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Computer - Assisted Music Composition   /   Related Pages

CompMusicTutor ComputerComp Composition Software Music Software Composition Techniques
Comp Resources Comp Directory Comp Avant-garde Contemp Composers Comp Magazines
Creative Process Electronic Music Experimental Music Music Science Music Technology
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Experimental Music:  Articles


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 Electro-Music   |   electro-music 2005 - a three day electro-music community event. Lectures, jam sessions, circuit bending, improvisation, algorithmic composition, concerts Industrial.org   |   releases  |  calendar  |  radio and clubs  |  articles  |  zines  |  faqs  |  search  |  2877  postings

New Music Box   |   7 articles London Musicians Collective   |   documents archive  |   charity and membership organisation devoted to contemporary music  |  It promotes improvised and experimental music via concerts and an annual festival; undertakes musical workshops; and twice-yearly publishes the magazine and CD package 'Resonance'

NetNewMusic   |   NetNewMusic is a portal for the world of non-pop, contemporary classical/indy/avant-whatever musics. We focus on the best living composer/performer sites  |  Members List  |  News  |  Reviews  |   Topics  |  Web Links  |  Forum  Music Directory: Experimental   |   Magazines and E-zines  |  News  |  Articles

Amazings   |   "If you hate conventionalisms, if you don't believe in massification, if you think that there is something better to listen to, then you may perhaps want to stay informed about everything that happens in this alternative musical world. New contemporary, instrumental, traditional, cosmic and electronic, avant-garde, ambient and meditative musics, fusions... Forget about labels: here you will find that which you are looking for. Help us to grow, help us reverse gear"

What's New  | Features  |  Reviews  |  News  |  Galleries  |  Services  |  HotLinks 

Drift :: Sound Art + Experimental Music

News  |  Listen  |  About  |  Activities  |  Team  |  Topics  |  Links  |  Search  |  Text only  |  RSS feed


Open Directory   |   Music: Reviews: Independent or Alternative  (52) Musician's Tech Central   |   Music News  | How-to Articles  |  DJ Info  |  Effects  |  The Guitar  |  Indie How-to  |  Live Sound  |  MIDI Files  |  MIDI Hardware  |  MIDI/Audio  |  Software  |  Percussion  |  Recording  |  Samples  |  Schematics  |  Synthesizers  |  Message Board 

 Musicians Get Out of the Groove  |  *   Experimental performers at the Edgetone Music Summit whip out their laptops, motion sensors and dried sea kelp to help them play music. Elizabeth Biddlecombe / Wired  Experimental Music Instruments

livingroom.org is the cyber meeting place for the coolest new ideas in music and performance arts created in memory of the visionary composer Randy Hostetler and maintained by the Randy Hostetler Living Room Music Fund. MusicalTime.com
Composition articles & essays  |  Music Analysis  |  Composers Works  |  Links  | 

Leah Barclay experiments with music
thedaily.com.au  |  "Leah Barclay experiments with music"  |  "Her spontaneity and improvisation with the infinite possibilities of technology create an experience which blurs the lines between all art forms and musical traditions."  | 

FatCat Records Reaches out to Classical Fans  |  Wired   -   By Eliot Van Buskirk  |  "FatCat division specializes in what it calls "post-classical" music that fuses classical instrumentation with the modern influences of "electronics, noise, improvisation, computer-processing [and] interventions in the instruments.""  |




Experimental Music at BBC

News, reviews and profiles of experimental music artists

Reviews TV / Radio Profiles Quick Guide R3 New Music
Mixing It Hear & Now Late Junction Freak Zone Huw Stevens
One World Across The Line Collective Brainwashed Wire Magazine
Sonic Arts Network Hertz Lion


