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Music Composition

What  Is  Music  Composition?   

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Musical composition  -   is that golden moment when your piece of music is felt  complete , as a living being.  And then you honor it and us by committing it to  -  notation.   It becomes part of your gift to lovers of music.  

Wikipedia has a great presentation of what -  music  -  is.   When you achieve a  natural feel and grasp of the -  aspects of music -  deep and personal music happens.  It often takes courage to give yourself to the music and to us.  Always trust your intuition and honesty of emotions.  As much as possible, keep your -  performance skills  -  at their best so that you can reach those peaks of emotion when they happen. 

Music Improvisation  -  is the free play of musical ideas.  Improv can be based on  -  chord progressions  -  of a tune.  Repeating melodic, -  harmonic patterns  -  create unity.  Lyrics -   invite you to tell  a story.  Rhythm  -  offers compelling forward movement.  Music genres  -   create a feeling or tonal character your listeners know and bond with.  Improvising music is personal, in the moment, following your creative bliss.  Unity comes naturally to you as you -   deep listen  -  to what's happening.  Create -   variations  -  re-harmonize  -   introduce new  -   rhythm elements.  Explore high and low registers of your  -   instrument.    Silences  -  can be very powerful.  Wrong notes create melodic and harmonic  tension taking you to unexpected places.  Love your audience.  Let them draw out of you a -   performance  -  we'll all remember  .



Composer  Quotations

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Ceaseless work, analysis, reflection, writing much, endless self-correction,  that is my secret  -  J.S. Bach  

It is the duty of the composer to serve his fellow man, to beautify human life and point the way to a radiant future. Such is the immutable code of the artist as I see it
Sergei Prokofiev

We hide ourselves in our music to reveal ourselves  -  Jim Morrison 


It is proportion that beautifies everything, the whole universe consists of it,  and music is measured by it   -  Orlando Gibbons

The real authenticity we recognize is when the person is totally involved.  If the art is created with the whole person, then the work will come out whole   -  Stephen Nachmanovitch

Originality is the art of concealing your source

The unconscious is the womb of all musical creation; all masterpieces are born there.

A creative artist works on his next composition because he is not satisfied with his previous one.  

When he loses a critical attitude towards his own work,  he ceases to be an artist


Composition  Websites


Learn  How  To  Create  Music


Young Composers Forum
Lessons , composers music , forum 

Young Composers

Our composer music forum is an active community of professionals, students, and amateurs who can answer questions about the life and career of classical music composition and show you new techniques.

The best way to take advantage of what Young Composers has to offer is share what you can offer with us, whether by reviewing other music or by offering insight into others' discussions. This composer music forum is made up of all skill levels, there is always something that you can share.

At Young Composers, youth means still having things to discover about the world of writing music—all ages and skill levels are welcome to take part. We welcome all music styles, from Pythagorean mean-tone music to the latest pop single. We want to hear your music and your thoughts about music. Join us today to invigorate your music composition!

Composition Today
Major composition resource

Young Composers Challenge.org

Starting in 2013 there will be two Composiums held each year and two chances to win! Each Spring the Composium East will be held in Orlando featuring the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and each Fall the Composium West will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring the Marin Symphony.

At each Composium, the top three orchestral composers will be awarded $1000 each and the top three ensemble composers will be awarded $500 each.

PLUS! Each winner will receive a professional recording of their composition performed by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra or the Marin Symphony.

Note Flight
Music notation for a connected world

Create tracks 

Alan Belkin
A practical guide To music composition 

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide
A guide to the history and development of the symphony, with biographies of
composers, sound clips from major works, and a symphonic timeline from 1750-1950.

