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Going To Music School?   Learn The Rules!   Break The Rules!
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You are beginning your  music career

You deserve the best education  you can afford!

Your choice of a composition professor  will greatly influence: 

Music genres  you compose in
Intensity of scholastic achievement
In School performances of your compositions
Creative networking opportunities

Your best teachers are mentors

Your musical & creative skills  will become  professional

You are also growing as a person.

Your  deeply personal feelings  about  life & values  Greatly affects the quality of your  musical artistry
Give plenty of  time to your studies  Yet allow time to live your life.  

You will be learning all about the right ways to do things. 

  • Learn The RulesThen Break Them! 
  • Does that sound insane
  • Higher learning should mean  deep learning
  • Fully involving your  mind  -  fingers   -   body   &   emotions
  • All those exercises  and  creative studies  become natural skills to you. 
  • Later on,  go out of your way to break the rules! 
  • Unusual patterns  come to you creative mind 
  • Embrace them & make them   your own 

  • Seek out

  • wrong notes, wrong chords, one measure changes , melodic dissonances , cross rhythms  , 
  • sudden change of rhythm  ,  re-shaping of a melodic line  ,  etc. 

  • Develop an

  • inner sense of "rightness"  for that moment. 
  • Take your musical idea  &   improvise music fragments

  • Larger ideas will prevail

  • Musical Unity  &  Contrast 
  • Simplicity  &  Complexity 
  • Musical form     length of your piece
  • Music natural to the instrument  or challenging to technique
  • Pre-composition   adds integrity & organization to your composition
  • Do portions need recomposition?

  • Collaborate with other musicians & composers

  • Locate musicians willing to read-through your composition
  • Student composition concerts bring your music to the people. 
  • Your music artistry grows as you learn and get feedback from fellow composers. 

  • Begin learning how the music business world operates

  • Visit social networking & music industry websites
  • Learn about music distribution and copyright issues. 
  • The following  pages will help you explore your many options. 
  • ...






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    Composers Forum  

    "Young Composers is a place of music where a composer or musician can communicate, share, and collaborate with other musicians about music, composition, performance and repertoire. This music site hosts many musicians of different experiences and styles in the music forum, and the forum contains an excellent resource for any musician. Musicians of all types, ranging from amateurs to the professional of all ages are welcome to offer their own advice in this music forum. As this music forum grows, many new musicians will join, and this place will soon become an extremely valuable place to get opinions, business tips, and ways to get your music out to the world. Help the thriving community of composers and musicians, and become a part of Young Composers."

    Articles  |  Profiles  |  Chat  |  Forum  |  Member List  |  Random Page  |  Articles Page  |    Key Changing  |  Spontaneous Improvisation  |  Thematic Material and the Handling Thereof  |  Things to look for while composing  |  The Extremely Short Dictionary of Musical Criticisms and How to Fix Them  |  Guitar Tutorial  |  A Treatise on Music  |  Bb Chopin Mazurka Analysis  |  Emotion Universality and the Fabric of Composition  |  Fugue  |  Guitar Tablature  |  Minuet  |  Musical Form  |  Young Composers  |  Electric Concerto  |  Musical Saw Tutorial  |  Rondo  |  Scherzo  |  Sonata rondo form  |  Sheet Music  | 





    Some Very Useful Websites


    Composers New Pencil
    A new site made by composers for composers of any level or genre. On our site you will find information about software, books, scores,  schools, competitions and the music tools of today. Our blog features insightful articles, interviews, tips and reviews related to music composition. Join our forum! 

    The Orchestra: An Online User’s Manual  |  Composers New Pencil

    Composition Today

    Offers a huge range resources exclusively for composers  |  Articles Interviews Sound Bank Reviews Concert Listings  |  Competitions,  Jobs & Opps Workshops Composer Database C:T Shop Show Case Forums  |  

    Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site

    Includes a list of songwriters on the web and other resources


    MusesMuse Homepage:  Songwriting Tips & Tools  |  Links Directory  over 5,000 links songwriting-related  | Muse's Muse Message Boards  |  The Songwriter's Store  |  Music Reviews | Message Board | Artist Spotlights | Web Ring | For Beginners | For Pros | Press Releases | Featured Tool | Featured Book | Songwriter's Toolkit  |  Music Industry Q&A  |  Columnist Menu  |  Find Music-related Software @ SharewareMusicMachine   | Real Answers To Real Questions  , An eBook About Copyright & Publishing  | Musicians Junction - Find collaborators   |  Online Thesaurus & Rhyming Dictionary   |  Club Connection - Clubs to play in around the world   | handy reference guide for beginning songwriters  |.

  is a children's online creative music environment for children  |  of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Come discover fun and easy ways to make music!

    Music Review:  MTT , You Tube Symphony 
    San Francisco Chronicle  | 

    "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Upload, upload, upload."  -   Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor

    The Orchestra:  An Online User’s Manual    |   Composers New Pencil

    Google Crowdsources Carnegie Hall Concert  |  Wired   -   By Eliot Van Buskirk  |  "Google is putting together a YouTube Symphony Orchestra that will take to the Carnegie Hall stage in five months to perform -- for the first time together -- Chinese composer Tan Dun's Internet Symphony No. 1, Eroica."  |

    A Young Outsider’s Life Turned Inside Out   |   NY Times   -   By JON CARAMANICA  |  Songwriter  |  "NOSE pressed up against glass is how Taylor Swift, 18, has gotten all of her best material"  |. ...

    Alexander Prior: Velesslavitsa  

    Alexander Prior - The World's Greatest Musical Prodigies 

    Are You A Musical Prodigy?

    "Composer, conductor and soloists on this recording are all under 17, the youngest, pianist Zhang Xiao Ming, a mere 10 years old" 

    Wikipedia:  Alexander Prior Bio   -  Steven Pritchard




    Hearing and Writing Music - Author: Ron Gorow
    Review By Bernard Brandt

       "Hearing and Writing Music", by Ron Gorow, is a superb book. It makes a simple and elegant presentation of the internal process by which we hear sounds and music, how we recognize intervals, chords, melody, harmony, counterpoint, and the timbre of instrumentation/ orchestration, how we can develop the skills of listening, auditory memory and imagination, and how to use these skills to hear and to write down music of any sort. 

       The hallmark of an expert is the ability to explain the basics of his field as simply as possible. By that standard, Mr. Gorow has proven his expertise in this book. I note that the other reviews, both for Amazon and in musical journals, tend to limit the importance of "Hearing and Writing Music" to ear training. I believe that Mr. Gorow's book is valuable for much more than ear training. I have studied it, and as a result of that study, I believe that my auditory memory and imagination and my abilities in score reading have improved enormously. 

       Further, I have been able to use the skills in this book to transcribe melodies, harmonies and counterpoint almost effortlessly, both those that I have heard, and those which existed only in my imagination. This book has opened many doors for me. I believe that it can do so for many others.

       On a personal note, for the last 30 years, I have been able to hear and compose music in my imagination. Unfortunately, I have been almost exclusively self-taught, and I despaired of ever being able to write down what I heard. Mr. Gorow's book, and my use of it, has changed all that. I have just completed the first movement of a symphonic tone poem, and I intend on continuing to compose for the rest of my life. 

       I have studied many books on music theory, and have listened to and studied many pieces of music. If I may make an analogy, my studies had formed the equivalent of a crystalline solution. "Hearing and Writing Music" was the equivalent of a seed crystal, which put everything into order, and transformed me from a listener to a composer. 

       I cannot recommend it highly enough for those who wish to become songwriters, arrangers, or composers, or those who wish to improve their skills.



    Beginner Composers:  Resources



    Band In A Box  |  designed to allow you to quickly put together a MIDI accompaniment so you can have your own personal backup band

    SSeyo - Koan  |  Free generative audio system for creators, creatives and website developers.  Interaction between rules & probabilities to make every play unique

    Make Music OnYourPC  |  The Beginners Guide to Music on PCs Published by Abacus

    Info Computer Music Comp  |  Articles, info for Amateur Computer Musician by James Baker

    Learn To Read & Write Music  |  Notes,  scales, intervals, triads and chords  |  Music Theory for beginner.

