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MIDI  Jazz 

jazz ensemble

Live performances captured in small files.  

Files converted to scores, charts.   Tracks become parts.   Hearing the Jazz Timeline!    Be sure to get some good soundfonts.

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Jazz Quotes  |  Art Tatum:  "There is no such thing as a wrong note. "

List of jazz genres - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Knowledge Hound: MIDI
List of links to MIDI tutorials and resources.  Beginners and advanced users.

MIDI Manufacturers Association Incorporated
Formed to maintain the MIDI specification as an open standard. The site contains the MIDI specifications, information about the MMA and news related to MIDI and the MMA. Part of the website is members only.

MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center
Contains MIDI tutorials, programming information, technical documents, free software, and well-arranged MIDI files

John Farrell's MIDI File Page
Jazz piano MIDI files, mostly John Farrell's transcriptions of recordings by famous traditional jazz and stride pianists

Gary W0001's  |  MIDI Big Band  |

Devian's  |  Jazz MIDI Files  |

Warren Tractman   -   Ragtime MIDI files

Jazzy Jukebox

OpenDirectory  |  Top: Arts: Music: Sound Files: MIDI: Jazz  (29)   |

JosefHuber.com  |  Jazz MIDI Files  |

About.com |  Jazz MIDIs  |

Jack's MIDI Page  |  Huge page with descriptions  |

MIDI Tracker Project  |  MIDI monster list  -  Have Fun!

The Changes at SongTrellis  |  Chord Progressions for practice, improvisation, composition and study. MIDI plus printable GIF images of progression scores. 750+ tunes listed

Just Jazz  | 

Jazz Backing Tracks

MIDI Files  |  by David E. Jenkins

Midi  World Jazz

Lex Scripta

JNotz.com  |  Jazz and African music page featuring Midi, Real Audio, band arrangements, 
transcriptions, books, and CDs.

Bob Keller's Jazz Page  |   Academic Articles  |  Books, Charts, and Music off the Web  |  Calculators  |  California Music Stores  |  Chords and Scales  |  Critics and Journalists  |  Discs and Products  |  Explanations of Jazz  |  Instruction off the Web  |  Instruction on the Web  |  Instruments  |  Links  |  Miscellaneous  |  Musicians and Composers  |  Music on the Web  |  Music Software  |  Organizations  |  Periodicals  |  Radio Stations  |  Theory  |  Trumpet Stuff  |  Tunes  |  Venues  |  Workshops  |  Harvey Mudd College Music 84 Syllabus  |

MIDI Explorer  |  MIDI search engine  |

A Jazz Improvisation Primer  |  by Marc Sabatella

Yahoo  |  search results  |

Jazz MIDI Files  |  Free Download  |  MidiWorld  |

Jazz MIDI Files  |  jayp.net/jukebox/jazz  |

Olle Johansson Original Jazz MIDI files

Jazz MIDI Files  |  created by Alisdair MacRae Birch  |

AOL Stream search

MidNiteSun  |  Jazz , Blues , chords , lyrics , MIDI , piano  |

kunstderfuge  |  New Composers' free Jazz MIDI files

Notz.com\  |  Jazz and African Midi  |

JAZZ++ Midi Sequencer

M42's MidiWorld

The Changes  |  Chord Progressions on Songtrellis for Practice, Improvisation

Pauls Midipage  |  Links  |

Sound Files MIDI Jazz  |  aodr.com/Arts/Music/Sound_Files/MIDI/Jazz

NationalDirectory  |  Arts Music Sound Files MIDI Jazz

TradJazz.com  |  MIDI Page

Jazz Midi files, Waves, Sound  |  hyperchat.com

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MIDI:  Jazz Genres  


Acid Jazz:  MIDI 

Notz.com  |  What is Acid Jazz  |  Recommended Listening  |  Notz On Jamiroquai  |  MIDI Files  |  Virtual Insanity - Piano & Harmonica Melody Line  |  Emergency On Planet Earth  |  When You Gonna Learn (Digeridoo)  |  Too Young To Die  |  Music Of The Mind  |  Blow Your Mind  |  The Return Of The Space Cowboy  |  Half The Man  |  Travelling  Without Moving  |  Cosmic Girl  |  Alright  |   So What  - An Extract  |  Cantaloop ( Flip Fantasia )  |  Jazz MIDI Files  |

Acid Jazz Server  |  Radio Links  |  Top magazine online!  Straight No Chaser  |  About Acid Jazz  |  Bands  |

Sony Acid XMC  |  Sony Acid Music Studio

Acid Jazz  |  Contains information about the origin of the genre, group listings, clubs guides, discographies, and various pointers to related information.

