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...Google Define Definitions of Guitar on the web  |  related searches:   "electric guitar   acoustic guitar   lead guitar   bass guitar   classical guitar   slide guitar   guitar hero   gibson guitar corporation   guitar hero ii   warr guitar" .. Google Define
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...Quotes "  I'm not good enough to be playin' much acoustic guitar onstage. Man, you gotta get so right; I mean, the tones, the feel, the sound. Plus, acoustic blues guitar is just that much harder on the fingers. I really appreciate when someone can blow me away with live acoustic blues.    -  Santz
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..Inspire Yourself! Inspiration  is the life-blood of music creativity.  Develop a strong curiosity abut everything guitar.  Learn riffs, techniques & styles from your favorite artists and guitar teachers in your area.  Practice with your mind & 
soul & determined fingers. Get posture  & hand positions mastered early on, so that you can concentrate on 
the music and not how you get there.  You are a music artist unfolding in you beginning stages. Good Luck!


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  • On-Line Guitar Sequencer - The Composer operates just like a music sequencer, except that you enter your music on a virtual fretboard.
  • This website is a full-service, hands-on tutorial, with live software and a wiude range of learning resources for the guitarist.

...GuitarSite .. News | Guitar Lessons | Guitar and Band Database | Discussion | Bands | Guitars | TAB | Stores | SearchHitsquad  | 
  • " is the guitarists and guitar lovers source for up-to-date coverage on everything guitar related. Visit daily for the latest on new electric, acoustic and bass models, amps and gear. GuitarSite is also home to a huge database of guitar resources and websites, lessons, and loads more."
  • Guitar Discussion Forums  -  General Guitar  -  Acoustic Guitar  -  Bass Guitar  -  Accident and Emergency  -  For Sale/Wanted to Buy  -  All Forums   | 
Guitarist Hopes To Play Again With The Help of Bionic Hand  |  |  Posted by samzenpus  | 



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    Chord Tone Soloing: A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style by Barrett Tagliarino
    Product Description

    Learn how the professionals create monster solos with this easy-to-use book/CD pack! The accompanying CD includes 68 tracks of exercises, licks, solo examples, and play-alongs. 

    Includes all necessary foundation materials; detailed instructions on how and what to practice; essential concepts for players at every level; developing your real-time melodic reflexes; soloing over any progression in any style of music; using chords as an endless source of ideas; and more. 

    By Brian Busch 

    Barrett Tagliarino books are easy to follow. This one uses a format similar to his Fretboard Workbook. Ideas are introduced with easy to read chord diagrams that revolve around the CAGED system of chord organization. Chord tones are emphasized as one solos. This outlines the chord progression making the soloist sound "melodic," instead of simply playing the right scale over chords. This book expects the reader to be new to soloing and progresses in baby steps. 

    The other book on the same subject by Berklee Press called "Melodic Improvisation" is much more advanced and focuses on heavy weight jazzers like Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and monster players of that caliber. This book is accessible to rock, folk, bluegrass, and country guitarists, not just jazz cats. 

    The secret to success, the point of the book, is to target chord tones as one solos, but how does one do that? To answer that question, Barrett provides in depth guitar theory, a lot of break down and analysis, scalar choices, key center analysis, and a lot of down home humor along the way to keep things from getting overwhelming. 

    All-in-all, Tagliarino has written another instructional book you'll want to keep in the library for continued study. 

