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On Electronic and Computer Music  |  1960 Composers of more traditional orchestral music began to rebel. Many composers tried to get quasi-electronic sounds out of traditional instruments

Electronic music  | Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Escaping the Nutcracker Suite: Composing for the 21st Century's Piccolo Player  -  By Lois B. Herbine

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Sound of Woodwinds, Calling for Change  |  VIVIEN SCHWEITZER   -   NY Times  | 


Study of Orchestration, Third Edition by Samuel Adler
Product Description

The third edition of this high successful orchestration text follows the approach established in its innovative predecessor: Learning orchestration is best achieved through familiarity with the orchestral literature; this familiarity is most effectively accomplished from the music notation in combination with the recorded sound. The text has been revised to reflect the most informed reactions to the first and second editions, as well as Professor Adler's revisions.  For comprehensiveness, conciseness, and contemporaneity, The Study of Orchestration remains without peer. An ancillary set of six enhanced compact discs and a workbook are available separately to accompany this textbook but are not included with the textbook. 

About the Author

Samuel Adler, Professor Emeritus at the Eastman School of Music, is currently teaching at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. He has held the title of visiting professor at many schools throughout the country and abroad, giving master classes in composition, orchestration, and conducting. Professor Adler has gained considerable recognition as a composer (his compositions have been performed by such ensembles as the New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony), and has received numerous awards and grants. He has also been guest conductor for many prominent symphony orchestras. 

By Dr. Christopher Coleman I've used Adler's Study of Orchestration (2nd ed.) each time I've taught orchestration, and the quality of the text coupled with the CD examples make it by far the best standard orchestration text I've seen. That the reader is able to hear not only examples taken from music, but also able to compare various spacings, doublings, and orchestrations of even single chords is invaluable. As I tell my students, it's not so much who is playing a line, it is who is playing a line in a given place--and the only way to learn what an instrument sounds like in its various registers is to hear it there. 

Especially helpful are passages like Adler's discussion of woodwinds in the symphony orchestra (Chapter 8) in which several possible orchestrations of a single musical passage are illustrated, discussed, and presented on CD, allowing readers to recognize and judge for themselves the relative quality. It is this, that much in orchestration is not particularly wrong or right, and that there are many many ways to score a particular passage, that makes orchestration so difficult to teach; and Adler is sensitive to the issue. 

But any book of this scope is likely to have some problems, and this is no exception. I'll mention only two that have struck me in particular as a trombonist, neither of which are particularly serious in and of themselves, but whose presence is at best unwelcome and perhaps even somewhat distressing in a textbook. First, Adler's discussion of the trombone glissando (chapter 10) is inadequate and separated by several pages from his discussion of the overtone series as it relates to the trombone. Given that the way a trombone glissando works is inseparable from the overtone series, this seems strange indeed. The situation is compounded by Adler's example from Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, of which he says "The following glissando, first for the bass trombone, then for the tenor, is perfect, since it extends from seventh to first position." Any trombone player will tell you that in fact Bartok got it wrong, and the bass trombone glissando is impossible without doing some serious cheating. On the bass trombone using an attachment in F or E one can only play a perfect 4th, not a tritone, in that particular harmonic; and bass trombonists have come up with all kinds of ingenious tricks to play this devilish passage which looks so easy to the ill-informed. It is FAR from perfect. 

While this little quirk of the trombone isn't really very important in the grand scheme of orchestration it makes me wonder how many other instrumental quirks have gone unnoticed. More important, however, are some oddities of Adler's observations and discussions of the examples he chooses. In chapter 11, in the unit on the brass choir as a homophonic unit, Adler exerpts a passage from Hindemith's Noblissima Visione. He describes the passage as "a 'dark' doubling" and ascribes this to the fact that "neither the trumpets nor the horns ever go too high." Later he seems to contradict himself. "The brilliance of this passage as it is scored comes from the unison of the horns and trombones rather than of blaring trumpets." Never mind the prejudicial "blaring" (surely a trumpet can be played in the high register and sound brilliant without blaring); which is it--brilliant or dark? Try as we might, neither my students nor I can ever hear this as "dark". At best, the last measure of a five measure passage might be considered so because of the low register, but in fact the trumpets, horns, and trombones all do go fairly high in one of the preceding measures. If one fifth of a passage is sufficient to consider the entire passage "dark", why isn't one fifth of the same passage sufficient to consider it "bright"? 