Experimental Music:  Directories

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Google Palatine Redistort Artifact Podcast Directory
Go2Audio ArtSearch Psych Music scenario SEAMUS Artistopia
IlTravatore I Know Links MusicMoz ELA Music SoMusic
Beginners.co.uk Synthtopia HotBands MusicGuide.us Industrial.org
AllMusicGuide Experimental Studios Jazar-Music eMusika Yahoo: Computer Gen
Open Directory Excite: Italia Electro Music 2005 Anvil Chorus ZuCasa
Freaking Weasal Humboldt Music Polley Music Links ArtistDirect HomemadeMusic
Brainwashed uralgidravlika.ru Release Magazine SearchInfo Advice Directory
Aural Innovations C8 Beatmode music.tiv.net MusicHype
Ed Klein's Music Database Dominion Web Search.com Google Directory Hyperreal
SoundArt Directory All That Noise P Korda's Directory Experimental Catalogue





Internet Radio / TV:  Experimental Music


Radio Webcasts  | Webcasts Directory

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BBC Radio / TV Burn My Eye Mus33k Excite / UK RadioFreeWorld
Live365  |  College Epitonic Radio4All Sleepbot / Ambient Aurgasm
Wildcat Radio InfiniteNumber EigenRadio KFAI Ampcast
BBC HertzLion You Searched RantRadio ResonanceFM
CEC / clips IUMA / mp3 CoryThrall Music-Guide London Collective
Ambient Ping ColumbusArt iGroove OnlineMusicBlog TripleCanopy
WMBR / MIT Boston College Boston  stations Hyperreal links Current.org / links
CaseMusic Iron Feather Journal Radio 1190 BetaLounge BorderlineExtra
East Village Radio KFAI 106.7 and 90.3 WFMU / Freeform Proton Radio EXweb
OtherMinds WebInfoSearch ManHerringBone RadioArt Andrew Kettle
WorldRadioIndex ProgressiveRock Spraci / links 11th Hour Technology Zookeeper / DJ Zone
ZuCasa FrontRow BlackChannel RadioTower / freeform SAIC
Wher's The Beat Earwaves Network

Experimental Music: Composers  |  Composers Directory


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Super Genius Records The David Tudor Pages   |   experimental music since 1969  |  Links
20th Century Com - posers   |   Epitonic Experimental Music Catalogue
Eldad Tsabary, Contemporary Composer AbfiMagazine.com   |   American Experimental Composers
David Toop, curator:Not Necessarily English Music”   |   A collection of experimental music from Great Britain, 1960-1977 Innova   |   Search Results for: EXPERIMENTAL
PALATINE Directory  |   Experimental Music Google Directory    |   Arts > Music > Concerts and Events > Festivals   | 
Go2Audio Directory  |   Artists - Composers Google Directory  | Arts > Music > Styles > Experimental
Music Directory: Experimental: Concerts   |   jazar-music.com

 Experimental Music: Fractals       -       Fractal Composition
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Unusual Music at Unusual Research   |   Description
Fractal Music Lab  |  " Tools and information on exploring and advancing the musical use of fractals. With sound samples, software, and articles on fractals and composition."
Fractal Music Gallery  |   Listen to examples of fractal and algorithmic music
Research Projects of Damian Keller   |   Description

Record Labels


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FercaNet Living Room SupergRecords Fallt Lantern Records Kaaos
IBOL Records Zhelezobeton Billy Ruffian Records Unearth Pleasant Gree Records Agrolights Records
Google: Ambient Google: Noise Google: Experimental




Electronic Music      -  Electronic Music      -   Electronica

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Internet DJ Obsolete's "12O Years of Electronic Music"    |   Description
Dimuzio, Thomas / Gench Music Filter
Cementimental White House