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  • Crossroads Guitar Festival
  • Fender - Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar Beginners
  • Jimi Hendrix (Deluxe Edition)
  • Viva Spanish Nights: Benise Live in Concert
  • Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar Beginners
  • Learning Guitar for Dummies
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live From Austin
  • John Williams - The Seville Concert - Pena, Andres Segovia
  • Pat Metheny Group - The Way Up - Live
  • Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues - Live at Montreux 1990
  • Learn to Play Blues Guitar Level 1
  • Warren Haynes: Electric Blues & Slide Guitar
  • G3: Live in Tokyo
  • Flamenco
  • The Search for Robert Johnson
  • Moody Blues: Lovely to See You (2005)
  • Metallica - Some Kind of Monster
  • Eric Clapton - Live in Hyde Park
  • The Acoustic Guitar Method
  • Esteban's Complete Guitar Course for Beginners
  • Satriani Live! 
  • A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Arranging for Solo Guitar: The Queen Titles
  • Sultans of Swing
  • Chet Atkins - Rare Performances 1955-75
  • DVD-Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship
  • Eric Johnson: The Fine Art of Guitar
  • Jimmy Bruno: No Nonsense Jazz Guitar
  • Santana - Sacred Fire
  • Guitar Lessons:  - How to play guitar instructional video
  • One Night In Dublin: A Tribute To Phil Lynott
  • Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra
  • Joni Mitchell - Woman of Heart and Mind: A Life Story
  • Bluegrass Country Soul
  • Beginners Blues - lead & rhythm guitar instructional video dvd
  • DVD-Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar #1
  • Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live [HD DVD]
  • John Entwistle: Bass Guitar Master Class
  • Danny Gatton: Strictly Rhythm Guitar
  • Eric Johnson: Total Electric Guitar
  • Super Guitar Trio and Friends in Concert
  • Rock House: Learn Rock Guitar - Beginner Program
  • Learn Rock Guitar - Intermediate Program
  • George Benson: The Art of Jazz Guitar
  • The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (BET on Jazz)
  • Rare Performances: 1976-1995
  • Guitar Lessons: Flamenco Made Easy
  • Legends - Live at Montreux
  • Bass Guitar Lessons: Beginning Bass - instructional video 
  • MTV Unplugged - Bruce Springsteen in Concert
  • Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide
  • George Benson - Live at Montreux, 1986
  • Bass Extremes Live: Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten
  • DVD-The Segovia Style-Classical Guitar Of The Maestro
  • Rockabilly Guitar 1 & 2
  • Legends of Jazz Guitar, Vol. 1 Legends of Jazz Guitar, Vol. 1
  • DVD-Exploring Guitar-New Sounds, Textures & Repertoire
  • The Jazz Channel Presents B.B. King (BET on Jazz)
  • Joe Satriani - Live in San Francisco
  • Acoustic Guitar Soloing
  • DVD-The 12-String Guitar of Roger McGuinn
  • Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking
  • Joe Pass Jazz Lines
  • Joe Pass: The Blues Side Of Jazz
  • John Scofield:Jazz Funk Guitar
  • DVD-Figuring Out Fingerboard-Flatpicker's Guide Improvising
  • Metallica: Guitar Legendary Licks 1988-1997
  • Pumping Nylon
  • DVD-Learn To Play Flamenco Guitar
  • The Van Halen Story: The Early Years
  • Classic Albums - Bob Marley and the Wailers: Catch a Fire
  • Johnny Cash - The Anthology
  • Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Soloing with Modes
  • Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London
  • Learn To Play Rippin Lead Guitar with Paul Lidel
  • Live at Monsters of Rock
  • Santana - Live by Request
  • The Tony Rice Guitar Method
  • DVD-Classical Guitar -Seven Easy Pieces
  • 20th Century Masters: The Best of Robert Cray DVD
  • Lennon & McCartney for Bass Guitar Featuring Bob Efford 
  • DVD-Guitar Styles Of The Carter Family
  • John Scofield - Live 3 Ways
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • The Jazz Channel Presents Bobby Womack
  • Air Guitar Nation
  • Arlen Roth's Masters of the Telecaster
  • Accelerate Your Guitar Playing - Tomo Fugita
  • DVD-Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Sweep Picking
  • Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Shredding With Arpeggios
  • Bossa Nova Guitar: 33 Lick Samples
  • DVD-The Fingerpicking Blues Of Mississippi John Hurt
  • Learn Rock Guitar - Advanced Program
  • Doc Watson - Flatpicking with Doc
  • Night of Blistering Blues
  • ...
    Guitar Pedal Clones Singers into Backup Singers
    Wired   -   By Eliot Van Buskirk