Adler goes on to say "If Hindemith had wanted an extremely bright sound, he could have transposed it up a third or a fourth and had the trumpets and the horns at an extremely high register." Well, no....the passage is not complete in itself, but part of a larger piece--a passacaglia, no less. In order to transpose the passage, Hindemith would have had to either transpose the entire movement (which would in turn have required a transposition of the entire piece in order to keep the same key relationships) or have written some modulating passage--unimaginable in a passacaglia. It is simply wrong to consider that transposing a particular passage is an acceptable way to orchestrate "brightness" or "darkness" without regard to tonal relationships of the whole. That is not to say that the passage could not be brighter or darker, but to do so with orchestration requires dealing with the instruments and their registers, not the pitches. 

If Hindemith had omitted the horns in the first 4 measures, then brought in horns and omitted trumpets in the final 5 notes, perhaps even putting the first trombone up an octave on those notes the passage would have been significantly brighter. There is even more that is problematic about this discussion--in fact it seems the most poorly argued in the book, but I believe I've made my point. 

However, as a classroom tool, The Study of Orchestration is as yet unequalled, and examples like the Hindemith allow the careful teacher the opportunity to develop the students' critical and analytical skills. The workbook has its own problems, which I won't discuss here, but the book and CD are well worth repeated study and thought. 

Composition: Voice


Composing for Human Voice

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Composition:  Piano


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Composition: Keyboards


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Composition:  Organ


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organ: Information From  |

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Guitars:  Plucked Stringed Instruments


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Composition:  Strings



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Composition:  Woodwinds


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Flute & Shakuhachi


Composition:  Brass


Tuba and prepared tape













Composition: Percussion:  Rhythm:  Drums


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Composition:  Orchestra


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Composition: Small Ensemble


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Composition:  Electronic Instruments


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Composition: Odd Instruments


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Wikipedia:  Composition Techniques

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401 Titles:  Creative Process


Creative Process  |  Melody  |  Harmony  |  Rhythm  |  Scales  |  Songwriting  |  Composition  |  Improvisation  |  Music Structure  |  Music Forms  |  Classical  |  Jazz  |  Rock  |  Arranging  |  Ear Training & Sightsinging  |  Chords  |  Orchestration  |  Electronic Music  |  Mixing  |  Serial Music  |  Creativity  |..