    GrooveLab  |  Make your drum loops online

    Irene Jackson.Songwriting Tips  |  Everything you ever wanted to know about songwriting, including tips, links, and more advice than you'll ever need

    Online Course in Songwriting  |  "I'll teach you some tricks on writing songs and lyrics"

    Internet Synthesizer  |  Construct synthesizer sounds online via forms with your internet browser. The data you enter will generate a unique sound just like programming a real analog synthesizer

    Orchaos Tapestry  |  An amazing software system that generates Midi music based on an Interactive Visual Interface

    The vOICe Sonificati  |  on Applet  |  Application maps image and generates sound. View sound waves, sonify existing images, train for audiovisual synesthesia, perform on-line composing, make soundscape animations and create spectrograms." (Can be downloaded for local use.)

    Rhyming Songwriting for Beginners  |  Books - Composition &  Lyric Writing

    Beginners composition com  |  The Rose Resources website is hosting a 'beginners composition competition' aimed at students with art of composition and to encourage composition of music

    Jazz Improvisation Primer by M  |  This is a reference on the playing of jazz music. It covers information that is very basic as well as more advanced material  |  Tips On Creating Midi

    Computers and Composing Music  |  Music Composition for Beginners  |  Music composition  |  Frequently-Asked Questions

    EdGate Song Composition  |  Popular Song Composition Links  - Music Composition  |  Tools & Software Download

    AllAboutPianos / software  |  Play Music Notation Software

    Sibelius Software / Compass  |  Interactive program / teaching music composition /s from middle school - university levels

    Practical Approach 18th C. Counterpoint  |  Book:

    VOCALOID  |  Vocal-synthesizing software that enables song writers to generate authentic-sounding singing on their PCs by simply typing in the lyrics and music notes of their compositions.

    BerkleeShares |  Music improvisation

    Electronic music composition for beginners  |  Book by: Robert Train Adams

    Making Music for the Joy Of It  |  Book By Stephanie Judy

    With Your Own Two Hands  |  Self-Discovery Through Music

    First steps in playing and composing  |  Book: Amazon

    Learn composition when creating music videos  |  |  Music/Performing Arts > Musicians' Exchange > Musical Composition, Theory, Songwriting, and Singing  |  Ask A Question  |

    Automated Composing System is a clever program that composes music and saves it as a MIDI file. Select the style you prefer, choose a key, chord progression, even a type of scale to use, hit the "Compose and Play" button, and the program does the rest. You can also select the level of complexity in the melody and harmony, and you can orchestrate your selections with sounds ranging from strings, to distorted guitar, to a dog barking. Any MIDI files created with the Automated Composing System belong to the user of the program. This program is useful for creating music to use for your Website, or generating musical ideas, or other purposes. Plus, it's fun to play with, and it's free.

    Rich nations copy Venezuela's anti-gang music schools  |  NewsDaily 

    Intimidated by Mozart’s Ghost? Not Anymore  |  NY Times   -   By STEVE SMITH  |  "At 11, Kaija Saariaho thought she was finished; now she is one of the world’s leading composers."  | 

    Suffolk Youth Orchestra Joins the Field  |  NY Times   -   By KARIN LIPSON  |  "Classical ensembles for school-age performers offer students — some of whom do not have orchestras at their schools — more opportunities to play."  | 



    8-Year-Old Blues Prodigy Tallan Latz
    "T-Man" Tallan Latz

     More Google Images

    YouTube - Tallan Latz  "T-man"

    Les Paul and Tallan Latz @ Pabst Theater 6/21/08

    Tallan Latz the New in the Age of Blues - Associated Content

    Wikipedia:  Tallan Latz   "T-Man"

       "Tallan Latz was born on September 22, 1999 to Carl and Doris Latz of Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the United States. He received his first musical instrument, a drum kit, at the age of three and began playing acoustic guitar at age four.[2] By the time he was five, a video of Joe Satriani had a major impact on the boy and he declared "That's what I want to do."[3] At the age of eight, he has played on-stage with performers the likes of Jackson Browne and Les Paul.[4]"

    Blues Pages  @  I Write The Music   |   Young Composers Page
  • Blues Page
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  • Blues Piano
  • Blues Directories
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  • ..

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    Young  Composer  Websites 02


    Young  |  "Young Composers is a place of music where a composer or musician can communicate, share, and collaborate with other musicians about music, composition, performance and repertoire. This music site hosts many musicians of different experiences and styles in the music forum, and the forum contains an excellent resource for any musician. Musicians of all types, ranging from amateurs to the professional of all ages are welcome to offer their own advice in this music forum. As this music forum grows, many new musicians will join, and this place will soon become an extremely valuable place to get opinions, business tips, and ways to get your music out to the world. Help the thriving community of composers and musicians, and become a part of Young Composers."  | Articles  |  Profiles  |  Chat  |  Forum  |  Member List  |  Random Page  |  Articles Page  |    Key Changing  |  Spontaneous Improvisation  |  Thematic Material and the Handling Thereof  |  Things to look for while composing  |  The Extremely Short Dictionary of Musical Criticisms and How to Fix Them  |  Guitar Tutorial  |  A Treatise on Music  |  Bb Chopin Mazurka Analysis  |  Emotion Universality and the Fabric of Composition  |  Fugue  |  Guitar Tablature  |  Minuet  |  Musical Form  |  Young Composers  |  Electric Concerto  |  Musical Saw Tutorial  |  Rondo  |  Scherzo  |  Sonata rondo form  |  Sheet Music  |


    CyberkidsMusic  |  Hangout place for young musicians. Learning, Sharing, Creating  |  Kids Connect  |  Music Match  |  Learning Center  |  Creative Workss  |


    The ASCAP Foundation Awards  |  The ASCAP Foundation/Morton Gould Young Composer Awards are granted annually to encourage talented young American composers  |  Awards  |  Scholarships  |  News  |  Talent  |


    HaddonfieldSynphonyYoung Composers' Competition Guidelines  |  Performance of the winning work by the Haddonfield Symphony, conducted by Maestro Rossen Milanov, on March 10, 2007  |  comp FAQ  |  Guidelines  |  Entry Form  |  Contact e-mail  |


    Young Composers Guild - Music Teachers' Association of California  | YCG is for students choosing composition as a career. As part of the Composers Today Program, YCG members are selected for a five year membership during which they may perform their original works in recital for MTAC branches.  |  ComposersToday  |  Improvisation  | Piano Concerto / Solo  |  Young Composers Guild  |


    FromTheTop / Young Composers Project  |  An exciting exploration into the dynamic world of composers. In addition to appearing on the radio show and being prominently featured on From the Top's website, each honoree of the Young Composer Project is paired with a professional composer for a one-on-one mentoring session  | Podcast Classicool  |  Radio & TV  |  Education  |  Community  |


    BBC - Proms - Young Composers Competition 2006  |  The BBC Proms/Guardian Young Composers Competition is a unique opportunity for creative and talented young composers who want to be inspired to write more  |  General Info  |  2005 Winners  |  How To Enter  |  Terms  |


    NACUSA Young Composers' Competition  |  28th Annual Young Composers' Competition  |  Receipt Deadline: October 31, 2006  |


    Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition  |  The mission of Pikes Peak Young Composers, Inc. is to encourage young people, K-12, to compose music. PPYCCI will provide education, professional evaluation, performance and other relevant opportunities for the advancement and preservation of musical composition.  |  Music  |  History / Bios  |  Calendar  |  Links  |


    SC Prize for Young Composers  |  Singing City invites young musicians to submit original choral compositions arranged for SATB, 3-5 minutes in length. Submitted works will undergo a rigorous jury process, after which winners and runners up will be chosen in each of two categories:  |  Ages 15-18 (High School)  |  Ages 19-25 (College)  |  2006 Winners  |  News  |  Concert Season  |  Outreach  |


    The Canada Council for the Arts - CBC Young Composers Competition  |  This competition is held every two years. The Canada Council awards the grand prize of $10,000 to the winner. The competition is open to composers under the age of 30 in three specific categories: chamber music, electronic music and works for orchestras. The next competition will be held in 2008  |  List Prizes  |  Winners  |  Music  |  Grants / Programs


    Workshop For Young Composers - Dundaga, Latvia  |  "One of the core necessities of a young talent in his development is the combination of three citeria – new contacts, creative atmosphere and meeting authorities. These aspects are essentially crucial when being out of academic education in tha they help to choose and use one’s knowledge more freely"  | Workshop 2006  |  Lecturers  |