 Experimental Music:  Blogs        -       Music Blogs Directory
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Google Yahoo MSN Search Ask Jeeves Looksmart Teoma Exalead
BritBlog GrooveMag NetNewMusic BuzzWorkers DJ Martian Joseph Experimental
Baggage Reclaim Band Weblogs BritBlog beepSnort Cementimental The TOFU Hut
Soul Source Answers.com Technorati Blog Diretcory E C Brown / mp3 blogs Eatonweb Portal
Swung by Seraphim Dave's Imaginary Sound Space A list of mp3 bloggers  Searching Among Internet Blogs For Music Alex Ross: TheArt of Noise Boomcat
ShareTheMusic Inaudible Cities TheDeliMagazine Sequenza Lawrence.com Globe of Blogs
WebNymph ArborUpdate Mystery & Misery Digital  Music News Fredosphere Music For Robots
Music By Electronic Assyllus B/NET IndieGroup BackBeat NewMusicBlog

Ambient  Music
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Music Genres
Dance Music
Ambient Page
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Ambient  Artists
Ambient  Websites
Hyperreal .. Disquiet   |   Field Notes / Blog
Feedback Monitor   |   information archive  |  official artist page features
The Ambient Ping   |   live weekly
Sleepbot Constructs   |   huge info archive
Disquiet - Ambient /Electronica   |   articles, interviews, bibliography, and web resources
Dub Beautiful Collective   |   A collective of live musicians and artists in San Francisco and Oakland
The Ambient Music Mailing List Archives
InterneTV Music Videos: Ambient   |   Streaming videos in Vivo and RealVideo formats
The Philadelphia Ambient Consortium   |   event listings, broadcasts, artist profiles and links, publications, labels, and stores.
Entropy Music   |   free MP3 and Real Audio files of electronic and ambient music
KBTL   |   Houston Ambient Electronic Music Composers
Electronic Art Network   |   Reviews
Pure-Impure   |   mailing list covering ambient, post-rock, trip-hop, noise, drone, and swirly music
Ambient, Electronic and Experimental Music Reviews
Motion   |   Reviews
2350.org  |  reviews
Chill Out   |   A Guide To Essential Ambient and Downtempo on CD
Eclectic Earwig Reviews .. Ambient Etcetera
Horizon Music Network  |  label
The Big Chill  |  British ambient music events and a new ambient record label
Beta-lactam Ring Records
2063music.de  |  Experimental and Electronic music. Features free MP3s, news, links
12k  |   Experimental ambient, techno and minimal record label.
Kudos Records
FAX Records
Cafe del Mar Music  |   label
Tom  |  label
A3 Music  |  Ambient Atmospheric Alteration
Electrolux  |   label
Dorobo  |  label
tonAtom  |  label
Hypnos  |  label
Spotted Peccary Music   |   Ambient and new age record label
Space For Music Records  |  " An internet based record label bringing world-class ambient/space musicians together from around the world."
Atomic City  |  " Home of the ambient "hypergroups," which are collaborative Internet ambient music "bands."
Silent Records Archive
Euphonic Lable  |  trance, house and ambient .. em:t Ambient Music  |  " Archive of the cult ambient music label. Includes artist discographies and full-length MP3 tracks"
Amplexus  |  It.label
Cyclic Law Records.  |  dark ambient 
Neverwhere Records  |  ambient and electronic
Council of 9  |  UK / ambient and atmospheric music
Luumu Recordings
Mindless Eye  |  Ecclesiastical Scaffolding
Star's End Ambient Radio  |  longest running ambient/space music radio shows, started in 1976
Natural VLF Radio
Lametta  |  radio
Ultima Thule  |  radio
Sound Escape  |  radio
Visionary Sound Arts Interface  |  " Darv's linkfest to the major synthesists creating sounds that induce alternate states of awareness"
Millennium Urban Soundscape Project  |   A project designed to form a sonic time-capsule of city life at the end of the Twentieth Century
Musical Starstreams  |  radio
Sleepbot   |   Environmental Broadcast
Voyager Radio
Static Beats  |   broadcast
Downtempo.org  | 
Epiphany Corporation  |   High-bandwidth mellow, ambient, trippy, groove and downtempo music stream.
Real Time  |   Free online stream hosted by Shadow Records recording artist Saru featuring trip hop, downtempo, ambient dub, illbient and electronica.

