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Anton Webern


Twelve-tone revolutionary,  whose economies of scale created an intensely-personal understanding of melodic & harmonic form.   Music of such spiritual depth & creative integrity challenged listeners to hear in new ways.  Variations: MIDI File

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Anton von Webern
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Anton von Webern
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Anton Webern - Image of Anton Webern
An image gallery of famous musicians who played string instruments.

Profile of Anton Webern  -  A concise biography of Anton Webern.


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Building a classical music library: Anton Webern
Today’s Top Tune - 20 May 2007  |  re compilation CD

Sequenza 21
Mp3 Blog #72: String Quartets 2  |  MP3 Anton Webern: Five Movements for String Quartet  | 
Re: Is Anton Webern the greatest genius of the 20th century?
Forum  |  Good Music Guide.com  | 

Fenopy / mp3
Schoenberg, Berg, Webern - Orchesterwerke (Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker)
Anton Webern - Stücke für Orchester (Nederlands balletorkest)  |  anniversay  -  bio  -  essay  | 

Anton Webern - Op 4 (0 puntos)  |  download link  |  5 tracks .mp3 dentro de un .rar de 12.10MB   | 
Art For Arts Sake
Twentieth century masters [5]: Webern  |  "In this series I highlight well-known and less-known 20th century composers and include a few samples of their work. As with all other MP3's in this blog, they are on purpose not in full CD quality - please buy the CD's if you like what you hear."  | 

Roger Bourland 
Webern/Bejart: 5 Mvts for String Quartet/Duet (1969)  |  YouTube Ballet clip  | 
K.PENDERECKI - Die Teufel von Loudun
Penderecki's early works show the influence of Anton Webern  |  "This blog is aimed at exposing individuals across the world to great music. We hope to reach the largest audience as possible, expanding the horizons of any who come across our humble site."  |  Essay with plenty of link references to composers  |  Webern's influences composers he in turn influenced  | 

Fantasia su bagatelle di Anton Webern

Sequenza 21
Anton Webern  -  Five Movements for String Quartet (1909): |  download links  | 

Art For Arts Sake
Anton Webern  |  Twentieth century masters [5]: Webern  |  About the composer  |  Im Sommerwind (1904, 13:15)  |  Five movements for string quartet op.5 (1909, 10:38)  |  Symphony op 21 (1928, 10:12)  |  "I have put these compositions together on one RAR file"  |  PC World:: WinRAR  | 

Webern's Legacy
Menon Dwarka  |  Lyric rather than epic creative manner  | 

Anton Webern - Op 4  |  rar download  |  PC World:: WinRAR  | 

Big Empty
ANTON WEBERN: 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10  |  Download links  | 

Audiences At ThinkDenk
Re experiences practicing Webern

Getting Webern's Back  |  "Webern is at once a mystic and a cerebrial calculator"  | 

Tedo Fred
Schoenberg's Kammersymphonie Op.9 in an arrangement by Anton Webern

List of 20th Century Music Composers

Montage, Realism and the Act of Vision, by Victor A. Grauer

O Imaginário do Artista - 9 - A Música de Anton Webern

""O serialismo é um método de composição musical surgido na primeira metade do século XX como desdobramento do dodecafonismo""  |  Google Translate  | 

Classical Music Lounge
Anton Webern  |  brief bio  | 


Anton Webern:  Articles 

Encyclopedia Britannica Concise
Find Articles.com
Anton Webern - Wikiquote
GREAT COMPOSERS  -  An Occasional Series by Dr David C F Wright  |  Based on his article -  What makes a great composer?  -  ANTON WEBERN
Anton Webern, the Mad Scientist of Modernist Music  -  By Norman Lebrecht

New York Times
MUSIC; Is Reviving a Composer's First Works Child Abuse?  |  MUSIC REVIEW; A Fast 30 Years of Webern  | 
Bio  |  Questia Books and Articles on: Webern Anton Von  |  Research  |  books on: Webern Anton Von  - 287 results  |  magazine articles on: Webern Anton Von  - 12 results  | 

Time Magazine  -  Haunting Viennese
"During a performance some years ago of Anton Webern's String Trio, the cellist of the London Philharmonic Trio rose abruptly and stalked off stage with the words: "I can't play this thing.""  |  2 pages  | 
[PDF] Dr. Anton Webern To be an original requires no special gift
"Some called him crazy; others placed him at the head of the modernist trend; still. others, condescending from their royal-like attitudes,"  | 

Atonality  AmE  -  Longer version  -  by Christoph Hust
The New York Review Of Books
Webern Mysteries  -  By Robert Craft

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