Berklee Shares
Songwriting , arranging 

Gems of Compositional Wisdom
 Dr. Fields   

How to Compose Music
learn-piano.org   -   Video tutorials  

Muse Score
Free music composition and notation software 

How to compose Music (Wikihow)
Composing for beginners      
Behance Network
Music composition projects 

Music Composition Lessons
Adam Edison 

Neil Haydock
Music composer - composition techniques 

Guitar composition and songwriting 


Glossary of Jazz and Popular Music 
Music terms in scores & sheet music 

Garageband Music
Composition Tutorials  

Music On My PC 
  Recording A PC   -  MIDI   -   Music software 

Wikipedia: Music Genome Project attributes 
Music structures . rhythm , tonality 

Music Basic Topics   -    Music Outlines        

5 Priceless Composition Tips for the Young Composer  -  KoleMusician.com

David Nevue
FAQ:  How To Compose Piano Music  -  12 very practical tips

My Music Theory
Composing A Melody  -  General  Tips

Taming The Saxophone
Composition  -  Tips and Hints     -      Composition   -   Intro to Composing  -  Hints & Tips  - 
Motif Development  -  Tension & Release  -  Modes  -  Film Composing  -  Resources for
Composers  -  Arranging  -  Jazz Arranging  -  Instrument Ranges  -  Transposition Chart  -  Reharmonisation  -  Block voicing  -  Backings  -  Piano/Gtr  -  Walking Bass  -  Drums  - 
Orchestration  -  Score layout  -  Strings  -  Brass  -  Woodwind  -  Rhythm Section 

25 Pro Tips  For Kickstarting Music Composittion  

Nadje Noordhuis
A Beginners Guide To Composing 

Should students notate their pieces?
If so, which is best—by hand or  by computer?
NAfME member Daniel Deutsch reviews the pros and cons:


Comp  Book  List


The  Creative  Process


Beethoven and the Creative Process  |  by Barry Cooper

Composers Speak about the Creative Process  | by Ann McCutchan

Songwriting: And the Creative Process  |  by Steve Gillette

75 Contemporary Musicians Discuss the CreativeProcess  |  by Jenny Boyd

Controlling Creative Processes In Music

Generative Processes in Music: Performance, Improvisation, and Composition

Composition-Performance-Reception: Studies in the Creative Process in Music

Chopin's Work: His Inspirations and Creative Process in the Light of the Sources

Mahler at Work: Aspects of the Creative Process  |  by Colin Matthews 

Beethoven: Studies in the Creative Processes  |  by Lewis Lockwood

In Their Own Words: Songwriters Talk About the Creative Process  |  by Bill DeMain

Form in Tonal Music: An Introduction to Analysis  |  by Douglass Green

Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music  |  by Peter Spencer

Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure:  |  by Pat Pattison

Sonata Forms  |  by Charles Rosen

Classic Music: Expression, Form and Style  |  by Leonard G. Ratner

Elements of Sonata Theory:  |  by James Hepokoski

Encyclopedia of Rhythms: I  |  by Joseph Schillinger

Ear Training: Volume I Scale Forms through Six Basic Tetrachords  |  by Elvo S. D'Amante

Musical Form and Musical Performance  |  by Edward T. Cone

The Listening Experience: Elements, Forms, and Styles in Music  | by James P. O'Brien

Anthology of Musical Forms  |  by Leon Stein 

The Technique of Canon  |  by Hugo Norden

Creative Chord Shapes: Guitarist's Guide to Open-String Chord Forms

Form and Content in Commercial Music  |  by Christopher P. Gordon

Form & content in instrumental music  |  by Gail De Stwolinski

Larger Forms Of Musical Composition   |  by Percy Goetschius

Sitar Technique in Nibaddha Forms  |  by Stephen M. Slawek

The forms of music  |  by Donald Francis Tovey

Changing Forms in Modern Music  |  by Karl Eschman

The structure of music;: An outline for students  |  by R. O Morris

Music of the Twentieth Century: Style & Structure  |  by Bryan R. Simms

All About Chords: Understanding Contemporary Chordal Structures and Progressions  |  by Elvo D'Amante

Jazz Guitar Structures  |  by Andrew Green

The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures  |  by David Temperley

Ear Training, Capturing the Basic Chord Qualities:   |  by Elvo S. D'Amante 

The Structure of Atonal Music  |  by Allen Forte

The Structure of Music: A Listener's Guide  |  by Robert Erickson

The Piano Quartet and Quintet: Style, Structure, and Scoring  | by Basil Smallman

Debussy's Iberia (Studies in Musical Genesis and Structure)  |  by Matthew Brown

Music of Yes: Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock  |  by Bill Martin

African Polyphony and Polyrhythm: Musical Structure and Methodology   |  by Simha Arom

