound.jp.  It has a fretboard with all the chords, scales, including the greek modes, plus Korean, Chinese, and Japanese scales. A must have for any guitarist

'amber' aims to be an easy-to-use granular synthesis tool for Linux to assist composers and electronic musicians in creating interesting and complex sounds

MP3 File Description Database 1.1
MP3 File Description Database , Organize, edit and play mp3 files, playlists and descriptions

Cubasis InWired
Function: Audio/MIDI sequencer / Platform: PC

Bedevilled Audio System. BSE an abbreviation for Bedevilled Sound Engine, it implements all the neccessary music processing logic required by BEAST in a seperate reusable library. The "Bedevilled" portion of the names has no religious background, but merely refers to the complexity involved implementing such a "BEAST"

FMOD is the fastest, most powerful and easiest to use sound system on Windows, Linux, and Windows CE there is,   and now Macintosh, GameCube, PS2 & XBox!. FMOD supports 3d sound, midi, mods, mp3, ogg vorbis, wma, aiff, recording, obstruction/occlusion, cd playback (analog or digital), cd ripping, mmx, internet streaming, dsp effects, spectrum analysis, user created samples and streams, synchronization support, ASIO, EAX 2&3, C/C++/VB/Delphi and more. FMOD is not only the best cross platform audio engine for your needs, but it is the best audio engine