PretendMusic  |  mp3

Musicfolio.com: Acid Jazz  |  Offers a list of Acid Jazz bands and artists

TradeBit  |  mp3

MP3.com  |  " The music played by a generation raised on jazz as well as funk and hip-hop, Acid Jazz used elements of all three; its existence as a percussion-heavy, primarily live music placed it closer to jazz and Afro-Cuban than any other dance style, but its insistence on keeping the groove allied it with funk, hip-hop, and dance music. The term itself."  |  Downloads for sale  |  


Swing Jazz:  MIDI  

Jawor Jazz MIDI  |  Swing & Big Band  


Latin Jazz: MIDI. 

Jawor Jazz MIDI  |  Latin Jazz


MIDIworld  |  JBig Band azz sequences

Olle Johansson Original Jazz Fusion MIDI & MP3  |  Jazz fusion MIDI&MP3.I have posted some more Mp3s. Look at the bottom! For you who don't like the midi-sound, check out, XG: "7Kihuve","Awa-va-hä", and GM with soundfonts: "Till Berit","Katja"MP3s.

MIDI Jazz Matsudo  |  MIDI & MP3 files  |  Great music  |  Avant-garde jazz included  |

ZogMusic  |  Contemporary  |  all midi files are SMF using general midi sounds.  Feel free to use them as you wish.  All Files are copy protected by deOgburn Music BMI 
 Bob G.'s Cool Jazz XG Originals  |  St.Leu  A mellow jazz tune named after a town on Reunion Island  53K  |  Locust Dance  A rock-jazz tune written during the cicada invasion of '96  79K  |  Goin' Back Home  Funk jazz with piano,horns & distortion guitar,optimized for daughterboards.  62k  |  Goin' Back Home II  same as above,optimized for MU-80,with distortion effect plus gated verb system effect  62k  |  Mellow Hombre  mellow jazz with a Latin flavor  47K  |  Sir Joe  changes influenced by Joe Sample and the Crusaders,optimized for daughterboards 76K  |  Sir Joe II  Same as above optimized for MU-80  76K  |  Phunk  An 80's style rock-funk tune  45K  |  Above 8 tunes zipped  |

Cool Jazz at MIDIWorld  |  Collection of quality jazz MIDI files of all styles

MIDI Database  |  Search results / file server  |

 Alisdair MacRae Birch Jazz MIDI Files
Jazz performer, educator, and composer providing Jazz MIDI files, gear, and software. Includes biography, and contact information  |  Take The A Train - Duke Ellington (Needs GM - Brush Drum Kit )  |  Donna Lee - Charlie Parker   |  Lazy Bird - John Coltrane  |  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Joe Zawinul  |  Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk Spain - Chick Corea  |  Stella by Starlight - Washington & Young Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson ( Needs GM - Brush Drum Kit ) Arranged/Sequenced by Benjamin Lewis  |  Seven Steps to Heaven - Miles Davis  |  Nardis - Miles Davis  |  Skylark - Hoagy Carmichael  |


MIDI Jazz: Piano Trio A to Z: the MIDI Studio Consortium
"Unless otherwise noted, the following MIDI files are all played by Doug McKenzie of Australia.  In my books, he is one of the finest real-time Jazz Pianists on the net!"  |

Les Gorven MIDI Files
piano trio

Jawor Jazz MIDI
Small Bands

Ragtime:  MIDI  


Ragtime MIDI Files by Warren Trachtman
Offers sequenced MIDI files of ragtime piano pieces  |  Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917)  |  Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917)  |  Joseph Lamb (1887 - 1960)  |  Ferdinand (Jelly-Roll) Morton (1890 - 1941)  |  James Hubert (Eubie) Blake (1883 - 1983)  |  Charles L. Johnson (1876 - 1950)  |  Tom Turpin (1873 - 1922)  |  Various Composers  |

Jeff's Ragtime Page
 MIDI files of ragtime pieces, many by Scott Joplin.