Homophonic Forms Of Musical Compositions,|  by Percy Goetschius

Webern and the Lyric Impulse  |  by Anne C. Shreffler

The Analysis and Cognition of Basic Melodic Structures  |  by Eugene Narmour

Structure and Analysis of the Modern Improvised Line  |  by D. Zinn

Writing Jazz  |  by Nicholas Evans

The Rhythmic Structure of Music  |  by Grosvenor Cooper

Creating Melodies: nderstanding, Writing and Polishing Melodies  |  by Dick Weissman

Listening, Playing, Creating: Essays on the Power of Sound  |  by Carolyn B. Kenny

Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature  |  by Carol Kimball

Harmonic foundation for jazz & popular music:   |  by Jimmy Amadie

Inside Classic Rock Tracks: Songwriting aSecrets of 100+ Great Songs  |  by Rikky Rooksby 

Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment  |  by Michael Pollock

Composing Music: A New Approach  |  by William Russo

The Craft of Lyric Writing  |  by Sheila Davis

How to Write Songs on Guitar:  |  by Rikky Rooksby

Songwriting for Dummies  |  by Jim Peterik

Songwriters on Songwriting  |  by Paul Zollo

Successful Lyric Writing: |  by Sheila Davis

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting  |  by Jimmy Webb

Melody in Songwriting:    |  by Jack Perricone

The Songwriters Idea Book: 40 Strategies  |  by Sheila Davis

The Craft and Business of Songwriting (2nd Edition)  |  by John Braheny

The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs  |  by Rikky Rooksby

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook:  |  by Karl Coryat

6 Steps to Songwriting Success: |  by Jason Blume

How to Write Songs on Keyboards:   |  by Rikky Rooksby 

Tori Amos: Piece by Piece  |  by Tori Amos

Writing Music For Hit Songs, Second Edition  |  by Jai Josefs

And Then I Wrote: The Songwriter Speaks

The Craft of Musical Composition: Book 2  |  by Paul Hindemith

The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony  |  by Jimmy Kachulis

Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure:   |  by Pat Pattison

88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them: |  by Pete Luboff

Songwriting: Methods, Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators And Students
Chord Progressions for Songwriters  |  by Richard J. Scott

Making music: The guide to writing, performing & recording  |  by George Martin

Off The Record: Songwriters on Songwriting

Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse  |  by Stan Swanson

Melody: How to Write Great Tunes  |  by Rikky Rooksby

Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume

The Musician's Guide to Reading and Writing Music  |  by Dave Stewart

Money Chords: A Songwriter's Sourcebook of Popular Chord Progressions  |  by Richard J. Scott

Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity  |  by Peter Lehman

Confronting Silence  |  by Toru Takemitsu 

Film Composers Talk About writing for Cinema

Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together  |  by Rikky Rooksby

Nashville Songwriting  |  by Jerry Cupit

Instant Songwriting With the Piano  |  by Charles Segal

Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume

The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers  |  by John Cacavas

500 Songwriting Ideas  |  by Aschmann Lis

Inside the Music  |  by Dave Stewart

The Complete Singer-Songwriter: |  by Jeffrey Pepper 

Lead Sheet Bible: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Lead Sheets and Chord Charts

The Songwriter's Handbook  |  by Tom T. Hall

The Composer's Handbook: 

Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft  |  by Stephen Citron

Songwriting: And the Creative Process :  |  by Steve Gillette

Counterpoint in Composition  |  Salzer

Creating Melodies: A  |  by Dick Weissman

Songwriting Made Easy  |  by Russell Robinson 

The Art of Writing Music:  |  by John Cacavas

The Secrets of Songwriting: LHow to Find Inspiration and Success  |  by Susan Tucker

The Songwriter's Hook Book  |  by Jon Batson

The Blues Lyric Formula  |  by Michael Taft

Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century  |  by Arnold Whittall

Secrets of Successful Songwriting  |  by Carl E., Jr. Bolte

Jingles: How to Write, Produce and Sell Commercial Music  |  by Al Stone

Everything You Wanted to Know about Songwriting  |  by Cliffie Stone

Music with Words: A Composer`s View  |  by Virgil Thomson

Melody and Harmony in Contemporary Songwriting  |  by Ricigliano

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Songwriting |  by Cliffie and Joan Carol Stone Stone