  • Beethoven and the Creative Process  |  by Barry Cooper
  • The Muse that Sings: Composers Speak about the Creative Process  |  by Ann McCutchan
  • Songwriting: And the Creative Process : Suggestions and Starting Points for Songwriters   |  by Steve Gillette
  • Musicians in Tune: 75 Contemporary Musicians Discuss the CreativeProcess   |  by Jenny Boyd
  • Controlling Creative Processes In Music
  • Generative Processes in Music: The Psychology of Performance, Improvisation, and Composition
  • Composition-Performance-Reception: Studies in the Creative Process in Music
  • Chopin's Work: His Inspirations and Creative Process in the Light of the Sources
  • Mahler at Work: Aspects of the Creative Process  |  by Colin Matthews
  • Beethoven: Studies in the Creative Processes  |  by Lewis Lockwood
  • In Their Own Words: Songwriters Talk About the Creative Process  |  by Bill DeMain
  • Form in Tonal Music: An Introduction to Analysis  |  by Douglass Green
  • Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music  |  by Peter Spencer
  • Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure: Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics  |  by Pat Pattison
  • Sonata Forms  |  by Charles Rosen
  • Classic Music: Expression, Form and Style  |  by Leonard G. Ratner
  • Elements of Sonata Theory: Norms, Types, and Deformations in the Late-Eighteenth-Century Sonata  |  by James Hepokoski
  • Encyclopedia of Rhythms: Instrumental Forms of Harmony : A Massive Collection of Rhythm Patterns   |  by Joseph Schillinger
  • Ear Training: Volume I Scale Forms through Six Basic Tetrachords  |  by Elvo S. D'Amante
  • Musical Form and Musical Performance  |  by Edward T. Cone
  • The Listening Experience: Elements, Forms, and Styles in Music  |  by James P. O'Brien
  • Anthology of Musical Forms  |  by Leon Stein
  • The Technique of Canon  |  by Hugo Norden
  • Creative Chord Shapes: Guitarist's Guide to Open-String Chord Forms
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  • Form & content in instrumental music  |  by Gail De Stwolinski
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  • Composing Music: A New Approach  |  by William Russo
  • The Craft of Lyric Writing  |  by Sheila Davis
  • How to Write Songs on Guitar: A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Songwriting for Dummies  |  by Jim Peterik
  • Songwriters on Songwriting  |  by Paul Zollo
  • Successful Lyric Writing: A Step-By-Step Course & Workbook  |  by Sheila Davis
  • Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting  |  by Jimmy Webb
  • Melody in Songwriting: Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs (Berklee Guide)   |  by Jack Perricone
  • The Songwriters Idea Book: 40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help You Design Distinctive Songs, and Keep Your Creative Flow  |  by Sheila Davis
  • The Craft and Business of Songwriting (2nd Edition)  |  by John Braheny
  • The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook: A Radical Guide to Cutting Loose, Overcoming Blocks, and Writing the Best Songs of Your Life  |  by Karl Coryat
  • 6 Steps to Songwriting Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs  |  by Jason Blume
  • How to Write Songs on Keyboards: A Complete Course to Help You Write Better Songs  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Tori Amos: Piece by Piece  |  by Tori Amos
  • Writing Music For Hit Songs, Second Edition  |  by Jai Josefs
  • And Then I Wrote: The Songwriter Speaks
  • The Craft of Musical Composition: Book 2  |  by Paul Hindemith
  • The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony  |  by Jimmy Kachulis
  • Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure: Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics   |  by Pat Pattison
  • 88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them: Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting and Make Your Songs More Marketable  |  by Pete Luboff
  • Songwriting: Methods, Techniques And Clinical Applications For Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators And Students
  • Chord Progressions for Songwriters  |  by Richard J. Scott
  • Making music: The guide to writing, performing & recording  |  by George Martin
  • Off The Record: Songwriters on Songwriting
  • Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse  |  by Stan Swanson
  • Melody: How to Write Great Tunes  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume
  • The Musician's Guide to Reading and Writing Music  |  by Dave Stewart
  • Money Chords: A Songwriter's Sourcebook of Popular Chord Progressions   |  by Richard J. Scott
  • Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity  |  by Peter Lehman
  • Confronting Silence  |  by Toru Takemitsu