Walt E. Smith's Ragtime MIDI
Features well done performances of music by May Aufderheide, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Artie Matthews, Jay Roberts, Percy Wenrich, Mark Janza, and others in General MIDI format  |

Gary's Ragtime MIDI Site
Features songs and links

Traditional Jazz:   MIDI

Liberty Hall Jazz Quartet
Traditional jazz music in MIDI, MP3, and Real Audio formats. Links to Internet trad jazz bands

Herbie's MIDI Music Page
Olde Tyme Music

John Farrell's MIDI File Page
Jazz piano MIDI files, mostly John Farrell's transcriptions of recordings by famous traditional jazz and stride pianists

Ballad MIDI  


MIDI Jazz Network

Ballad  |  Benjamin Lewis  |  Wade Culbreath  |  pno gtr  |

Piano Bar:  MIDI  

Jawor Jazz MIDI
Eubie Blake The Chevy Chase - sequenced by Ron O'Dell (24KB)  |  Bob Mace When Sunny Gets Blue(17KB)  |  Bowman East Of The Sun (17KB)  |  Burke / Van Heusen Here's That Rainy Day - sequenced by TGL Tunes (5KB)  |  Carmicle Skylark (15KB)  |  Carmicle Stardust (5KB)  |  Ckick (13KB)  |  Dana Suesse My Silent Love - sequenced by Jeanne Coello (12KB)  |  Davis Nardis (15KB)  |  Davis Nardis - alt. take (15KB)  |  Dig This Samba (19KB)  |  Ellington Don't Get Around Much Anymore (11KB)  |  Falling In Love (pretty jazzy version) (10KB) |  Georgia On My Mind (16KB)  |  Gershwin An American In Paris - sequenced by Jeanne Coello (20KB)  |  Gershwin Can't Take That Away From Me (10KB)  |  Gershwin Our Love Is Here To Stay - sequenced by John Roache (9KB)  |  Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue (125KB)  |  Gershwin Someone To Watch Over Me (11KB)  |

Jazz Cafe by Jeanne Coello
Piano Bar and Bandstand midi files sequenced by Jeanne (English). |  Real Nice!  |




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  • MIDI alt rock
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  • MIDI: Chicago blues
  • MIDI garage rock
  • MIDI industrial
  • MIDI hardcore
  • MIDI rock songs
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  • MIDI: blues: female vocal
  • MIDI blues contemporary
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  • MIDI blues: live albums
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  • MIDI broadway
  • MIDI  musicals
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  • MIDI classical performers
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  • MIDI classic rock
  • MIDI classical instrumental
  • MIDI classical ballet
  • MIDI classical dances
  • MIDI classical chamber
  • MIDI bluegrass
  • MIDI country contemporary
  • MIDI cowboy
  • MIDI country
  • MIDI honky tonk
  • MIDI disco
  • MIDI mass
  • MIDI country traditional
  • MIDI classical composers
  • MIDI ambient
  • MIDI  big beat
  • MIDI dance pop
  • MIDI dance
  • MIDI drum and bass
  • MIDI dance industrial
  • MIDI folk
  • MIDI dance IDM
  • MIDI world dance
  • MIDI electronica
  • MIDI dance freestyle
  • MIDI dance house
  • MIDI techno
  • MIDI trance
  • MIDI trip hop
  • MIDI folk rock
  • MIDI Jewish
  • MIDI hard rock
  • MIDI  death metal
  • MIDI grunge
  • MIDI  pop metal
  • MIDI metal
  • MIDI progressive metal
  • MIDI smooth jazz
  • MIDI British metal
  • MIDI jazz
  • MIDI brazilian jazz
  • MIDI acid jazz
  • MIDI avant garde
  • MIDI free jazz
  • MIDI cool jazz
  • MIDI jazz fusion
  • MIDI latin jazz
  • MIDI soul jazz
  • MIDI swing jazz
  • MIDI traditional jazz
  • MIDI bebop
  • MIDI new orleans jazz
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  • MIDI mambo
  • MIDI tango
  • MIDI bolero
  • MIDI brazilian jazz
  • MIDI flamenco
  • MIDI mariachi
  • MIDI merengue
  • MIDI Rock en Español
  • MIDI tehano
  • MIDI latin pop
  • MIDI salsa
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