Musicians Guide To The Internet  |  by Gary Hustwit

Songwriting For Beginners  |  by Miriam Davidson

The art of songwriting  |  by Maury Deutsch

The Billboard Book of Songwriting  |  by Peter Pickow

Songwriting: A Structured Approach  |  by Robert Alan Berger

Master Class in Songwriting with Molly-Ann Leikin  |  by Molly-Ann Leikin

Songwriters Playground: Exercises in Creative Songwriting  | by Barbara L. Jordan

The Symphony Writers since Beethoven  |  by Felix Weingartner

Composers at Work: The Craft of Musical Composition 1450-1600  |  by Jessie Ann Owens

Singer-Songwriters: Pop Music's Performer-Composers, from A to Z |  by Dave Dimartino

The Songwriter's Guide to Collaboration  |  by Walter Carter

Songwriting: From Ideas to Royalties  |  by Joe Keene

The Songwriter's Workshop

Write Songs from Scratch  |  by Christopher Norton

Piano, accompanying, songwriting, improvisation, elementary arranging, harmony, transposition, keyboard harmony  |  by Win Stormen

How To Play By Ear : A Guide to Chords and Progressions for Musicians, Songwriters and Composers  |  by Jack Hatfield

Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music   |  by Jonathan Harnum

Heart and Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting Heart and Soul  - 
by Chris Bradford

Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles  |  by Dominic Pedler

101 songwriting and composing techniques  |  by Jack Wheaton

Basic techniques of songwriting country style  |  by Ramsey Kearney

How to write songs: The songwriting process  |  by Oscar Riddel

Essential Songwriting - Compose, Perform, and Sell Great Songs  |  by C.J. Watson

Jazz Composition and Arranging  |  by Boras

Intermediate Piano Chords & Arranging  |  by Alana LaGrange

Secrets of Songwriting  |  by Anna Reid

Songwriting for Beginners an Easy Beginning Method  |  by Miriam & Heartwood, Kiya Davidson

A course in professional songwriting  |  by Bill Springer

Modern Jazz Voicings: Arranging for Small and Medium Ensembles  |  by Ted Pease

Instrumental Arranging  |  by Gary C. White

Jazz Arranging  |  by Norman David

Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together  |  by Rikky Rooksby

CD-ROM Manuscript Paper: A Variety of Staff Paper for All Your Composing and Arranging Needs

Arranging in the Digital World: T  |  by Corey Allen

Get Creative with Cubase VST: Composing and Arranging with Cubase VST   |  by Keith Gemmell

Arranging for Open Guitar Tunings

The art of transcribing for the organ;: |   by Herbert F Ellingford

Jazz Arranging and Performance Practice  |  by Paul E. Rinzler

Basic Concepts of Arranging and Orchestrating Music  |  by Tom Bruner

Get Creative with Emagic Logic: Composing and Arranging with Emagic Logic  |   by Keith Gemmell

Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment  |  by Michael Pollock

Song: The World's Best Songwriters on Creating the Music That Moves Us  

Creating Special Effects for TV and Video, Third Edition (Media Manual Series)   |  by Bernard Wilke

Words with Music: Creating the Broadway Musical Libretto by Lehman Engel

Creating Music and Sound for Games  |  by G. W. Childs

Bass Lines in Minutes - An Easy Method for Creating Bass Lines  |  by Kris Berg

The art of improvisation: Creating real-time music   |  by Bob Taylor

Bass Encyclomedia: How to See the Whole Fretboard and Easily Play Its Many Chords, Scale and Arpeggio Fragments  |  by Mike Overly

Teach Yourself Lead Guitar (-eads, Blues Scales, Fingerings, Riffs, Techniques, Soloing, |  by Steve Tarshis

Creating Music: A New Approach to Piano Improvisation  |  by Elly Wilke

Introduction To Sightsinging and Ear Training  |  by Bruce Benward

The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony, Planets, Tones, Colors, the Power of Inherent Vibrations  |  by Cousto

Studying Rhythm (3rd Edition)  |  by Anne C. Hall

The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications, Vol. I  |  by Ralph Turek

Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter:   |  by John Clough

Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly

Rhythm Riffs: Over 200 Riffs in All Styles Hal Leonard Guitar Method  |  by Greg Koch

