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Exploring Music Experiences... 
The following ideas are places to take your seeking mind... Places that might generate your own music creation projects.
With each of the following links ,  read each result with an open mind to the collective experience of the
musician community you are part of


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The following ideas are places to take your seeking mind

A music tone is all about vibration  |  YouTube Experience Music Project  |  YouTube
Influence of music on sexual experiences Music and emotion  |  YouTube
Articles: transformation powers of music  | YouTube Music as a social experiment  |  YouTube
Thoughts and feelings expressed in music Visualizing the music you hear
Creating music with no awareness of a beat Music as therapy
Music synesthesia  |  YouTube Music as virtual worlds  |  YouTube
Music as consciousness  |  YouTube Music as collaboration  |  YouTube
Life and death experiences in music  | YouTube Do men listen to music differently than women?
Music as a religion  |  YouTube Composing a musical prayer  |  YouTube
Role of dissonance in music  |  YouTube Elements of harmony in music  |  YouTube
Buildup & release of tension in music  | YouTube Music and spirituality  |  YouTube
Music as an emotional orgy Music as an actors workshop  |  YouTube
Music as a dramatic event  |  YouTube Awareness of style in composer's music?  | YouTube
Listening with full powers of concentration  |  YouTube Listening with a quiet mind  |  YouTube
Ability to hear 3 or more melodies together  & experiencing them  as one unified moment  |  YouTube
Listening to a piece of music 3 times , attempting to hear a different awareness of the notes each time

Listen to a recording. Describe portions of it , then all of it to a friend  |  YouTube

Does your level of musicianship at your instrument affect the quality or charcter of your listening experience?  | YouTube

Can a performer's playing technique give the feeling of deep resonance , vibrant awareness of the instrument's timbre , the illusion of a perfect tone?  |  YouTube

3 or more musicians , each with an instrument , improvise a piece that only has dimension of rhythm , soloing , silencing , blocks of sound , dynamic ranges , feeling your own moments while listening and co-creating with the others.

Stretching the performance limits of your musical instrument  |  YouTube

Experiencing jazz from the inside  |  YouTube

Set up a music collaboration.  How will it be diferent than other performances?  |  YouTube
Pulsating , throbbing , in your face  music event comprise piece of music  |  YouTube

Superimpose church modal melodies at various entry times , each on a different chromatic tone. Use men's voices for this priestly convocation  |  YouTube
Does a music genre lose its identity when it fused with another?  |  YouTube
An entire composition is 2 performers echoing each other's musical statement , however each echo is slightly different  |  YouTube

Musicians are equally spread throughout the audience. The piece is composed spacially. Thus no 2 listeners will have the same experience

Create a piece in which silences are the main creative element. Actual silence , register silence , instrument type silence , harmonic silence , long periods of dead silence , occasional deafening silence , timbre shocks , Baby< it's going to be a wild ride!  |  YouTube

Understanding music structure changes the ways you perform music

Recording music without an audience:  bringing out your best performance

Performing music using your body gestures to emphasize music's meaning  |  YouTube
Articles: healing power of music for the spirit and body  |  YouTube

Feelings and thoughts a musician feels while playing a live concert
Deep listening to music can give you an out of body experience
Performing music instrument with a pure tone  |  YouTube
Music consciousness as a trance-like state  |  YouTube

Performing an entire piece of music with eyes closed
The effect of acoustics on the listening experience  |  YouTube
Truth & meaning of life through music  |  YouTube

Experiencing profound connection with the music  |  YouTube
Music with simple textures vs complex textures  |  YouTube
Composition as an experiment in musical dimensions


The purpose of the links above is stretch the limits of your music creativity. Music is about connecting with the minds , ears & hearts of your fellow musicians. 

"Music composition processes"  &  "generating new experiences" ,  are activities that convey a mission of deeper understanding of music creation.

Dimensions of music  -  levels of emotion  -  musical architectures... Pre-composition can be quite fun!










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Composition Techniques



Wikipedia:  Composition Techniques


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A Jazz Improvisation Primer
 by Marc Sabatella


Contents  |  Preface  |  Goals  |  A Brief History Of Jazz  |  Early Jazz  |  Big Band Jazz and Swing  |  Bebop  |  Cool Jazz  |  Hard Bop  | 
Post Bop  |  Free Jazz and the Avant Garde  |  Fusion  |  Post Modern Jazz  |  The Present  |

Jazz Fundamentals  |  Structure  |  Swing  -  Definition  -  Practicing Swing  |  Creativity  -  The Creative Process  -  Playing  |

Chord/Scale Relationships  |  Basic Theory  -  Intervals  -  Major And Minor Scales  -  Chords  -  The Circle Of Fifths   |  Major Scale Harmony  -  Major Scale  -  Dorian Mode  -  Phrygian Mode  -  Lydian Mode  -  Mixolydian Mode  -  Minor Scale  -  Locrian Mode   |  Melodic Minor Harmony  -  Phrygian #6  -  Lydian Augmented  -  Lydian Dominant  -  Fifth Mode  -  Locrian #2  -  Altered Scale   |  Symmetric Scales  -  Whole Tone Scale  -  The Diminished Scales  |  Pentatonic Scales  |  Derived Scales  -  The Blues Scale  -  Minor Scales  -  Bebop Scales  -  Synthetic Scales   |  Chord/Scale Chart   | 

Applying The Theory To Improvisation  |  Melodic Development  -  Pacing  -  Phrase Construction  |  Playing Changes  -  ii-V  (Major Keys  -  Minor Keys)  -  Blues  -  Rhythm Changes  -  Coltrane Changes  |  Modal Improvisation  |  Chromaticism  |  Non-tonal Improvisation  |  Free Improvisation  |

Accompanying  |  Chordal Instruments  |  Chord Voicings  -   3/7 Voicings  -  Quartal Voicings  -  Polychord and Upper Structure Voicings  -  Close Position and Drop Voicings  -  Other Scale Based Voicings  |  Reharmonizing  |  Comping Rhythms   |  Bass  |  Walking Bass Lines  |  Pedal Point  |  Counterpoint  |  Other Bass Patterns  |  Drums  |  Other Instruments  | 

Playing With Others  |  OrganizationDealing With Problems  |

Listening Analytically  |

Breaking The Rules  |

Annotated Bibliography  |  Fakebooks  |  Instructional Books  |  History And Biography  |

Annotated Discography  |  Basic Recommendations  |  Listing  |

Jazz Standards  |






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