  • Knowing The Score: Film Composers Talk About the Art, Craft, Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Writing for Cinema
  • Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Nashville Songwriting  |  by Jerry Cupit
  • Instant Songwriting With the Piano  |  by Charles Segal
  • Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume
  • The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers  |  by John Cacavas
  • 500 Songwriting Ideas  |  by Aschmann Lis
  • Inside the Music  |  by Dave Stewart
  • The Complete Singer-Songwriter: A Troubadour's Guide to Writing, Performing, Recording and Business  |  by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
  • Lead Sheet Bible: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Lead Sheets and Chord Charts
  • The Songwriter's Handbook  |  by Tom T. Hall
  • The Composer's Handbook: A Do-It-Yourself Approach Combining "Tricks of the Trade" and Other Techniques
  • Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft  |  by Stephen Citron
  • Songwriting: And the Creative Process : Suggestions and Starting Points for Songwriters  |  by Steve Gillette
  • Counterpoint in Composition  |  Salzer
  • Creating Melodies: A Songwriter's Guide to Understanding, Writing and Polishing Melodies  |  by Dick Weissman
  • Songwriting Made Easy  |  by Russell Robinson
  • The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers of Instrumental, Choral, and Electronic Music As Applied to Publication  |  by John Cacavas
  • The Secrets of Songwriting: Leading Songwriters Reveal How to Find Inspiration and Success  |  by Susan Tucker
  • The Songwriter's Hook Book  |  by Jon Batson
  • The Blues Lyric Formula  |  by Michael Taft
  • Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century  |  by Arnold Whittall
  • Secrets of Successful Songwriting  |  by Carl E., Jr. Bolte
  • Jingles: How to Write, Produce and Sell Commercial Music  |  by Al Stone
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Songwriting  |  by Cliffie Stone
  • Music with Words: A Composer`s View  |  by Virgil Thomson
  • Melody and Harmony in Contemporary Songwriting  |  by Ricigliano
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Songwriting But Didn't Know Who to Ask  |  by Cliffie and Joan Carol Stone Stone
  • Musicians Guide To The Internet  |  by Gary Hustwit
  • Songwriting For Beginners  |  by Miriam Davidson
  • The art of songwriting  |  by Maury Deutsch
  • The Billboard Book of Songwriting  |  by Peter Pickow
  • Songwriting: A Structured Approach  |  by Robert Alan Berger
  • Master Class in Songwriting with Molly-Ann Leikin  |  by Molly-Ann Leikin
  • Songwriters Playground: Innovative Exercises in Creative Songwriting  |  by Barbara L. Jordan
  • The Symphony Writers since Beethoven  |  by Felix Weingartner
  • Composers at Work: The Craft of Musical Composition 1450-1600  |  by Jessie Ann Owens
  • Singer-Songwriters: Pop Music's Performer-Composers, from A to ZEvon (Billboard Hitmakers)  |  by Dave Dimartino
  • The Songwriter's Guide to Collaboration  |  by Walter Carter
  • Songwriting: From Ideas to Royalties  |  by Joe Keene
  • The Songwriter's Workshop
  • Write Songs from Scratch  |  by Christopher Norton
  • The link to modern music instruction: Piano, accompanying, songwriting, improvisation, elementary arranging, harmony, transposition, keyboard harmony  |  by Win Stormen
  • How To Play By Ear : A Guide to Chords and Progressions for Musicians, Songwriters and Composers  |  by Jack Hatfield
  • Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music   |  by Jonathan Harnum
  • Heart and Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting Heart and Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting  | by Chris Bradford
  • Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles  |  by Dominic Pedler
  • 101 songwriting and composing techniques  |  by Jack Wheaton
  • Basic techniques of songwriting country style  |  by Ramsey Kearney
  • How to write songs: The songwriting process  |  by Oscar Riddel
  • More Songwriting and Composing Techniques: Making Something Out of Nothing  |  by Peter L. Alexander
  • Essential Songwriting Everything You Need to Compose, Perform, and Sell Great Songs  |  by C.J. Watson
  • Jazz Composition and Arranging  |  by Boras
  • Intermediate Piano Chords & Arranging  |  by Alana LaGrange
  • Secrets of Songwriting  |  by Anna Reid
  • Songwriting for Beginners an Easy Beginning Method  |  by Miriam & Heartwood, Kiya Davidson
  • A course in professional songwriting  |  by Bill Springer
  • Modern Jazz Voicings: Arranging for Small and Medium Ensembles Modern Jazz Voicings: Arranging for Small and Medium Ensembles  |  by Ted Pease
  • Instrumental Arranging  |  by Gary C. White
  • Jazz Arranging  |  by Norman David
  • Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • CD-ROM Manuscript Paper: A Variety of Staff Paper for All Your Composing and Arranging Needs