 Cut And Splice    -    Composition Directory


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BBC / Radio 3 ClassicalSource
Paul Whitty Paradigm / Variations 3
cut and splice (UK) John Zorn / Rituals 2005
Holger Reviews GeekSpeak   |   Music Reviews
mouvement nouveau toneburst: experimental audio-visual adventures   |   Boston
XArt Online Journal    |   Histories and directions of music technology A Loop's A Loop's a Loop's A
elektramusic forum Francisco Lopez
SoleilMoon   |   search results Simon Fell
Industrial.org What Are They Saying About C. Goff III?   |   Description
Eclipsect machine drum   |   urban biology review from tiny mix tapes
Dockstader Yau, Randy H.Y

Experimental Music: Journals    -   Music Magazines

Search Results

Google Yahoo MSN Search Ask Jeeves Looksmart Netscape Exalead
Signal to Noise Last Sigh
Experimental Music Catalogue   |   fringe  |  independants Perfect Sound Forever
Dusted Mag The Ptolemaic Terrascope
Fake Jazz   |   psychedelic avant-garde Experimental Musical Instruments
Brainwashed   |   post-industrial slant Stylus Magazine   |   avant garde
Signal to Noise   |   Journal of Improvised and Experimental Music ESTweb   |   avant-garde, experimental and post-industrial
Opprobrium   |   avant-garde  |  improv, noise, and 'difficult' music Paris Transatlantic   |   experimental music avant-garde, electronic music, post-classical, free and free jazz, improv
Carola Magazine   |   contemporary and avant-garde Seven E-zine   |   noise, experimental, ambient, electro, and synthpop
Sunny Days Out    |   underground, experimental and homemade music QRD zine   |   Underground music zine

 Recommended  Reading    -    Music Books

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Google Yahoo MSN Search Ask Jeeves Looksmart Netscape Exalead
Experimental Music  |  Author: Michael Nyman .. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Music  |  Author: Isabelle Peretz

Electronic and Experimental Music   |  Author: Thom Holmes
The Musical Mind  |  Author: John Sloboda

Avant Rock  |  Author: Bill Martin
The Science and Psychology of Music Performance  |  Author: Richard Parncutt

Upper Limit Music  |  Author: Mark Scroggins
Silencing the Sounded Self  |  Author: Music Library Association

Java jive Live experimental music, good coffee and lively conversation draw adults and teens alike to the Nervous Center.
Experimental research in music  |  Author: Clifford K Madsen

Creative Expression  |  Author: Gertrude Hartman
Experimental music  |  Author: Lejaren Arthur Hiller

American Experimental Music 1890-1940  |  Author: David Nicholls
Experimental Musical Instruments  |  Author: Music Library Association, Inc

What's the Matter with Today's Experimental Music? Org...  |   Author: Music Library Association
Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones  |  Author: Bart Hopkin

Experimental Music Notebooks  |  Author: Leigh Landy
Experimental Research in the Psychology of Music  |  Author: University of Iowa Press

A survey of experimental and avant-garde solo flute mu...  |  Author: Rebecca Anne Sebold
A provisional list of electronic music compositions  |  Author: Sven H Hansell

Status of the Case Studio for Experimental Music  |  Author: Raymond Wilding-White
An analysis of the acoustics of tamtam sounds  |  Author: Donald Andrus

Music composed with computers  |  Author: Lejaren Arthur Hiller
The aural music project;  |  Author: Betty J Humphry

An experimental study of pitch recognition  |  Author: Laurence A Petran
An experimental study of factors influencing consonance  | Author: Eugene Gower Bugg

Report on contemporary experimental music, 1961  |  Author: Lejaren Arthur Hiller
Electronic music for two one-act plays  |  Author: Lejaren Arthur Hiller

Composing the second movement of Algorithms III  |  Author: Lejaren Arthur Hiller

World  Experimental Music    -   World Music Index


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