Ancient Traditions Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India  |  by Matthew C. Montfort

Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (with CD)  |  by Duduka Da Fonseca

Guitar Basics: Essential Chords, Scales, Rhythms and Theory

Rhythm & Meter Patterns by Gary Chaffee

Melodic Rhythms for Guitar by William Leavitt

Rhythm Reading: Elementary Through Advanced Training by Daniel Kazez

Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Self Instruction Program  |  by John L. Clough

Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1  |  by Troy Stetina

Sightsinging Complete  |  by Bruce Benward

Music Language and Fundamentals  |  by Ronald Gretz

Complete Rhythm Guitar Guide for Blues Bands  |  by Larry McCabe

Black Rhythms of Peru: Reviving African Musical Heritage in the Black Pacific  |  by Heidi Feldman

Egyptian Rhythm: The Heavenly Melodies  |  by Moustafa Gadalla

The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu  |  by Debra DeSalvo

Rhythm, Music, and the Brain (Studies on New Music Research)  |  by Michael Thaut

Rhythm & Pitch: An Integrated Approach to Sight Singing  |  by Stevenson

Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music |  by Mark J. Butler

Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music

Solfege, Ear Training, Rhythm, Dictation, and Music Theory: A Comprehensive Course  |  by Marta Arkossy Ghezzo

Maximum Alicia Keys: The Unauthorised Biography of Alicia Keys

Rhythms Volume Two : Music Sight Reading Exercises  |  by Bruce Arnold

Harmonic Rhythm: Analysis and Interpretation  |  by Joseph P. Swain

Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans  |  by John Broven

The Latin Beat: The Rhythms and Roots of Latin Music, from Bossa Nova to Salsa and Beyond  |  by Ed Morales

Essential Rhythm Guitar: Patterns, Progressions and Techniques for All Styles 

Fretboard Logic SE: The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete  |  by Bill Edwards

Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask  |  by Tom Kolb

Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns (Text)  |  by Nicolas Slonimsky

Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Self Instruction Program  |  by John L. Clough

Al Di Meola - A Guide To Chords, Scales and Arpeggios

Piano Essentials: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences for the Contemporary Pianist  |  by Ross Ramsay

Scale Patterns  |  by Don Latarski  

Ear Training: Volume I Scale Forms through Six Basic Tetrachords   |  by Elvo S. D'Amante

Melodic Minor: Revealed  |  by Don Mock

Melodic Rhythms for Guitar  |  by William Leavitt

Harmonization at the Piano  |  by Arthur Frackenpohl

Chord Tone Soloing: A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style    |  by Barrett Tagliarino

Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: A Melodic Approach  |  by Garrison Fewell

Melodic Studies & Compositions for Guitar: A Reading Workout for Serious Musicians|  by Fred Hamilton

Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music  |  by Mark J. Butler

Sonata Forms  |  by Charles Rosen

From Score To Screen: Sequencers, Scores And Second ThoughtsThe New Film Scoring Process  |  by Sonny Kompanek

Musical Composition  |  by Reginald Smith Brindle

The Computer Music Tutorial  |  by Curtis Roads

Compositional Theory in the Eighteenth Century  |  by Joel Lester

Creative Music Composition: The Young Composer's Voice  |  by Margaret Lucy Wilkins

Audio Editing with Adobe Audition  |  by Richard Riley

Chord Progressions for Songwriters  |  by Richard J. Scott

Melody: How to Write Great Tunes  |  by Rikky Rooksby

Songwriting: Essential Guide to Rhyming: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Rhyming and Lyrics  |  by Pat Pattison

The Finale Primer: Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale | by Bill Purse

Modal Music Composition: Expanded Edition  |  by Stephen M. Cormier

Composing for the Jazz Orchestra  |  by William Russo

The Guide to Midi Orchestration  |  by Paul Gilreath

Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume

The Art of Writing Love Songs  |  by Pamela Oland

Sound Advice on Developing Your Home Studio  |  by Bill A. Gibson

Users' Guide to Logic Audio 5  |  by Stephen Bennett

Machine Models of Music  |  by Stephan Schwanauer

Rethinking Music

Writings on Music, 1965-2000  |  by Steve Reich

PC Music - The Easy Guide  |  by Robin Vincent

The Harmony of Bill Evans  |  by Jack Reilly

Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition (Harmonologia Series, No 6)  |  by Iannis Xenakis