    50 Young Composers Honored by ASCAP and BMI  |  Keeping with their tradition of supporting composers in their early career stages, both organizations collectively distributed approximately $60,000 in scholarships, grants, and cash awards  |  Award Winners  |  IAMIC News  |


    Minnesota Orchestra Program Helps Educate Young Composers  |  The internationally acclaimed Minnesota Orchestra is widely known for its artistic excellence, but it's the orchestra's unique program devoted to young composers that has garnered attention recently. Most notably, the program, led by BMI Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis, was featured as a radio documentary on Minnesota Public Radio's "All Things Considered."  |  Minnesota Composer's Institute  |  artist stories  |  headlines  |  MusicWorld  |


    Youth & Music 2007 Young Composers Concert  |  This is a choral youthfest. Part I features music by ‘young great composers’ (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn and Britten, all writing when they were the same age as our competition composers). Part II will be new pieces by ‘great young composers’ (five previous winners of past Young Composers Competitions). Part III will feature the premieres of this night’s ‘choral winners’ and presentation of this year’s competition awards) and Part IV highlights five composers whose music we first heard in our Interplay Composer Workshops. It should be an amazing display of youthful creativity.  |  Concerts  |  Photo Gallery  |  Explore Events  |  Event Website  |  Groups  |  Past Events  |

    Sibelius Music / Young Composers  |  We are young students in harmony and composition in the Musicacademy of Sint-Niklaas(Belgium). Our teacher is Koen Dejonghe . Every year we compose pieces for our examination. On a concert these works are created by ourselves and other students of the academy.On the photograph you can see our classroom.  |  Links to composers  |  Dutch Young Composers  |  Sound Inventors  |  Free Music Software  |


    Young composer’s dream comes true, as acclaimed orchestra performs his work / By Jennifer Carnig  |  "Yao Chen is awe-struck. For the first time in his life, an orchestra just performed one of his compositions. 


    SFJAZZ Young Composers Project at Yoshi's  |  newly formed all-star youth resident ensemble of SFJAZZ — the West Coast’s largest non-profit jazz institution  |


    Advice to Young Composers  |  An Essay by Gwyneth Walker  |


    The Young New Yorkers' Chorus - Competition for Young Composers  | The Young New Yorkers' Chorus  |  Third Annual Competition for Young Composers  |  2006-2007 Season  |  Audio Samples  |  Concerts  |


    The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE  |  Up to five young composers will be selected for inclusion in ICE's 2006-07 concert season in Chicago and New York City. Winners will receive all-expenses paid trips to collaborate with ICE on multiple performances and recordings of their works. Composers will work intensively with the ensemble, and will participate in public rehearsals, workshops, radio interviews and panel discussions about their work  |  PDF file  |


    Working With Young Composers  |  A list of helpful suggestions for piano teachers, choir directors, and band directors  |


    The Ensemble Sospeso - Focus on Young Composers - Seattle  | "The Ensemble Sospeso’s mission is twofold, encompassing performance and education. Its members are committed to developing and expanding an audience base through direct educational contact with young people"    The Ensemble Sospeso is a chamber orchestra in New York performing modern music  | Ensemble Sospeso  |  Press Releases  |  Articles / Interviews  |  Meet The Musicians  |


    Open Directory  |  Arts: Music: Concerts and Events: Festivals  |  Youth


    James Levine |  is drawing young talent to the music center / BostonGlobe


    Jay Greenberg  |  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  |  Child Genius Composer  |  "Jay "Bluejay" Greenberg (born December 13, 1991, New Haven, Connecticut) is an American child prodigy composer who entered the Juilliard School in 2002 and has composed numerous works."  |


    CBSnews  |  Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart  |  Scott Pelley Talks To Boy Who Has Written Five Full Symphonies


    Digital Music Making for Teens  |  Author: Andrew Lee Hagerman


    ArtsJournal  |  Damn Those Young Composers, They Keep Coming


    AllExperts  |  Music/Performing Arts > Musicians' Exchange > Musical Composition, Theory, Songwriting, and Singing


    American Symphony Orchestra League  |  Artistic  |  Education and Community Engagement   |  Youth Orchestras  |  Career
    Center  |  News  |


    Daily Exhumation  |  The RIAA's Worst Nightmare: Computers That Understand Music  |  "Christopher Raphael of Indiana
    University demonstrated a system that can understand live music well enough to accompany a musician. "  |

   |  is a children's online creative music environment for children of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose
    music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Come discover fun and easy ways to make music!


    Music Composition Books  .
    BBC  |  Air guitar T-shirt rocks for real  |  Richard Helmer using the wearable instrument shirt |  Australian scientists have created a
    T-shirt that allows air guitarists to play real music - without resorting to a real guitar. 


    LiveScience  |  Playing Music Makes You Smart!  |  Scientists have uncovered the first concrete evidence that playing music can
    significantly enhance the brain and sharpen hearing for all kinds of sounds, including speech 


    C/NET News  |  Software for kindergarten Beethovens  |

   |  Youth orchestra records forgotten Lithuanian maestro


    MIT  |  MIT conference on creativity, ownership and collaboration in the digital age  | Collaboration and Collective Intelligence  |  Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons   |  Learning through Remixing  |





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    BBC:  One Music


    Guides To Making It In The Music Business

    Want to take your music further?   In 'How to..
    "We've brought together over 100 in-depth guides and features packed full of help and advice! " 

    Full Fat Guides  -  Big and easy guides for newcomers to the music industry  |  Getting signed  |  Who does what in the music industry?  |  Money in music - getting paid  |  CD price - where the money goes  |


    Starting Out  |  Find people to work with  |  Form a dance group  |  Professional singing auditions  |  Improve your vocals  |  Song writing basics  |  Improve your practising skills  |  Why playing live is important  |  Get first gigs  |  Develop your stage prescence  |  Choosing a band name  |  Choose tracks for a demo  |  Get ready to approach record labels  |  Get training from The Prince's Trust   (Remember, this BBC)  |  Download music  |


    Recording  |  Choose tracks for a demo  |  Home recording – the basics  |  Home recording – the equipment  |  Home recording - buying a mixer  |  Choose music software  |  Make a vocal demo  |  Find a recording studio  |  Get ready to go into the studio  |  Make the most of a session  |  Make the most of the mix  |  Mastering  |  Find a producer  |  Clear Samples  |


    Performing Live  |  Why playing live is important  |  Get Live Gigs  |  Rehearse  |  Get Ready For A Gig  |  Soundcheck  |  Make the best of a gig  |  Play London  |  Put on a showcase gig  |  Play gigs nationally  |  Publicise your gigs  |  Set up a gig night  |  Buy a PA  |


    DJing  |  Get DJ kit and technology  |  Make a good mix tape  |  Get your first DJ gigs  |  Get work in city bars  |  Get work in city clubs  |  Mix and scratch workshop  |  Start out as a VJ  |  Start your own night  |


    VJing  |  Starting Out  |  Hardware and software  |  Performing live  |  DJing: 7 guides to get you started  |


    Digital Audio  |  Guide to Downloading  |  Guide to Podcasting  |  Make a website  |  Essentials for your website  |  Distribute your music online  |  Use MP3 sites  |


    Music Distribution  |  Produce small numbers of CDs  |  Mass Produce CDs  |  Press Vinyl  |  Use distributors for DIY releases  |  Use distributors for a record label  |  Send Out Demos  |  Promote your releases  |  Start A Label  |  Use MP3 websites  |  Essentials for your website  |  Make a website  |  Promote your website online  |  Distribute your music online  |  Write TV/Film music  |  Work as a TV/Film composer  |


    Music Promotion  |  Control your image  |  Use a mailing list  |  Put together a press pack  |  Send out demos  |  Approach the media  |  Promote live gigs  |  Promote your releases  |  Hire professional PR companies  |


    Management  |  Work to support yourself  |  Sign On  |  Apply for grants  |  Work as a session musician  |  PRS  |  PPL  |  MCPS for people releasing their own material  |  MCPS for label owners  |  MCPS for people signed to a label  |  Other collection agencies  |  Approaching publishing companies  |  Types of publishing agreements  |  Publishing agreement main terms  |  Find a manager  |  Start out as a manager  |  Management agreement main terms  |  Production deals  |  Production agreement main terms  |