  • MAGIX ENTERTAINMENT SoundPool Collection 2005 DVD ( Windows )
  • Magix Soundpool Collection 1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  / 
  • Music Maker De Luxe V 2000 with 11 CDs of music instruments
  • Computer Music: Rhythm Programming, Processing & Mastering / Garba
  • iDrum Virtual Drum Machine for Mac OS X Garage Band, Live, Logic
  • Best of Pro Sessions Vol. 1 World class loops for Garage Band
  • Making Music: Create! Play! Experience! Win/Mac  |  For Chirdren
  • Sony American Idol Extreme Music Creator
  • Best of Pro Sessions Vol. 2 - Cinematic loops for Garage Band
  • Signature Loop Elements-Volume 1-Loop Collection
  • SmartSound Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere Pro Bundle
  • SmartSound Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere Pro & Elements
  • Sony Super Duper Music Looper
  • Sony Acid Music Studio
  • Finale 2007 Academic (Win/Mac)
  • Sony Acid XMC
  • Dance eJay 7
  • Sony Jam Trax
  • Music Maker G6 Deluxe
  • Hip Hop eJay   /  Hip Hop eJay 2
  • Music Studio G6 Deluxe
  • Music Studio G6
  • Cakewalk Midi Music Pack with Express
  • Dance & Rave eJay Compilation
  • Acid DJ 2.0
  • Digital Orchestrator
  • Dance Maker
  • Digital Music Starter Kit
  • Cakewalk Home Studio 7.0 
  • Beat 2000
  • Cubase Studio 4
  • Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 4.0
  • Cakewalk Pyro 2005
  • Ringtone Media Studio
  • Sonic ReFill Vol. 16: Triple Bass (Reason Refills)
  • My Ring Tone Studio - Convert Music Files to Ringtones
  • Cakewalk Groovemaker Max
  • Band In A Box
  • PowerPlugs: Music I for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer Plug-In, Hybrid CD Win/Mac 
  • IK Multimedia T-RackS Plug-In Mastering Software 
  • Sony PTL-REQG2 Oxford EQ Plug-in for Pro Tools LE 
  • Antares Tube Analog Tube Plug-In 
  • Antares Filter Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filter Plug-In (Mac / Win)
  • Oxford Dynamics - TC Powercore 
  • Native Gold Bundle Version 5
  • Total Effects Bundle
  • Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 8
  • Sony Acid Pro 6 Professional Music Workstation
  • Sony Super Duper Music Looper
  • Propellerhead Reason 3.0 ( Windows / Macintosh )
  • Sony Acid XMC
  • Dance eJay 7
  • Sony Jam Trax
  • IMAGE LINE Fruity Loops Studio Producer ( Windows ) 
  • Bill Laswell Collection Volume III
  • Best of Pro Sessions Vol. 1 Compilation of World class loops for Garage Band 
  • Sonic ReFill Vol. 13: World Percussion (Reason Refills)
  • CAKEWALK X-MiX Studio Loops 3: Raw Hip Hop 
  • Ultimate Sound Bank SOUNDSCAN V2.0 Volume 46 - 70's Breakbeats
  • Heat Seekers (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Elements: Traditional Jazz (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Kontakt 2
  • Electromagnetic Fury (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Jazz Quartet (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • ProSessions Volume 52 - Dance Remix Toolkit Disc 1 (REX, ACID, WAV, AIFF) 
  • ProSessions Volume 53 - Dance Remix Toolkit Disc 2 (REX, ACID, WAV, AIFF)
  • Native Instruments INTAKT Rhythmic Loop Software Sampler, Hybrid CD Win/Mac
  • Total Spanish Guitar
  • CAKEWALK X-MiX Studio Loops 4: Scratch and Vinyl Loops 
  • Hip Hop Exotica (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • Whole Lotta Country (EXS24, NNXT, HALion, Kontakt, REX, WAV)
  • Guru
  • Funk Quartet (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • CAKEWALK X-MiX Studio Loops 1: X-Treme Dance & Hip Hop 
  • Neo Soul 2 (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • Nu Jazz City (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • Hard Tracks for Cinema - Apple Loops Library
  • Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums
  • Acid Jazz City (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Chill: Downtempo Loops and Beats (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Mahadhi - African Rhythms (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • CAKEWALK Smart Loops: Rockit Fuel 
  • Soundscapes for Cinema
  • Soundscan 16 - Bossa Brazil - V2 (Audio, WAV, Acid, AIFF, Akai, EXS24, HALion, MachFive, Reason 2, REX) 
  • Funk University - Loop Library 
  • Studio Percussion
  • Underground Soundlab
  • Hip Hop High
  • ProSessions 43 - Discrete Rock Drums
  • Platinum Essentials 2 (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • Ultimate Sound Bank SOUNDSCAN V2.0 Volume 19 - Hip Hop - R 'N B
  • CAKEWALK X-MiX Studio Loops 2: Techno & Progressive House
  • Intelligent Dance Music Loop Library for Acid 
  • Euro Techno: Ground Loops Loop Library for Acid 
  • The Rhythm Station (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • Signature Loop Elements-Volume 1-Loop Collection 
  • Ultimate Sound Bank SOUNDSCAN V2.0 Volume 46 - 70's Breakbeats 
  • MOTU MachFive Software Sampler Mac Version 
  • Soundscan 16 - Bossa Brazil - V2 (Audio, WAV, Acid, AIFF, Akai, EXS24, HALion, MachFive, Reason 2, REX) 
  • Plugsound Pro
  • M-Audio Gforce MTRON 9910-40684-00 Mellotron emmulator 
  • Ultimate Sound Bank X-Treme FX-Instant Sound Design (Mac / Win) 
  • DJ ToneXpress - The Ringtone Creator 
  • Psychedelic Guitar, The Serpentine Magic of Harvey Mandel 
  • Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 1.0
  • Cakewalk Groovemaker Max
  • eJay Sound Collection 4 With 7500 Exclusive Samples
  • Gary Garritan Personal Orchestra Second Edition 
  • EastWest Drum N Bass Resonance Audio Sample CD Rom
  • eJay Sound Classics v1 - 15,000 Sounds & Samples
