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Electronic Music:   Websites

Electronic Music Foundation  |  Environmental Sound  |  CDs / Books  |  H

istory  |  Software  |  Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electronic music. Includes artist and developer profiles
.. Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990  |  Introduction  |  Links  |  Bibliography  |  120 Years of Electronic Music  | 

Electronic music - Wikipedia encyclopedia  |  History  |  Genres  |  Links  |  Reading  |  "Electronic music is a term for music created using electronic devices"
SynthMuseum  |  Manufacturers  |  Magazine  |  Resources  |  Classifieds  |  "Yoiur vintage resource center"

Create Digital Music  |  "News blog for digital musicians, from vintage analog gear to new interactive interfaces."
Juno Records  |  New Releases  |  Charts / Bestsellers  |  Catalogue  |  Download  |  Dance Music Resource Pages, weekly listing of new / upcoming U.K. dance releases, catalog numbers / distributor information.

Discogs  |  Artists  |  Labels  |  Additions  |  Comments  |  Database of labels and artists, built by user contributions
OverclockedReMix  |  Composers  |  Emulators  |  Remixers  |  Remixes  |  Reviving retro video - computer game music,/ reinterpreting with new technology and capabilities

FutureProducers  |  Forum  | Hardware  |  Software  |  Music Talk  |  Industry news, reviews, samplers,
Synthtopia  |  Forum  |  News  |  Gear Reviews  |  Articles  |  Electronic music news, ambient, techno, trance, dance, and DJ. Electronic music instruments

TechnoMusic  |  CD Reviews  |  Software  |  Forums  |  Videos  |  Electronica artists - downloads
Electronica Primer  |  Breakbeat  |  House  |  Techno  |  Jungle  |  Explains ouse, techno, breakbeat and jungle using text and samples.

Resident Advisor  |  Producer Playpen  |  Ra Podcast  |  ReviewsDJ Pages  |  Australian / global dance music / reviews, news, interviews, photos.
Hybridized.org  |  Artists  |  FAQ  |  Forums  |  Links  |  Breaks and progressive live and DJ sets

DanceArtistInfo  |  Dance News  |  New Releases  |  Sound Streams  |  Video Streams  |  Biographies, discographies, and reviews
Technotica  |  Live Journal Blog  |  Technotic Archive  |  Time Machine  |  Kharmic Komix  |  Technology, music, and pop-culture.

Drum N Bass Arena  |  D&B TV  |  Live DJ Sets  |  Interviews  |  News  |   Begun 1996 / Updated daily / "Busiest D&B site on the web" 
SOMA FM  |  Listen Now  |  News  |  Playlists  |  Podcasts  |  Listener-supported, commercial-free Internet radio featuring underground electronica, ambient groove, downtempo, lounge, and space music

Digitally Imported  |  Listen Now / Genres  |  Blog  |  Forums  |  "Playing the best in European techno and trance"
IDM Warp Zone  |  Artists  |  Labels  |  Sites  |  Sounds  |  "IDM Warp Zone Intelligent Dance Music Autechre Aphex Twin Warp Electronica Techno Dance Bola Jega Black Dog sky83876"

Trance Domain - The Rave in the Machine  |  Live Show  |  Archives  |  Artists  |  DJ Sets  |  "Since July 4, 1998 TD has brought you some of the best talent in the electronic music industry. Live broadcast from all over the globe are available right here with more archives than you can listen too"
Worldwide Internet Music Resources  |  Experimental  |  MIDI  |  MP3  |  Electronic Music websites


Electronic Music - Analogik  |  Audio  |  Multimedia  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  We're looking for music, audio files, reviews, editorials, photography, video, animation relevant to the field of electronic music or multimedia. Submit your material and get free exposure.
Neural.it: new media art, electronic music, hacktivism  |  Hacktivism  |  E-Music  |  New Media Art  |  Neural Magazine  |  talian daily updated site on new media art, electronic music and hacktivism, quarterly printed as magazine. Quotidiano di arte dei nuovi media (new media 

DI.fm: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music v2
MagPortal  |  The strange triumph of electronic music  |  It may not be on the radio, but it's the most influential -- and unifying -- force in pop music today.

Computers.net  |  Electronic Arts Starts Its Own Music Label!  |  The full-service label will be based in Los Angeles and will provide both the digital and physical distribution. It will sell music via Apple's iTunes, RealNetworks's Rhapsody, and eMusic. Otherwise, it will negotiate on behalf of its musicians to get their music in movies, TV shows and video games.
Collective - various artists 'ohm: the early gurus of electronic music 1948-1980  |  BBC

Collective - various artists 'ohm: the early gurus of electronic music 1948-1980  |  BBC
Wikipedia  |  Electronic art music

From Electronica's Infancy,  When Computers Filled Rooms, Not Laps 

  -   NY Times   -   Allan Kozinn

"The Argentine-born American composer Mario Davidovsky, then in his late 20s, was a star of this movement: his “Synchronisms No. 1,” for flute and electronic sound, appeared in 1962, and new installments turned up periodically through 2006, when he wrote “Synchronisms No. 12,” for clarinet and tape." 

A Musician, Machines, And Room To Breathe   -   NY Times   -   Jon Pareles

"He was making electronic music, with layer upon layer of loops and programmed drumbeats. But those layers were often filled with sounds that had been made physically rather than electronically: percussion, guitar, a human voice" 

Metropolis Ensemble Remixes 'Rite of Spring' (Updated)    -   

Computer-Music Man Unplugs    -    NY Times   -   By DANIEL J. WAKIN  |  "After 35 years of composing for a machine, Paul Lansky has discovered a new thrill: writing for people and their instruments."  |
Rudin: Classical composer, electronic music pioneer    -   gmnews.com  |  Bio - News Story  |  "He would later attend the All-State Orchestra as a cellist, enter its composition contest and win second prize. "  |




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