    Legal |

    Industry Jobs  |  A & R  |  Artist Manager  |  Tour Manager  |  Music Journalist  |  Studio Engineer  |  PR - Promotion  |


    Message Boards  |  Rock, Indie & Punk  |  Dance  |  Experimental & Leftfield  |  Chart & Playlist  |  Making Music  |  One Life  |  Hip Hop  |  Drum n Bass   |  R & B  |  Desi Beats  |


    FAQ  |


    BBC Virtual Sttudio  |  "Make your own music here. We've got two bits of kit that can have you making tracks and playing with sounds in minutes."  |  Sample Bank  -  Over 1,000 samples for you to download and use in your own music   |  Basics  -  Tips and ideas to get you going  |  Sequencer  -   Make your own tunes in our four track  |  Mixer  -  Find out what the effects on a mixing desk can do  | Virtual Theremin  -  Turn your desktop into a Theremin with the help of BBC Science   |    Escapades  -  Be an Artist Manager, PR, Agent, or A&R  |  Hands On - Drumming experience  |  Musicians' Stories  |  Your Charts  |  Internet Radio  |  BBC Programmes  |  BBC Performing Groups  |  Discovering Music  |  Jazz Library  |  Music Matters  |  Words and Music  |  New Music  |  Classical  |  World Music  |  Radio 3: Music Games  |  Philharmonia Orchestra - The Sound Exchange  -  Free sample library of orchestra and single note samples  |


    META Directory  |  Search the META Directory to find Venues, Music Business, Commerce, Record Companies, Publishers, Distributors, Organisations, Promoters, Colleges and Academics, Broadcast Media, Print Media, and Arts Management in your part of the UK.  |


    MED Directory - An annually updated database of professional contemporary music courses in the UK.  |


    Music Tank - Directory of businesses and organisations who offer support to music makers and companies.  |


    Professional Bodies  -  The major organisations that provide help and advice.  |


    Other BBC sites  -  BBC websites promoting music making on a national or local level.  |


    Support sites  -  Sites which promote or help unsigned music makers.  | 

    Performing arts courses  -  Schools and colleges where you can learn performing arts.  | 




    Chords - Harmony  @

    Learn Guitar Chords - 7 Secrets the Pro's Use by Ant Brown  -  If you're like many guitarists out there who want to learn guitar chords but are having some trouble, then this article is for you. I'll cover some key aspects that are often overlooked by tutors and "learn the guitar" products; I guarantee you'll be able to learn guitar chords much easier after reading this article.


    Music Chords: How To Become a "Chord Detective" And See Into The Music! by Duane Shinn  -  There's a logic behind every note written in music, & you can learn to understand that logic, and therefore understand music. If you can read music to some degree but don't "see through" the written music-don't understand what you are seeing-it is now very possible that you can put on your "chord glasses" that good "chord detectives" wear to see through all that mass of black printed notes on a white page of sheet music to quickly understand what chords are being used and the "family logic" behind it all.


    Piano Lesson-II-V-I Progressions In C Major by Peter Edvinsson  -  Let me give you some easy progressions that will help you in your improvisational piano playing!


    How To Construct 48 Chords In 5 Minutes by Alex Nguyen  -  Constructing chords on the piano is not rocket science. It’s easy. Once you know the formula, throw away your chord chart.


    Chord Style Piano – Is It For Everyone? by Alex Nguyen  -  Chord style approach to learning to play piano can be fun and provide instant gratification, but is it for everyone? Read this article to find out more.





    Piano Power  -  MusicDish Industry e-Journal


    Piano Power: Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths

    Piano Power: Diatonic Scales Part 3  |  2  |  1

    Piano Power: Diatonic Scales (Part 1)

    Piano Power: Diatonic Scales (Part 2 )

    Piano Power: Intervals (Part 1)

    Piano Power: Intervals (Part 2)

    Piano Power: Intervals (Part 3) and Triads (Part 1)

    Piano Power: Triads (Part 2)

    Piano Power: Harmonic Minor Scales

    Piano Power: Melodic Minor Scales

    Piano Power: Major Scale Chord Functions (Part 1)

    Piano Power: Authentic Cadences in Minor Keys

    Piano Power: Plagal Cadences in Minor Keys

    Piano Power: Deceptive Cadences

    Piano Power: The Plagal or IV-I Cadence

    Piano Power: Major Scale Chord Functions (Part 2)

    Piano Power: The Authentic or V-I Cadence (Part 1)  |  2

    Piano Power: Reprinted Cadences and a Free Finale Notepad Download

    Piano Power: Open Position and Voicing of Chords

    The Piano is a Percussion Instrument

    Dressing Up the Garden Variety G Chord

    Piano Power: Theories Contradicted


    Outside Shore Music  -  A Jazz Improvisation Primer  -  by Marc Sabatella


    Contents  |  Preface  |  Goals  |  A Brief History Of Jazz  |  Early Jazz  |  Big Band Jazz and Swing  |  Bebop  |  Cool Jazz  |  Hard Bop  |  Post Bop  |  Free Jazz and the Avant Garde  |  Fusion  |  Post Modern Jazz  |  The Present  | 


    Jazz Fundamentals  |  Structure  |  Swing  -  Definition  -  Practicing Swing  |  Creativity  -  The Creative Process  -  Playing  |


    Chord/Scale Relationships  |  Basic Theory  -  Intervals  -  Major And Minor Scales  -  Chords  -  The Circle Of Fifths   |  Major Scale Harmony  -  Major Scale  -  Dorian Mode  -  Phrygian Mode  -  Lydian Mode  -  Mixolydian Mode  -  Minor Scale  -  Locrian Mode   |  Melodic Minor Harmony  -  Phrygian #6  -  Lydian Augmented  -  Lydian Dominant  -  Fifth Mode  -  Locrian #2  -  Altered Scale   |  Symmetric Scales  -  Whole Tone Scale  -  The Diminished Scales  |  Pentatonic Scales  |  Derived Scales  -  The Blues Scale  -  Minor Scales  -  Bebop Scales  -  Synthetic Scales   |  Chord/Scale Chart  |


    Applying The Theory To Improvisation  |  Melodic Development  -  Pacing  -  Phrase Construction  |  Playing Changes  -  ii-V  (Major Keys  -  Minor Keys)  -  Blues  -  Rhythm Changes  -  Coltrane Changes  |  Modal Improvisation  |  Chromaticism  |  Non-tonal Improvisation  |  Free Improvisation  | 


    Accompanying  |  Chordal Instruments  |  Chord Voicings  -   3/7 Voicings  -  Quartal Voicings  -  Polychord and Upper Structure Voicings  -  Close Position and Drop Voicings  -  Other Scale Based Voicings  |  ReharmonizingComping Rhythms   |  Bass  |  Walking Bass Lines  |  Pedal Point  |  Counterpoint  |  Other Bass Patterns  |  Drums  |  Other Instruments  | 


    Playing With Others  |  Organization  |  Dealing With Problems  |  Listening Analytically  | 


    Breaking The Rules  | 


    Annotated Bibliography  |  Fakebooks  |  Instructional Books  |  History And Biography  |  Annotated Discography  |  Basic Recommendations  |  Listing  | 


    Jazz Standards  |



      Graham English  -  Professional Advice




    Berklee Shares  -  Open-Source Lesson Library

    These free lessons are in the form of Adobe PDF downloadable documents

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    Music Production Technology

    Recording With Pro Tools  |  Mixing in Pro Tools  |  Set Up Recording Studio Using Pro Tools  |  Understanding Sound: EQ Bands  |  Music Production Process  |  MIDI Sequencing Basics  |  Overview of Synthesizers  |  An Overview of Mixing  |  Pro Tools Interface  |  Overview of Samplers  |  Six Aspects of Music Production  |  Remixing Different Music Styles  |  Get Your Studio Sound  |  Pro Tools Mixing: Dynamics Overview  |  Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio  |  Music Style and Instrumentation  |  Music Sequencing Tips  |  Definitions for the Digital Arranger  |  Brian Big Bass Gardner  |  Dave Way Interview