  • Electromagnetic Fury (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • Drumatic Percussives (Reason, HALion, Kontakt, Battery, WAV) 
  • Sonic ReFill Vol. 15: Film Orchestra (Reason Refills)
  • Sonik Capsules Studio Drums
  • ProSessions Volume 52 - Dance Remix Toolkit Disc 1 (REX, ACID, WAV, AIFF)
  • ProSessions Volume 53 - Dance Remix Toolkit Disc 2 (REX, ACID, WAV, AIFF) 
  • EastWest Drumkit From Hell 2 CD Sample Set
  • Native Instruments Synthetic Drums Sample CD for Battery and Kontakt 
  • Peter Ewers' Symphonic Organ for GigaStudio
  • Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano (Mac) 
  • Native Instruments Studio Drums Battery Recharge Sample CD 
  • Symphony of Voices - Sample Library - Akai/ Emu
  • RawPower
  • Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ - Full Edition (Giga 3) 
  • Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory V2 Brazil Acid Disc A 
  • Q Up Arts Voices of Native America Vol. 1 Akai S1000 
  • Q Up Arts Voices of Istanbul Akai S3000 CD-ROM 
  • Raging Guitars
  • M-Audio Latigo Latin American Percussion Virtual Instrument (Mac/Win) 
  • Kick Ass Brass (Virtual Instruments) 
  • Q Up Arts Symphonic Fields Forever AKAI S3000 CD ROM 
  • EastWest Synth Collector 1 Audio CD and Akai/E-MU Sample CD-ROM 
  • 10,000 WAV Samples
  • SAM Horns for Gigastudio
  • EastWest Dance Mega House/Dance Audio/Akai/Emu Sample CD-ROM 
  • EastWest Freak Beats Audio Sample CD-ROM 
  • Q Up Arts Jason Myles Psychic Horns WAV/AIFF CD ROM, Windows CD
  • Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory V2 Brazil Acid Disc B
  • EastWest Scoring Tools Volume 1 Professional Sample Library - Roland (CD-ROM)
  • EastWest Dance Mega Drums 2 Audio/Akai/Emu Sample CD-ROM 
  • EastWest XXLarge Bass Audio Sample CD-ROM
  • Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 8
  • Sony Sound Forge 8 With Noise Reduction 2.0
  • eJay Sound Selection 3 -Techno Special (4 CDs)
  • eJay Sound Collection 4 With 7500 Exclusive Samples
  • Sound Studio 3: Record, Edit, Add Effects to Audio (Mac)
  • Seminar Series - Professional Training for Sound Forge 8
  • Sony Vegas 6
  • Beginning Sounds
  • SNAP! 2,000 Sound Effects (Jewel Case) 
  • Best of Pro Sessions Vol. 2 US00602 Compilation of Cinematic loops for Garage Band
  • Magnetic- D'nB', House, Techno, Trance Loops Library
  • Teknostorm- Techno Loops Library
  • Contaminated- Ambient-Dub Loops Library 
  • R&B Trackpack Hal Leonard (Mac)
  • Rock & Pop Collection for Sibelius 4 (Win/Mac)
  • New York Dance Pro
  • Cyclotronic Resonator
  • Drumbasstic-Brum 'n' Bass Loops Library
  • Rock & Pop Collection for Sibelius 4 (Win/Mac)
  • Phonics: Initial Consonant Sounds (Music CD and 20 Page Book Included) "2006" 
  • Smart Sound Electronic Frontiers Software 
  • TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 
  • House Party-House Loops Library 
  • EDIROL VSC-MP1 Virtual Sound Canvas 
  • Reason DVD Tutorial 
  • Guitar Rig 2
  • Digital Performer 5 (Academic) 
  • Akoustik Piano
  • Logic Tutorial DVD Level 1 
  • Ultimate Sound Bank SOUNDSCAN V2.0 Volume 46 - 70's Breakbeats 
  • Jazz and Big Band - Software 
  • EastWest Prosamples Vol 33 Orchestral Loops CD-ROM 
  • EastWest Drum N Bass Resonance Audio Sample CD Rom 
  • Elements: Traditional Jazz (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)
  • M-Audio Groove Lab Music Software with MH1 Headset and Mic
  • Virtual Lab Electricity
  • 101 Below (Reason, Kontakt, Battery, WAV, Acid) 
  • Sonic ReFill Vol. 19: Vocal Textures (Reason Refills) 
  • Blaze Audio Wave Creator 
  • Virtual Drumline 2 
  • Music Ace 2 Educator Version, Hybrid CD-ROM 
  • Jazz Quartet (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV) 
  • BASS-X 
  • Peter Ewers' Symphonic Organ for GigaStudio 
  • Music Ace 2 Lab Pack Of 5 (Educator Version), Hybrid CD-ROM 
  • Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano (Mac) 
  • Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra and Choir 
  • Symphonic Instrument 
  • Metamorphosis 
  • Sound Forge 4.0 Plug-In 
  • Rapture
  • English standard sound module for SlovoEd dictionaries downloadable Software 
  • EastWest ProSamples Vol 38 Trance CD-ROM 
  • Antares Filter Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filter Plug-In (Mac / Win) 
  • Cubase Studio 4 
  • Spektral Delay 1.5 
  • Scarbee Imperial Drums XL (Virtual Instruments) 
  • Sound Forge 4.0 Digital Sound Editing for Windows 
  • Melodyne Uno 1.5 
  • BLUE 1.1 
  • Electric Ghetto (Audio, WAV, Acid) 
  • London Solo Strings-24 Bit Kontakt Player 
  • Ampeg SVX 
  • ProSessions 24 - Antonio Dilillo Signature Electro Patterns Vol. 1 (Acid (Acidized WAVs), REX, WAV) 
  • Funk University - Loop Library 
  • ProSessions Producer-Electric Bass Vol. 1-Rock (EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, MachFive, Reason) 
  • Native Instruments Studio Drums Battery Recharge Sample CD 
  • EastWest Ultimate Strings Akai CD-ROM 
  • Spanish gold sound module for SlovoEd dictionaries downloadable Software 
  • Sonic ReFill Vol. 10: Instruments of the 60s-70s (Reason Refills) 
  • Switched on Sound 
  • Total Workstation Bundle 
  • EastWest Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass Unity Format 
  • M-Audio ProSessions-Vol 5 Latin Element 
  • Swar Systems SwarPlug Indian VSTi Virtual Instrument Hybrid CD 
  • NOTION - Notation Composition Software 
  • EastWest BT s Twisted Textures Audio CD 
  • Spectrasonics Trilogy Total Bass (Macintosh and Windows)

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