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    These free lessons are in the form of Adobe PDF downloadable documents

    Music Production Technology
    Recording With Pro Tools Mixing in Pro Tools Recording Studio w Pro Tools
    Music Production Process Overview of Synthesizers Understanding Sound: EQ Bands
    MIDI Sequencing Basics An Overview of Mixing Six Aspects of Music Production
    Overview of Samplers Pro Tools Interface Remixing Different Music Styles
    Get Your Studio Sound Brian Big Bass Gardner Pro Tools Mixing: Dynamics
    Music Sequencing Tips Dave Way Interview Your Home Recording Studio
    Music Style Instrumentation Digital Arranger

    Songwriting & Arranging
    Pentatonic Scale for Songwriters Repetition Techniques Building Song Sections
    Arranging Bass Notation Blues Progressions in Songwriting
    Effective Rhyming Blues Lesson Songwriting
    Drum Set Notation in Finale Film Scoring Essentials
    Basic Melody In Songwriting Rhyming Basics
    Writing a Chorus Basic Lyrical Elements
    The Finale Interface Musical Stress
    Arranging For The Trumpet Voicings in Music Arrangements
    Developing a Songwriting Routine The Function Of A Title
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    DJ & Turntable
    Crabs for Turntable DJs Basic Scratching for DJs
    Beat Matching for DJs Turntable Dynamics
    Cueing for Turntable DJs Drags Transformers for DJs

    Drums & Percussion
    1 and 2 stroke rolls 4 Stroke 1 Hand Drums
    Alternating Drum Strokes Basic Beats for Drumset
    Basic Funk for Drums Basic Hard Rock Drums
    Basic Rules for Drum Brushes Brush Patterns for Drums
    One Hand 16ths Drumset Afro Cuban Conga Rhythms
    Drum Solo Construction Latin Jazz Clave Exercise
    Afro-Cuban Rhythm Lesson Latin Jazz Clave Lesson
    Basic Drum Strokes Funk Drums for Beginners
    Specific Rudiments for Drum Set Drums Warmup Groove
    Advanced Reading Study for Drummers Intermediate Reading Study for Drummers
    Beginner Reading Studies for Drummers Basic Rock Grooves for Vibraphone
    Basic Reading for Vibraphone

    Connecting Your Guitar to the Computer Jazz Voicings for Guitar
    E Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales Triad Inversions Up the Fretboard
    Minor Pentatonic Scales Minor Blues Scales Basic Hard Rock Guitar
    Metronome for Guitar Shredders Position Playing For Guitar
    Double Picking for Guitar Shredders Fingering Patterns For Guitar
    Power Chords For Guitar Rhythm Blues Guitar
    Rhythm Guitar Basics Voice Leading For Guitar
    Meterman - Funk Guitar Studies Sound Like Stern Guitar
    Jazz Guitar Practice Secrets Like Wes Montgomery Guitar

    Basic Arpeggios For Keyboard Finger Numbering for Keyboard
    Preparing for Your Concert Sculpting Notes
    Hammond Funk Techniques in Four Keys Hammond Trills, Sputter Tone, etc
    Hammond Leslie Speed Switching  Playing a Chord on Keyboard
    Basic Pop Keyboard

    Vocal Health For Singers Essential Tips For Vocalists
    Warming Up Your Voice With a Groove Vocal Health Tips
    Marking for Vocalists Song Study for Vocalists

    Basic Hard Rock Alto Sax Basic Hard Rock Tenor Sax

    Video Tutorials
    Berklee Guitar Lessons
    Minor Blues Chord Progression Essential Guitar Chords
    Play Scale Forms Anywhere On The Guitar Play A Classic Rock Guitar Solo
    Mastering The Major Scale Guitar Courses from Berklee College of Music

    Music Production School
    Using Track Groups to Mix in Pro Tools Operating Effects Sends in Pro Tools


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