    Songwriting & Arranging

    Pentatonic Scale for Songwriters   |  Arranging Bass Notation  |  Blues Progressions in Songwriting   |  Effective Rhyming  |  Blues Lesson Songwriting  |  Drum Set Notation in Finale  |  Repetition Techniques for Building Song Sections  |  Film Scoring Essentials  |  Basic Melody In Songwriting  |  Rhyming Basics  |  Writing a Chorus  |  Basic Lyrical Elements  |  The Finale Interface  |  Musical Stress  |  Arranging For The Trumpet  |  Using Voicings in Music Arrangements  |  Developing a Songwriting Routine  |  The Function Of A Title  |  Interval Patterns  |  Hard Days Night - The Beatles - Music Analysis  |  Simple Substitutions  |  Five-part Soli Voicings in Jazz Music  |  Modal Harmony  |  Reharmonizing Approach Notes  |  Internal Form for Motivic Compositions  |  Basic Piano Voicing Techniques  |  Power Chord Progressions in Songwriting  |  Line Cliches  |  Five-Part Spreads in Jazz  |

    Music Business & Careers

    Top Ten Truths of the Music Business  |  Copyright Infringement  |  Music Like Water  |  Song Quality - Music Publishing  |  What Is Music Publishing, Anyway?  |  An Overview of Record Labels  |  How Money Flows in the Music Business  |  Art Of Selling Your Music  |  Lawyers Role in Music Business   |  What a Major Label Offers  |  Management In Music  |  Knowing the Playing Field  |  Choosing a Business Entity  |  Tips for Expanding Your Online Presence  |  Music Business Cover Letters  |  Music Promo Kit Fundamentals  |  Get Most Out of Music Gigs   |  Internships in Music Business   |  Deals with Off-Line and Online Record Labels   |  Skills Assessment and Career Development Techniques  |  News Releases  |  Marketing Primer  |  Alf Clausen Music Tips  |  Howard Shore Music Tips  |  Rob Mounsey Music Tips  |  Music for Television  |  Recording and Mixing Music for Film  |

    Music Education

    Inversions of the I Triad  |  Rhythm Part I  |  Major and Minor Modes  |  Melodic and Harmonic Tensions  |  Conducting as an Ear Training Tool  |  Referrals in Music Therapy  |  Teaching Music to Teach Other Skills  |  Internalizing the Music  |  Notes in Music Theory  |  Rhythmic Notation in Basic Music Theory  |   Accidentals in Music Theory  |  Intervals in Music Theory  |  Leading a Rock Band Project  |
    Conducting Patterns  |  Introduction to Music Therapy  |  Identifying Problems and Goals in Music Therapy  | 

    Music Improvisation

    The Beat In Music Improvisation  |  Jazz Improvisation Basics C Instruments  |  Jazz Improvisation Basics Bflat  |  Develop Music Improvisation Style  |  Music Improvisation And Soloing  |  Tricks For Music Improvisation  |  Techniques for Soloing  |  Improvisation Using Rhythmic Devices  |  Rhythms for Improvisation  |

    Browse by Instrument


    Basic Riffs for Bass Guitar   |  Basic Slapping for Bass Guitar   |  Bass Guitar Practice Basics  |  Basic Hard Rock for Bass Guitar  |  Tips on Buying a Bass Guitar  |  Muting Strings for Bass Guitar  |  One Chord Rock for Bass Guitar   |  Jazz Improvisation in Bass Clef  |  Funk Grooves For Bass Guitar  |  Bass Guitar Tips


    Basic Hard Rock Trumpet  |  Basic Hard Rock Trombone  |

    DJ & Turntable

    Crabs for Turntable DJs  |  Basic Scratching for DJs  |  Beat Matching for DJs  |  Turntable Dynamics  |  Cueing for Turntable DJs  |  Drags Transformers for DJs   |

    Drums & Percussion

    1 and 2 stroke rolls  |  4 Stroke 1 Hand Drums   |  Alternating Drum Strokes   |  Basic Beats for Drumset  |  Basic Funk for Drums  |  Basic Hard Rock Drums  |  Basic Rules for Drum Brushes  |  Brush Patterns for Drums  |  One Hand 16ths Drumset  |  Afro Cuban Conga Rhythms   |  Drum Solo Construction  |  Latin Jazz Clave Exercise  |  Afro-Cuban Rhythm Lesson  |  Latin Jazz Clave Lesson  |  Basic Drum Strokes  |  Funk Drums for Beginners  |  Specific Rudiments for Drum Set  |  Drums Warmup Groove  |  Advanced Reading Study for Drummers  |  Intermediate Reading Study for Drummers  |  Beginner Reading Studies for Drummers  |  Basic Rock Grooves for Vibraphone  |  Basic Reading for Vibraphone  |


    Connecting Your Guitar to the Computer  |  Jazz Voicings for Guitar   |  E Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales  |  Triad Inversions Up the Fretboard  |  Minor Pentatonic Scales and Minor Blues Scales  |  Basic Hard Rock Guitar  |  Metronome for Guitar Shredders  |  Position Playing For Guitar  |  Double Picking for Guitar Shredders  |  Fingering Patterns For Guitar  |  Power Chords For Guitar  |  Rhythm Blues Guitar  |  Rhythm Guitar Basics  |  Voice Leading For Guitar  |  Meterman - Funk Guitar Studies  |  Sound Like Stern Guitar  |  Jazz Guitar Practice Secrets  |  Like Wes Montgomery Guitar  |


    Basic Arpeggios For Keyboard  |  Finger Numbering for Keyboard  |  Preparing for Your Concert  |  Sculpting Notes  |  Hammond Funk Techniques in Four Keys  |  Hammond Trills, Sputter Tone, etc  |  Hammond Leslie Speed Switching  |  Playing a Chord on Keyboard  |  Basic Pop Keyboard  |


    Vocal Health For Singers  |  Essential Tips For Vocalists  |  Warming Up Your Voice With a Groove  |  Vocal Health Tips  |  Marking for Vocalists  |  Song Study for Vocalists  |


    Basic Hard Rock Alto Sax  |  Basic Hard Rock Tenor Sax  |


    Video Tutorials

    Berklee Guitar Lessons

    Minor Blues Chord Progression  |  Essential Guitar Chords  |  Play Scale Forms Anywhere On The Guitar  |  Play A Classic Rock Guitar Solo  |  Mastering The Major Scale  |  Online Guitar Courses from Berklee College of Music  |

    Music Production School

    Using Track Groups to Mix in Pro Tools  |  Operating Effects Sends in Pro Tools  |





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    127 Music Instruction Books




    This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession  |  by Daniel J. Levitin

    Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians (Book & 2 CDs)  |   by Andrew Surmani

    Hal Leonard Guitar Method, - Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3  |   by Will Schmid

    The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Violin Book 1  |  by Janice Tucker Rhoda

    Fretboard Logic SE: The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete  |  by Bill Edwards

    The "First Stage" Guitar Chord Chart - Learn How To Play The Most Commonly Played Guitar Chords  |  by Chris Lopez

    The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perspective Listening  |  by Joseph Machlis

    Guitar For Dummies (For Dummies   |  by Mark Phillips

    Bass Guitar for Dummiesby  |  Patrick Pfeiffer

    Study of Orchestration  |  Third Edition by Samuel Adler

    Totally Guitar: The Definitive Guide

    Piano for Dummies  |  by Blake Neely

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory  |  by Michael Miller

    Basic Materials in Music Theory: A Programed Course  |  by Paul O. Harder

    Jazz Guitar Technique  |  by Andrew Green

    Passionate Practice: The Musician's Guide to Learning, Memorizing, and Performing Passionate Practice  |  by Margret Elson

    Complete Handbook of Voice Training  |  by Richard Alderson

    Solo Jazz Piano: The Linear Approach  |  by Neil Olmstead

    The New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning  |  A Project of the Music Educators National Conference

    Singing for the Stars: A Complete Program for Training Your Voice  |  by Seth Riggs

    Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask  |  by Tom Kolb

    Guitar Player Repair Guide: How to Set-Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics  |  by Dan Erlewine

    Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises  |  Complete: Piano Technique