The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers|  by John Cacavas

Serial Composition and Atonality: An Introduction to the Music of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern, Sixth edition, Revised  |  by George Perle

Sudden Music: Improvisation, Sound, Nature  |  by David Rothenberg

American Experimental Music, 1890-1940  |  by David Nicholls

Music & Song  |  by Tim Murphey

Types Of Music Form And Composition: 50 Ready-to-Use  |  by Audrey J. Adair

Advanced Techniques for Film Scoring (Book and CD)  |  by Earle Hagen

An Open Design for Computer-Aided Algorithmic Music Composition: |   by Christopher Ariza

Tonal Pitch Space  |  by Fred Lerdahl

Composition in Retrospect  |  by John Cage

Counterpoint: Strict And Free  |  by Ebenezer Prout

Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft  |  by Stephen Citron

Serial Composition  |  by Reginald Smith Brindle

The Piano Quartet and Quintet: Style, Structure, and Scoring  |  by Basil Smallman

Electronic and Computer Music  |  by Peter Manning

Machine Musicianship  |  by Robert Rowe

Fugal Composition: A Guide to the Study of Bach's '48'  |  by Joseph Groocock

The Woman Composer: Creativity and the Gendered Politics of Musical Composition  |  by Jill Halstead

Form and Method: Composing Music  |  by Roger Reynolds

Songwriters: A Biographical Dictionary With Discographies  |  by Nigel Harrison

The Thematic Process in Music  |  by Rudolph Richard Reti

Anatomy of Melody: Exploring the Single Line of Song  |  by Alice Parker

Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for American Music  |  by Judith Tick

The Secrets of Songwriting: Leading Songwriters Reveal How to Find Inspiration and Success  |  by Susan Tucker

Twelve-Tone Tonality, Second edition  |  by George Perle

Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century  |  by Arnold Whittall

Concerto Conversations: With a 68-minute CD (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) |  by Joseph Kerman

Meter as Rhythm  |  by Christopher Hasty

Electronic Music Composition for Beginners  |  by Robert T. Adams

Loops and Grooves: The Musician's Guide to Groove Machines and Loop Sequencers

What's MIDI?: Making Musical Instruments Work Together

Creative Music Making  |  by William L. Cahn

Reviving the Muse: Essays on Music After Modernism Reviving the Muse: Essays on Music After Modernism

The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising  |  by Jon Damian

Improvising Jazz   |  by Jerry Coker  -  book

1001 Jazz Licks: A Complete Jazz Vocabulary for the Improvising Musician

Intervallic Designs for Jazz Guitar: Ultramodern Sounds for Improvising  |  by Joe Diorio

Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising for Guitar

Improvising: How to Master the Art by Gerre  |  Hancock

A Rhythmic Vocabulary: nderstanding and Improvising With Rhythm  |  by Alan L. Dworsky 
Improvising Jazz Flute  |  by Horace A. Young

Improvising Lead Guitar: The Essential Guide  |  by Fred Sokolow

Improvising Jazz Sax: (MFM 75) (Saxophone) Improvising Jazz Sax  |  by Charley Gerard

Improvising Jazz Piano  |  by John Mehegan

mprovising Rock Sax  |  by Peter Yellin

Improvising Rock Piano  |  by Jeffrey Gutcheon

Sync or Swarm: Improvising Music In A Complex Age  |  by David Borgo

Improvising Rock Guitar  |  by Artie Funaro

25 Ways to Improve Your Improvising for Guitar |   by Jay Marks

Improvising Rock Bass  |  by David C. Gross

Creative Saxophone Improvising

Improvising Jazz Lines

Bass Improvising  |  by Earl Gately

Saxophone Improvising Workbook  |  by William Bay

Stress Points: A Guitarist's Guide to Improvising  |  by Dom Minasi

Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist: For Those Interested in Expanding Melodic Concepts

Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of John Coltrane  |  by Corey Christiansen

Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Wes Montgomery for Guitar Book/CD Set  |  by Corey Christiansen

