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Music collaboration for virtual bands and creative commons online
Kompoz.com  |  "Compose music online. Collaborate with musicians and friends
around the world. Download and upload music files, such as MP3 and more"  | 


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"For Improvising Musicians Everywhere...Like to jam? Who doesn't? One of the most pleasurable benefits of visiting Vision Music is the availability of audio backing tracks for your playing enjoyment.  Whether you're a current student, a casual visitor, a seasoned pro, or a first-year player, you're more than welcome to make use of a virtual band that's ready 24/7. Enjoy!  "  | 

Online Music Collaboration   -   "Click on the skill categories and you will be taken
to the appropriate projects" 


Soundtrek Jammer Live Auto-Accompaniment Software for use with your MIDI keyboard,
MIDI guitar or your computer keyboard. (Windows)  |


Internet Music Collaborating Is The Wave Of The Future

 PR Web
Fuseboard Provides Online Music Collaboration to Musicians  |  "Fuseboard was designed
to provide musicians with online access to other musicians, to help facilitate collaboration,
creation and the growth of dynamic music by diminishing the barriers of geography. "  | 


Online Musical Collaborations 3.4  |  "Mathias Claus...focuses on collaborative recordings
with other musicians of the online jazz scene worldwide "  | 


A Snapshot of Music Making on the Internet  |


EJamming, Inc. Launches PC Version Of Its Real-Time, Online
Music Collaboration Software At Winter NAMM
New version of the eJamming Station also includes new internal sound bank designed
by industry leader Sonic Implants

There are loads of great musicians out there but many of them have a hard time
finding like-minded individuals in their area - but if you've got a PC to hand you might
like to consider online collaboration.


Finding Time  |  A collaboration linking performers on six continents in a series
of live musical events. 


Mouse Jam Interactive Online Music Jam
MOUSE JAM is an interactive music jam, no talent is required, just click like a
MAD PERSON .  You will need the latest version of QUICKTIME and the QUICKTIME
PLUG-IN, loaded into Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer (including the AOL
browser to make it JAM.


Jamming at the Speed of Light
New P2P software lets musicians collaborate in real time on the web without the
familiar digital hiccups of the past. By Mike Kobrin  |  Wired

LightSpeed Jam Now: Online Music Creation With Audience Participation
Wired   -   Eliot Van Buskirk   |   2007 article   |   JamNow Website   |   How Do I Use JamNow   |  
View All Artists   |  


New Scientist
Cellphone software allows a musical jam


MIT conference on creativity, ownership and collaboration in the digital age  |
Collaboration and Collective Intelligence  |  Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons
Learning through Remixing  | 


Global Collaborative Music Experiment
Posted by kdawson / SlashDot


SyncLive To Let Webcam Users Perform for Industry Pros  |  Wired

Virtual Jamming
The major problem facing musicians who play together on the Web? Lag. Now new
technology cuts lag down to a manageable size. Just what's manageable depends,
however, on how far apart the band members are  |  MagPortal.com 


Music collaboration for virtual bands and creative commons online
Kompoz.com  |  "Compose music online. Collaborate with musicians and friends
around the world. Download and upload music files, such as MP3 and more"


Robots Pass Musical Turing Test
Wired   -   By Eliot Van Buskirk  |  "The Robotic Musicianship Group at
Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology just blew our minds with some videos
 depicting robots playing music with real people"


Internet Music Collaborating Is The Wave Of The Future




DVD Tutorials:  Musical  Improvisation

Jazz Expression: A Toolbox for Improvisation

A Pianist's Guide to Free Improvisation DVD

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Swingin' Jazz Violin - Improvisation And Musicianship For Fiddlers

Sid Jacobs: Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Keith Jarrett - Art of Improvisation

Beginning Improvisation: Motivic Development

Guitar Soloing: The Contemporary Guide to Improvisation with Daniel Gilbert & Beth Marlis

The Fingerpicking Guitar Of Kelly Joe Phelps

Larry Carlton, Vol. 2

Genius of Joe Pass

Emily Remler: Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation

Jay Geils: Blues Guitar Improvisation

Frank Gambale- Acoustic Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation

Inside Improvisation: Melodic Structures - DVD

Adam Kadmon: The Guitar Grimoire - Progressions and Improvisation

Rock Jam - Stuart Bull, Vol. 1 Rock Improvisation Techniques

I Am The... Blues Lead Guitarist

Joe Pass Jazz Lines

Warren Haynes: Acoustic Slide and the Art of Electric Improvisation

Pat Bergeson Contemporary Improvisation

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Improvisation by Norman Granz

I Am the Blues Lead Guitarist

Jazz Style & Improvisation for Chorus

Joe Franco Double Bass Drumming

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing DVD

Blues Improvisation-Beyond Pentatonic (DVD)

Breakthrough to Improv:The Secrets of Improvisation

DVD-Techniques For Soloing And Improvising Flatpick Style

Rock Jam- Stuart Bull, Vol. 2 Rock Improvisation Techniques

John Abercrombie Teaches Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar: Improvisation

Vamps, Jams & Improvisation

Vamps Jams & Improvisation - Instructional Guitar 2-DVD Pack Featuring Frank Vignola

Learn to Play Blues Piano: A Beginner's Guide to Improvisation, Vols. 1 & 2

Keith Carlock The Big Picture Phrasing, Improvisation, Style & Technique

Lead Singing & Rhythm Guitar DVD

Olivier Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time/Improvisations


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