    101 Bass Tips: Stuff All the Pros Know and Use  |  by Gary Willis

    The Ultimate Guitar Songbook

    Classical Music for Dummies Classical Music for Dummies  |  by David Pogue

    Music in Theory and Practice Vol 1 w/ Anthology CD  |  by Bruce Benward

    Jazz Guitar Structures  |  by Andrew Green

    Art of Saxophone Playing Art of Saxophone Playing  |  by Larry Teal

    Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers  |  by Richard Miller

    Solo Guitar Playing/Book 1 with CD (Classical Guitar)  |  by Frederick Noad

    Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer: Coordinating Independence As Applied To Jazz And Be-bop w CD  |  by Jim Chapin

    Guitarmaking:Tradition and Technology: A Complete Reference for the Design & Construction of the Steel-String Folk Guitar & the Classical Guitar  |  by William Cumpiano

    Music, The Brain, And Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our Imagination  |  by Robert Jourdain

    The Technique of Orchestration and CD Recording Package  |  by Kent Kennan

    4-Way Coordination  |  A Method Book for the Development of Complete Independence on the Drum Set

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition   |  by Michael Miller

    Guitar Total Scales Techniques and Applications: Lessons for Beginner through Professional  |  by Mark John Sternal

    The Sound Reinforcement Handbook

    A Fanatic's Guide to Ear Training and Sight Singing  |  by Bruce Arnold

    The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking  -  How to Play the Alternating Bass Fingerpicking Style  |  (Bk & CD) by Mark D. Hanson

    The Piano Handbook: A Complete Guide for Mastering Piano  |  by Carl Humphries

    Estéban's Complete Guitar Course For Beginners  |  by Esteban

    How to Write Songs on Guita:  |  A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course by Rikky Rooksby

    Play Trumpet Today! - Level 1

    Modern Chord Progressions  |  by Ted Greene

    The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians  |  by Jim Fleser

    Songwriting for Dummies  |  by Jim Peterik

    Fretboard Logic III Applications: Creative and Analytical  |  by Bill Edwards

    Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music  |  by Angela Myles Beeching

    Composing Music: A New Approach  |  by William Russo

    How to Play the Flute  |  by Howard Harrison

    Ear Training: One Note Complete Method  |  by Bruce Arnold

    Harmony and Voice Leading  |  by Edward Aldwell

    Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding,  for the Professional, the Student, and the Hobbyist  |  by Arthur A. Reblitz

    Conversations in Clave  -  The Ultimate Technical Study of Four-Way Independence in Afro-Cuban Rhythms  |  by Horacio Hernandez

    Modern Jazz Voicings: Arranging for Small and Medium Ensembles  |  by Ted Pease

    How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records  |  by Frank Broughton

    Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals  |  by F. Alton Everest

    Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters  |  by Gina Fant-Saez

    Berklee Music Theory Book 1  |  by Paul Schmeling

    The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising  |  by Jon Damian

    Modern Conductor  |  by Elizabeth A. Green

    Songwriters on Songwriting  |  by Paul Zollo

    Musical Acoustics  |  by Donald E. Hall

    Contemporary Chord Khancepts  |  by Steve Khan

    Creative Music Production: Joe Meek's Bold Techniques  |  by Barry Cleveland

    A New Approach to Sight Singing  |  by Sol Berkowitz

    Music with the Brain in Mind  |  by Eric P. Jensen

    How to Play from a Fake Book  |  (Keyboard Edition)

    On Piano Playing: Motion, Sound, and Expression  |  by Gyorgy Sandor

    The Craft of Lyric Writing  |  by Sheila Davis

    Harmony:  |  Fifth Edition by Walter Piston

    Counterpoint   |  by Kent Kennan

    How to Play Keyboards  |  by Roger Evans

    Edly's Music Theory for Practical People  |  by Ed Roseman

    Complete Guide to Film Scoring  |  by Richard Davis

    Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max  |  by Todd Winkler

    Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting  |  by Jimmy Webb

    The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs  |  by Rikky Rooksby

    The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults: A Manual for Teachers of Singing and for Choir Directors  | by James C. McKinney

    Elements of Music  |  by Joseph N. Straus

    Blues by the Bar  |  Cool Riffs That Sound Great over Each Portion of the Blues Progression

    Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory (3rd Edition)  |  by Joseph N. Straus

    Hearing and Writing Music: Professional Training for Today's Musician (2nd Edition)  |  by Ron Gorow

    Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing  |  by Bill Martin

    A Physical Approach to Playing the Trumpet  |  by Lynn K. Asper

    Reading Your First Notes to Constructing Complex Chords  |  by Brooke Halpin

    The Guide To MIDI Orchestration  |  by Paul Gilreath

    Twentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice  |  by Vincent Persichetti

    Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary : The Most Practical and Easy-To-Use Reference Now Available item #16637  |  by Kevin M. Mitchell

    The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory

    Analytic Approaches to Twentieth-Century Music  |  by Joel Lester

    Audio Culture: |  Readings in Modern Music

    The Music of Miles Davis: A Study and Analysis of Compositions and Solo Transcriptions from the Great Jazz Composer and Improv  |  by Lex Giel

    The Home Studio Guide to Microphones  |  by Loren Alldrin

    Film and Television Composer's Resource Guide: The Complete Guide to Organizing and Building Your Business  |  by Mark Northam

    The Voice Actor's Guide to Home Recording  |  by Jeffrey P. Fisher

    The Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher  |  by Marienne Uszler

    Contemporary Class Piano  |  by Elyse Mach

    Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music, Volume 1 by Gareth Loy

    Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation, Second Edition  |  by Thomas E. Rudolph

    Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter  |  A Programmed Course in Elementary Music Theory, Introduction to Partwriting by John Clough

    A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals (CD-ROM and Keyboard Booklet)  |  by William Duckworth

    The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming

    Melody in Songwriting: Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs  |  (Berklee Guide) by Jack Perricone

    The Art of Solo Fingerpicking : How to Play Alternating-Bass Fingerstyle Guitar Solos  |  (book and CD)  by Mark Hanson

    Tommy Igoe - Groove Essentials by Tommy Igoe

    Style and Idea: Selected Writings  |  by Arnold Schoenberg

    Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards  |  by Mimi Fox

    Music for Sight Singing (7th Edition)  |  by Robert Ottman

    Vocal Technique - A Guide to Finding Your Real Voice: Book  |  Two CDs

    Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programed Course, Part I   |  by Greg A. Steinke

    Music Reading For Keyboard: The Complete Method  |  (Musicians Institute Essential Concepts)

    The Art of Writing Great Lyrics  |  by Pamela Phillips Oland

    Power Tools for Reason 3.0: Master the World's Most Popular Virtual Studio Software |  by Kurt Kurasaki

    Pentatonic Khancepts  |  by Steve Khan

    The American Songbook: The Singers, Songwriters & The Songs  |  by Ken Bloom

    Form in Tonal Music: An Introduction to Analysis  |  by Douglass Green

    The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self  |  by William Westney

    Basic Guide to How to Read Music  |  by Helen Cooper

    The Craft of Musical Composition: Theoretical Part - Book 1   |  by Paul Hindemith

    Reharmonization Techniques  |  by Randy Felts

    Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros  |  by Rick Clark

    The Songwriters Idea Book: 40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help You Design Distinctive Songs, and Keep Your Creative Flow  |  by Sheila Davis