Interpretation for Flute: How to Shape a Melodic Line

Ron Carter - Building Jazz Bass Lines  |  by Ron Carter

The Changes Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Line & Comping for Guitar  |  by Sid Jacobs

Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Clifford Brown, Bb Edition  |  by Cliffor Brown

Expanding Walking Bass Lines  |  by Ed Friedland

Jazz Improvisation 2: Jazz Rhythm And The Improvised Line  |  by John Mehegan

Jazz and Blues Bass Lines  |  by Bruce Arnold

Essential Jazz Lines : Guitar the Style of Joe Pass  |  by Corey Christiansen

Structure and Analysis of the Modern Improvised Line  |  by D. Zinn

Jazz Guitar Comping  |  by Andrew Green

All Blues for Jazz Guitar: Comping Styles, Chords & Grooves  |  by Jim Ferguson 

Voicing and Comping for Jazz Vibraphone

Creative Comping Concepts for Jazz Guitar  |  by Mark Boling

Jazz Guitar: Creative Comping, Soloing, and Improv  |  by Larry Coryell

Jazz Piano Comping: "From the Top"  |  by June Edison

101 Must-Know Blues Licks  |  by Wolf Marshall

Chords for Jazz Guitar: The Complete Guide to Comping, Chord Melody and Chord Soloing  |  by Charlton Johnson

The Changes Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Line & Comping for Guitar  |  by Sid Jacobs

Barry Galbraith - Guitar Comping

Intermediate Jazz Piano Comping: "At the Bridge"  |  by Tom Anderson Jazz Guitar Standards: ead Sheet, Chord Melody Solo, Comping Backup, Single-Line Improvisation by Corey




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"Young Composers is a place where composers and musicians of all ages can communicate,
share, and collaborate with others on the subjects of music, composition, performance and
repertoire. This site is home to many people of different experiences and styles, and is an
excellent resource for all musicians. After registering, you will be able to converse with musicians
of all types and ages in the forum. You may also make use of the wiki system to create a profile showcasing you and your works, or just write about something that you are particularly
knowledgeable about.


"Music and Musical Know-how For You"  |  How-Tos | Directory | Our Composers |
The Rhythms | The Changes | Song Discussions | SongTrellis Recommends... |
Video Links | Great Performances | SongTrellis Music Editor | The Lessons | Jukebox |
The Animations | Our Contributors | Latest Topics | Tunetext | Workscore Chord Entry |
Chord Entry By Grid | Workscore Composer | Harmonic Interval Palette | Harmony Projects |
Chord Grid | Search | Video Demonstrations | Playlists | What's a Songtrellis? | FAQ | 

Tutorials for Important Concepts:  Tone | Interval | Scale | Duration | Rhythm Pattern |
Melody | Chord | Chord Voicing | Chord Progression | Transposition  | 

"This purpose of this site is to teach you enough about music so that you will be able to
compose your first musical composition a few hours from now.

This claim is audacious. The learning curve for those who wish to compose has traditionally
been very steep. Some would say that it is mountainous. Most would claim that climbing the
curve is not a stroll up a low Appalachian knoll, but is instead a severe technical foray, like an
Everest climb. As you read about the requirements imposed on composers previously,
don't lose heart. Your way is going to be much easier." 

Searchradar.webaroo.com  |  Excellent collection of search results 

Wikipedia:  Algorithmic composition

"Algorithmic composition is the technique of using algorithms to create music.   |  
Algorithms (or, at the very least,  formal sets of rules) have been used to compose music
for centuries; the procedures used to plot voice-leading in Western counterpoint,
for example, can often be reduced to algorithmic determinacy. The term is usually reserved,
however, for the use of formal procedures to make music without human intervention, either
through the introduction of chance procedures or the use of computers."