    Music Lessons

    Music Education



    Creating Music:  Book List


  • Counterpoint|  |  Henry Martin
  • New Music Composition  |  David Cope
  • Making Music  |  Morton Subotnick
  • Why and How to Teach Music Composition  |  Maud Hickey
  • Introduction to music composition  |  King Palmer
  • The Twentieth-Century Composer Speaks  |  Mari Nishimura
  • A Conductor's Repertory of Chamber Music  | 
  • Tape Music Composition  |  David Keane
  • Creative Music Composition  |  Margaret Wilkins
  • Random precision  |  Igor Karaca
  • The Da Capo Catalog of Classical Music Compositions
  • Computer-Assisted Music Composition  |  Phil Winsor
  • A Basic Course in Music Composition  |  Music Library Assn
  • The materials of music composition  |  H. Owen Reed
  • Beginning Piano Compostions  |  Alana LaGrange
  • Experimental Music  |  Isaacson Lejaren
  • Music Composition and Arranging  |  Samuel Walter
  • Electronic music composition for beginners  |  Robert Adams 
  • Instrumental Arranging  |  Gary C White
  • Computer music compositions USA 1976  |  Carol Welby
  • Writing music  |  Merle Montgomery
  • A basic course in music composition  |  Ralph Shapey
  • Composing Music with Computers, First Edition  |  E Miranda
  • Composing Music for Worship  |  John Bell
  • PC Music Composing w Cubasis VST & Notation  | Trusova
  • Composing At The Piano Early Intemrediate  |  Lee Evans
  • Kick-start Your Composing  |  Paul Harris
  • Composing for Chorus  |  Stephen Paulus
  • Composing With Confidence  |  Alan Meyers
  • Polyphonic Composition  |  O. Swindale
  • Composing music  |  Mary Val Marsh
  • Instrumental music  |  Music Library Assn
  • Composing Matters  |  Patrick Allen
  • Listening to Music  |  Helen MacGregor
  • Composing and Compositions with CD  |  Leni Stern
  • Composing for the Jazz Orchestra  |  U Chicago Press
  • Modern arranging technique  |  Gordon Delamont
  • Composing dance, choreographing music  |  Lifestyle Ventures
  • Composing at the Electronic Keyboard Book 2  |  Nick Haines
  • Composers and Composing  |  Judith Bailey
  • Reflections on Composing  |  Frederick Koch
  • Starter Composing Pack  |  Geoffrey Winters
  • Musical Environments  |  Richard Vella
  • Form and Method  |  Roger Reynolds
  • Composing in the Classroom|  |  David Bramhall
  • 101 Songwriting &Composing Techniques  |  Jack Weaton
  • The Pocket Guide to Harp Composing  |  D.Rees-Rohrbacher
  • Composing your own music  |  Harry W Ranks
  • Arranging & composing, for the small ensemble  |  D Baker
  • On composing music with computers  |  Lejaren Hiller
  • Composing your own music  |  Harry W Ranks
  • We Love Composing  |  Jon Raybould
  • Composing melodies  |  Carmela Mercuri
  • Composing at the keys  |  Sue Shannon
  • First steps in playing and composing  |  Satis N Coleman
  • Wareham's method for composing, & arranging  |  Duane E Wareham
  • More Songwriting and Composing Techniques  |  P Alexander
  • Composing with New Technology  |  A. Ellis
  • Principles  in composing / arranging for player-piano
  • Advanced Harmony, Melody and Composition  |   Sturman
  • Handbell composing & arranging  |  Donald E Allured
  • The waveform music book  |  Composing, teaching, performing electronic music with the Arp 2600 synthesizer
  • What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body  |  Barbara Conable
  • Words with Music  |  Lehman Engel
  • Making Music for the Joy Of It  |  Stephanie Judy
  • Power Tools for GarageBand  |  Francis Preve
  • Listening, Playing, Creating  |  Carolyn B. Kenny
  • Creating Professional Drum Loops  |  Ed Roscetti
  • Learn composition when creating music videos
  • Creating Four-Part Harmony  |  Lois Bock
  • The art of improvisation  |  Bob Taylor
  • Playing the Changes  |  Paul Del Nero
  • Modern Improvising and Application of Ideas to Melody  |  George Green
  • Improvising strings  |  String Letter Press
  • Improvising Jazz Piano  |  John Mehegan
  • Improvising basic blues  |  String Letter Press
  • 25 Ways to Improve Your Improvising for Guitar  |  Jay Marks
  • Improvising Jazz Bass  |  Rick Laird
  • Guitar Adlib  |  James Bryer
  • Improvising riffs and figures  |  Harold Branch
  • The chord approach to improvising for all treble clef instruments (Unknown Binding)  |  Walter Stuart
  • Improvising Jazz Lines  |  Hal Leonard
  • Triadic energy  |  Lenny Carlson
  • Jazz improvising for all bass instruments  |  Walter Stuart
  • Harmonic foundation for jazz & popular music | Jimmy Amadie
  • Improvising for all instruments  |  Vincent Geraci
  • Harmonic current theory of chord progression  | Lawrence Kaelin
  • Harmonometry, or Science of music and musical composition  |   Founded upon the natural progressions of harmonic sound
  • Bach's harmonic progressions  |  Kent Gannett
  • Creative Comping Concepts for Jazz Guitar  |  Mark Boling
  • Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Line & Comping for Guitar  | Sid Jacobs
  • Four Part Harmony for Solo and Comping  |  Sal Salvador
  • Transcribed piano voicings  |  Jamey Aebersold
  • Keep on Comping! Basic Manual for Chord Voicing, Comping
  • & Soloing Jazz Piano
  • Quartal Harmony  |  Corey Christiansen
  • The Piano Quartet and Quintet : Style, Structure, and Scoring  | Basil Smallman
  • Keyboard Cookbook : Recipes for Playing More Than 40 Styles  |  Jana Ranson
  • The Art of Performance  |  Heinrich Schenker
  • Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony  |  Bert Ligon 
  • Reharmonization Techniques  |  Randy Felts
  • Modern Piano Playing  |  Karl Leimer
  • Style in Piano Playing  |  Peter Cooper
  • Anxiety and Musical Performance  |  Dale Reubart
  • The Art of Successful Rhythm Piano-Keyboard Playing  |  Andrew D. Gordon
  • Piano in the Rhythm Section with CD  |  Tom Rainer
  • Aspects of Stravinsky's use of rhythm after Le sacre du printemps with particular emphasis on The sonata for two pianos  |  Lloyd H Slind
  • The rhythmic way: Scales, chords and rhythms for the pianoforte  | Mary Parsons
  • Rhythm Piano - Advanced  |  Duane Shinn
  • Piano Improvisation on Rhythm and Dissonant Chords  |  Arthur: C. Rummo
  • Note Grouping  |  James Thurmond
  • The Perfect Wrong Note  |  William Westney
  • The Language of the Blues  |  Debra DeSalvo
  • The Art of the Piano  |  David Dubal
  • The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion and Drum Set  |  Ed Uribe
  • Rhythm & Meter Patterns  |  Gary Chaffee
  • The Rhythm Bible (Book & CD)  |  Dan Fox
  • Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms : Text and Workbook for All Instruments  | Gary Hess 
  • The Art of Fugue  |  Joseph Kerman
  • Bebop Jazz Piano  |  John Valerio
  • Performance Practices in Classic Piano Music  |  Sandra P. Rosenblum
  • >Modulations | Iara Lee
  • Introduction to the Creation of Electroacousti Music  |  Samuel Pellman
  • The Composition of the Organ  |  Ernest M. Skinner
  • Organ-Stops and Their Artistic Registration  |  George Audsley
  • Composing Music : A New Approach  |  Russo
  • Transformations of harmony and consistencies of form in the six
  • organ symphonies of Louis Vierne
  • Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons
  • Musical Composition
  • Inside the Music
  • With Your Own Two Hands Self-Discovery Through Music
  • Four compact discs: Listeners Guide To Musical Understanding
  • Arranging Music for the Real World  |  Classical and Commercial Aspects (Book & CD set) 
  • The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures
  • Experiments in Musical Intelligence
  • Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity
  • Virtual Music : Computer Synthesis of Musical Style
  • Techniques of the Contemporary Composer
  • Basic Concepts of Arranging and Orchestrating Music
  • From Score To Screen  |  Sequencers, Scores, And Second Thoughts : The New Film Scoring Process
  • Music and Imagination  |  Charles orton
  • New Directions in Music
  • Style and Idea Selected Writings  |  Arnold Schoenberg
  • Turning the Mind into an Ally
  • Complete Handbook of Voice Training  |  Richard Alderson
  • The Bert Konowitz vocal improvisation method
  • Scat Singing Method  |  Scott Fredrickson
  • The singer's jam session  |  Patty Coker
  • Vocal improvisation  |  Patty Coker
  • ..