Computer Music: Creating Your Own Electronic Music Composition

"The term "music" means many different things and is impossible to define in such a away
 to satisfy all people, cultures, historical periods, etc. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will
make some assumptions based on the motivation of the students taking the class. First of all,
some definitions:"

Composing - A Crash Course tutorial - Mod DB

"I saw that no one had put up any tutorials on composition up, so I figured I would. This tutorial
is intended for those  new to composing, but not new to music. If you do not know how to read
music or how to play any instrument  (though not necessary, helps a great deal)"

Video presentations of the Pizzicato music and composition software

Tutorial videos for the use of the Pizzicato music notation and ... as well for music notation
and transcription as for intuitive music composition tools


# Tools - Software tools for composers
# Theory - Tutorials on 20th Century music theory
# Listening Guide - Listening guide to late 20th century composers (1980 to the present)
# Dictionary - Dictionary of words for talking about music
# About Us - Learn more about the creators of this site

Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources

"Music education resources including compositional and theory essays, composers
biographies, and downloadable MIDI music resources. "

Tonal Centre

"Interactive guide for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates
some of the key concepts of tonality, including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation. "

Write Your Own Music , Composition Tutorials, Tips & Suggestions

""How do we write our own music? It's easy with this Composition Tutorial Site!""

Music Composition For Dummies

"Music Composition For Dummies explains how to use music theory to write music in a
variety of forms. It introduces basic chord construction and shows the reader how to
compose music with both chords and melody, develop simple melodic motifs and
themes into longer compositions, arrange compositions, create scores, and select the
right instruments and voicing to express musical ideas. Music Composition For Dummies
also shows you how to create popular songs, classically structured pieces, film and
television scores, videogame soundtracks, and more using both traditional and
improvisational techniques.

Mixing Down Using Panning Tutorial - Music & Composition Forum


Getting Started Composing Music with Sony Acid

By Jeffrey P. Fisher   |  digitalproducer.digitalmedianet.com   "Rare is the audiovisual
project that can?t be enhanced by the correct application of music. One tool that demands
consideration is loop-based music composition software such as Sony ACID. It?s been
around a few years, but still continues to offer power and flexibility for pulling together
music scores quickly and easily."

Music Hall - Resource Center - Music Educator - Music Composition

"Techniques, Rules, and Instruction"  |  Recommended websites

MIDI and Computer Generated Music: midi, casio midi, midi tutorials


Trane Music Free Tutorials Jazz Theory Ear Training

Mario Trane  |  MP3 downloads  |  "Performer, Composer and Instructor
Mario Trane: More than 25+ years of orchestral experience as a guitarist, bassist,
mandolinist, and banjoist. Specializing in jazz guitar, experienced as an instructor,
performing  at Broadway shows and as a recording artist accompanying celebrities.
Formally  educated with renowned professors and private studies.  |  Free Lessons in
Music Theory,  Ear  |  Training, Improvisation and Composition "

Functional music composition - Haskore Music Tutorial 

    *  Introduction
    * The Architecture of Haskore
    * The Basics
    * Interpretation and Performance
    * Players
    * Midi
    * Representing Chords
    * Equivalence of Literal Performances
    * Related and Future Research
    * Convenient Functions for Getting Started With Haskore
    * Examples of Haskore in Action
    * Partial Encoding of Chick Corea's "Children's Song No. 6"
    * Example of Simple Self-Similar (Fractal) Music
    * General Midi
    * Bibliography

Music Theory & Education Resources


Microtonal Music Composition Software, An Overview

"First and foremost, Tonescape is a music composition software application developed
specifically to support just intonation and other types of microtonal music. It has no preferred
or default musical scale, which is plainly evident when you create a new musical piece.
The new-piece wizard guides you through the process of adding one or more musical
scales, which must be added before you can start composing. Once created, our music
composition software application will present you with two views of the Tonescape piece:"

Make Music — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

Various music creation posts

Bassline Tutorials

SonicTransfer.com  |  6 Bass Sequencing Tricks From Daft Punk  |  How to Use Distortion
in Electronic Music Production  |  Trance Basslines & Leads From Gating  |  Kick Drum &
Bass Mixing Techniques  |

Tutorials-Win.com >>How do I write music

Word Doc Management

Warbeats - Home of the Best Free Fruity Loops Tutorials

"If your goal is to learn how to make hip hop beats (or any genre for that matter) with a
professional sound, mix and master and improve your music production skill you will be
happy to know that we can help.

Warbeats offers a variety of resources to the up and coming music producer whether
you're a hardware beat maker or computer music producer (FL Studio / Fruity Loops/
Reason/ Cubase / etc). Even though our focus is mainly based around Fruity Loops /
FL Studio, the techniques can be applied to anything and everyone is welcome."




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