    Composition Techniques:  Wikipedia

    Music Composition

    Phasing  |  Sonorism  |  Computer-Aided Algorithmic Composition  |  Interactive Music  |  Chromatic  |   Aleatoric music  |  Post-modern Classicism  |  Schillinger System  |  Progressive music  |  Sound poetry  |  Musical form  |  Electronic music  |  Serial Music  |  12-tone music  |  Magnetic Tape  |  RCA Mark II Synthesizer  |  New Music Jukebox  |  totally-chromatic expressionism  |  Atonality  |  Fantasia  |  List of Composers  |  Computer Music  |   Electronic Resources  |  Timbre  |  Rhythm  |  Idee Fixe  |  Sound Structures  |  Mathematics in Music  |  Music Sets  |  Phrase  |  Motif  |  Development  |  Music Period  |  Musical Forms  |  Experimental Music  |  pitch multiplication  |  Musical Technique  |  PointilismMusical Patterns  |  Block Music  |  Bimodalism  |  Music Scales  |  Polytonality  |  Prepared Piano  |  electronic instruments  |  music instruments  |  music voicing  |  Human voice as an instrument  |  vocal improvisation  |  music improvisation  |  improvised elements  |  soundpainting  |  Avant-garde jazz  |  Centonization  |  Minimalism  |  polystylism  |  Polychords  |  quartal and quintal harmony  |  Music Meter  |  question answer phrases  |  Composite rhythm  |  popular music terms  |  music glossary  |  music encyclopedia  |  music intervals  |  Tone Poem  |  Symphonic Music  |  Symphonic poem  |  call and response   |  List of musical topics  |  list music instruments  |  list of musical ensembles  |  Accompaniment  |  Arranger  |  list of genres of music  |  requested articles about music  |  Chords / Chord Progression  |  A cappella  |  Added Tone Chord  |  Additive rhythm  |  Ambiguity  |  Audio Mixing  |  Aspects of Music  |  Auditory Illusion  |  Augmentation  |  Bass  /  Bassline  /   |  Basso Continuo  |  Binary Form  |  Blue NoteBlues  / Blues Ballad /   |  Braille Music  |  Break  | Bridge   |  Cadence / Cadenza   |  .Chamber Music  |  Chorale  |  Close Harmony  |  Coda  |  Consonance  |  Counterpoint  |  Electronic Dance Music  |  Latin American Dance  |  Definition of Music  |  Diminution  |  Dissonance  |  Drone  |  Dynamics  |  Duple  |  Duet  |  Exposition  |  Figured Bass  |  FugueGrace Note  |  Harmonic / Harmony  |  Hemiola  |  Improvisation  |  Indian Classical Music  |  Inversion  |  Instrumentation  |  Interactive Music  |  Irrational Rhythm  |  Isorhythm  |  Leading Tone  |  Legato  |  Leitmotif  |  Music Technology  |  Music Theory  |  Musical acoustics  |  Musical Keyboard  |  Musical Mode  |  Musical Notation  |  Musical Ornament  |  Musical Piece  |  Musical Terminology  |  Musician  |  New interfaces for musical expression  | Opera  |  Oratorio  |  Orchestra  |  Orchestration  |  Organ  |  Ornament  |  Ostinato  |  Parallel minor/major  |  Passacaglia  |  Music Register  |  Music Period  |  Phrase  |  Physics of Music  |  Pitch  |  Polyphony  |  Psychoacoustics  |  Pulse  |  Quartal and quintal harmony  |  Raga  |  Range  |  Recitative  |  Relative minor/major   |  Remix  |  Resolution  |  ResonanceRhapsodyRhythm  |  Rhythmic gesture  |  Rhythmic unit  |  RiffRock Music  |  Round  |  Sampling  |  Scale  |  Secondary Dominant  |  Segue  |  Serial Music  |  Sequence  |  Shape Note  |  Simple Meter  |  Simultaneity  |  Solo  |  Sonata Form  |  Sonata  |  Song  |  Sound  |  Sound Quality  |  Sound Sculpture  |  StaccatoSyncopation  |  Synthesizer  |  Tablature  |  Tempo  |  Timeline of trends in music  |  1961 - 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    Music Composition:  Articles

    Breaking With Tradition - teaching composition to gifted students

    AI and music from composition to expressive performance - Articles

    Morton Subotnick's Making More Music

    Episodic's music man: Mike Post - interview with music composer Mike Post - Interview

    Fugal Composition: a Guide to the Study of Bach's '48' - Book Review

    An American in space: Henry Brant's "Spatial Music."

    A Legacy of Music - the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia

    In battle for musical respect, sound designers are making big waves. (television advertising music)

    Demos that deliver: Music pros reveal how to produce a winning demo

    Ernst Krenek: The Man and His Music. - book reviews

    Mit Press: Virtual music: Computer synthesis of musical style - Quick Picks

    Genesis of a Music. - book reviews



    Creative Process:  401 Book Titles

    Creative Process  |  Melody  |  Harmony  |  Rhythm  |  Scales  |  Songwriting  |  Composition  |  Improvisation  |  Music Structure  |  Music Forms  |  Classical  |  Jazz  | Rock  |  Arranging  |  Ear Training & Sightsinging  |  Chords  |  Orchestration  |  Electronic Music  |  Mixing  |  Serial Music  |  Creativity  |..




    Creative Skills:  Book Titles

    Composing Music  |  A New Approach / Russo

    Inside the Music

    With Your Own Two Hands  |  Self-Discovery Through Music

    Musical Composition

    Four compact discs  |  Listeners Guide To Musical Understanding

    Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons

    Arranging Music for the Real World  |  Classical and Commercial Aspects (Book & CD set)

    David Baker's Arranging and Composing for the Small Ensemble  | Jazz, R & B, Jazz Rock

    Jazz Arranging and Performance Practice  |  A Guide for Small Ensembles

    Jazz Arranging and Performance Practice  |  A Guide for Small Ensembles

    Basic Concepts of Arranging and Orchestrating Music

    The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures

    Experiments in Musical Intelligence  |  (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series)

    Virtual Music  |  Computer Synthesis of Musical Style

    Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity

    New Directions in Music

    Style and Idea  |  Selected Writings of Arnold Schoenberg

    Turning the Mind into an Ally

    Arranging Music for the Real World  |  Classical and Commercial Aspects (Book & CD set)

    Techniques of the Contemporary Composer

    From Score To Screen  |  Sequencers, Scores, And Second Thoughts : The New Film Scoring Process

    Music and Imagination  |  (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures)



    Music Theory - Musicianship - Chords:  Book List

    Elementary Training for Musicians

    The Art of Practicing  |  A Guide to Making Music from the Heart

    Fundamentals of Music  |  Fourth Edition

    The Musician's Guide to Reading and Writing Music

    Instant Scale and Chord Guide for Keyboards

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory

    A Player's Guide to Chords & Harmony  |  Music Theory for Real-World Musicians (Backbeat Music Essentials)

    Reading Studies for Guitar

    Practical Theory Complete  |  A Self-Instruction Music Theory Course

    All About Chords  |  A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Contemporary Chordal Structures and Progressions Through Solid Drills in Suggested Study

    Piano Technique Consisting of the Two Complete Books  |  the Shortest Way to Pianistic Perfection and Rhythmics, Dynamics, Pedal and Other Problems of Piano Playing

    Absolute Beginners Keyboard Course

    Modern Chord Progressions

    The Piano Handbook  |  A Complete Guide for Mastering Piano

    Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One  |  Guitar chords and chord progressions for the guitar

    Music Theory Made Easy  |  (Reference)

    Super Sight-Reading Secrets  |  An Innovative, Step-By-Step Program for Musical Keyboard Players of All Levels 

    Score Reading  |  A Key to the Music Experience




    Ear Training:  Book Titles

    Ear Training  |  Capturing the Basic Chord Qualities: A Comprehensive Approach to the Systematic Study of Melodic and Harmonic Structures in Music 

    Hearing and Writing Music  |  Professional Training for Today's Musician (2nd Edition)

    New Approach to Ear Training

    Ear Training: Twelve Basic Interval Sounds to Master  |  Volume 2 (Book & 5 CDs)

    What to Listen for in Music

    Complete Guitar By Ear  |  Relative Pitch Ear Training Course

    Ear Training, Capturing the Basic Chord Qualities  |  A Comprehensive Approach to the Systematic Study of Melodic and Harmonic Structures in Music

    Essential Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician

    Ear Training: One Note Complete Method

    A Fanatic's Guide To Ear Training and Sight Singing



    Recorded Classical Composers

    Classical CDs

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