  • Arranging in the Digital World: Techniques for Arranging Popular Music Using Today's Electronic and Digital Instruments (Berklee Guide)  |  by Corey Allen
  • Get Creative with Cubase VST: Composing and Arranging with Cubase VST   |  by Keith Gemmell
  • Arranging for Open Guitar Tunings
  • The art of transcribing for the organ;: A complete text book for the organist in arranging choral and instrumental music  |   by Herbert F Ellingford
  • Jazz Arranging and Performance Practice  |  by Paul E. Rinzler
  • Basic Concepts of Arranging and Orchestrating Music  |  by Tom Bruner
  • Get Creative with Emagic Logic: Composing and Arranging with Emagic Logic  |   by Keith Gemmell
  • Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment  |  by Michael Pollock
  • Song: The World's Best Songwriters on Creating the Music That Moves Us
  • Creating Special Effects for TV and Video, Third Edition (Media Manual Series)   |  by Bernard Wilke
  • Words with Music: Creating the Broadway Musical Libretto by Lehman Engel
  • Creating Music and Sound for Games  |  by G. W. Childs
  • Bass Lines in Minutes - An Easy Method for Creating Bass Lines  |  by Kris Berg
  • The art of improvisation: Creating real-time music through jazz improvisation  |  by Bob Taylor
  • Bass Encyclomedia: How to See the Whole Fretboard and Easily Play Its Many Chords, Scale and Arpeggio Fragments  |  by Mike Overly
  • Teach Yourself Lead Guitar (Professional Know-How for Creating Exciting Leads, Blues Scales, Fingerings, Riffs, Techniques, Soloing, Plus Tunes and Exercises to Work With.)  |  by Steve Tarshis
  • Creating Music: A New Approach to Piano Improvisation  |  by Elly Wilke
  • Introduction To Sightsinging and Ear Training  |  by Bruce Benward
  • The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony, Planets, Tones, Colors, the Power of Inherent Vibrations  |  by Cousto
  • Studying Rhythm (3rd Edition)  |  by Anne C. Hall
  • The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications, Vol. I  |  by Ralph Turek
  • Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Programmed Course in Elementary Music Theory, With an Introduction to Partwriting  |  by John Clough
  • Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly
  • Conversations in Clave: The Ultimate Technical Study of Four-Way Independence in Afro-Cuban Rhythms  |  by Horacio Hernandez
  • Note Grouping
  • Rhythm Riffs: Over 200 Riffs in All Styles Hal Leonard Guitar Method  |  by Greg Koch
  • Ancient Traditions Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India  |  by Matthew C. Montfort
  • Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (with CD)  |  by Duduka Da Fonseca
  • Guitar Basics: Essential Chords, Scales, Rhythms and Theory
  • Rhythm & Meter Patterns by Gary Chaffee
  • Melodic Rhythms for Guitar by William Leavitt
  • Rhythm Reading: Elementary Through Advanced Training by Daniel Kazez
  • Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Self Instruction Program  |  by John L. Clough
  • Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1  |  by Troy Stetina
  • Sightsinging Complete  |  by Bruce Benward
  • Music Language and Fundamentals  |  by Ronald Gretz
  • Complete Rhythm Guitar Guide for Blues Bands  |  by Larry McCabe
  • Black Rhythms of Peru: Reviving African Musical Heritage in the Black Pacific (Music Culture)  |  by Heidi Feldman
  • Egyptian Rhythm: The Heavenly Melodies  |  by Moustafa Gadalla
  • The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu  |  by Debra DeSalvo
  • Rhythm, Music, and the Brain (Studies on New Music Research)  |  by Michael Thaut
  • Rhythm & Pitch: An Integrated Approach to Sight Singing  |  by Stevenson
  • Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music  |  by Mark J. Butler
  • Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music
  • Solfege, Ear Training, Rhythm, Dictation, and Music Theory: A Comprehensive Course  |  by Marta Arkossy Ghezzo
  • Maximum Alicia Keys: The Unauthorised Biography of Alicia Keys
  • Rhythms Volume Two : Music Sight Reading Exercises  |  by Bruce Arnold
  • Harmonic Rhythm: Analysis and Interpretation  |  by Joseph P. Swain
  • Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans  |  by John Broven
  • The Latin Beat: The Rhythms and Roots of Latin Music, from Bossa Nova to Salsa and Beyond  |  by Ed Morales
  • Essential Rhythm Guitar: Patterns, Progressions and Techniques for All Styles (Private Lessons) Essential Rhythm Guitar: Patterns, Progressions and Techniques for All Styles
  • Fretboard Logic SE: The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete  |  by Bill Edwards
  • Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask  |  by Tom Kolb
  • Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns (Text)  |  by Nicolas Slonimsky
  • Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Self Instruction Program  |  by John L. Clough
  • Al Di Meola - A Guide To Chords, Scales and Arpeggios
  • Piano Essentials: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences for the Contemporary Pianist  |  by Ross Ramsay
  • Scale Patterns  |  by Don Latarski
  • Ear Training: Volume I Scale Forms through Six Basic Tetrachords (Ear Training) Ear Training: Volume I Scale Forms through Six Basic Tetrachords  |  by Elvo S. D'Amante
  • Melodic Minor: Revealed  |  by Don Mock
  • Melodic Rhythms for Guitar  |  by William Leavitt
  • Harmonization at the Piano  |  by Arthur Frackenpohl
  • Chord Tone Soloing: A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style    |  by Barrett Tagliarino
  • Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: A Melodic Approach  |  by Garrison Fewell
  • Melodic Studies & Compositions for Guitar: A Reading Workout for Serious Musicians  |  by Fred Hamilton
  • The Melodic Bass Library  |  by Jimmy Haslip
  • Melodic Improvising For Guitar Developing Motivic Ideas Through Chord Changes   |  by Bruce Saunders
  • Bebop Licks for Guitar: A Dictionary of Melodic Ideas for Improvisation |  by Les Wise
  • Melodic Arpeggios For Lead Guitar  |  by Mark Galbo
  • Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony
  • The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians  |  by Jim Fleser
  • Joe Satriani - Guitar Secrets
  • Modern Chord Progressions  |  by Ted Greene
  • The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications, Vol. I  |  by Ralph Turek
  • Contemporary Chord Khancepts (Jazz Masters) Contemporary Chord Khancepts (Jazz Masters)  |  by Steve Khan
  • Practical Piano Skills  |  by Constance Starr
  • The Songwriting Sourcebook: How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Harmonization at the Piano  |  by Arthur Frackenpohl
  • Piano Chords & Progressions:: The Secret Backdoor to Exciting Piano Playing!  |  by Duane Shinn
  • Chord Chemistry  |  by Ted Greene
  • Chord Tone Soloing: A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style  |  by Barrett Tagliarino
  • Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One : Guitar chords and chord progressions for the guitar  |  by Bruce Arnold
  • The Three Chord Guitar Big Book
  • Jazz Piano Chords  |  by Misha Stefanuk
  • Chord Master: How to Choose and Play the Right Guitar Chords  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Voice Leading for Guitar: Moving Through the Changes  |  by John Thomas
  • Creative melodic techniques used in jazz improvisation  |  by Phil Rizzo
  • Harmony and Voice Leading (3rd Edition)  |  by Edward Aldwell
  • Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist: For Those Interested in Expanding Melodic Concepts
  • Melodic Improvising  |  by Andy Middleton
  • Jazz Piano - The Blues & Melodic Improvisation  |  by Herb Drury
  • Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max  |  by Todd Winkler
  • Pianists Guide to Blues, Jazz, and Melodic Improvisations  |  by Herb Drury
  • Style and Idea: Selected Writings  |  by Arnold Schoenberg
  • The Songwriters Idea Book: 40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help You Design Distinctive Songs, and Keep Your Creative Flow  |  by Sheila Davis
  • 500 Songwriting Ideas  |  by Aschmann Lis
  • Essential Jazz: The First 100 Years (with CD-ROM)  |  by Henry Martin
  • 1,000 Keyboard Ideas  |  by Ronald Herder
  • Making Music  |  by David Tutt
  • Composing Music with Computers  |  by Eduardo Miranda
  • Essential Computers: Composing Music on Your PC  |  by Robert Beattie
  • Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters  |  by Gina Fant-Saez
  • Get Creative with Emagic Logic: Composing and Arranging with Emagic Logic  |   by Keith Gemmell
  • Study of Orchestration, Third Edition  |  by Samuel Adler
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition  |  by Michael Miller
  • Workbook for the Study of Orchestration  |  by Samuel Adler
  • The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self  |  by William Westney
  • The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook: A Radical Guide to Cutting Loose, Overcoming Blocks, and Writing the Best Songs of Your Life  |  by Karl Coryat
  • Sounds and Scores : A Practical Guide to Professional Orchestration  |  by Henry Mancini
  • Writing the Broadway Musical  |  by Aaron Frankel
  • The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony  |  by Jimmy Kachulis
  • Compositional Process of J.S. Bach  |  by Robert L. Marshall
  • Simple Composition  |  by Charles Wuorinen
  • Microsound  |  by Curtis Roads
  • Techniques of the Contemporary Composer  |  by David Cope
  • Music Theory For Dummies  |  by Michael Pilhofer
  • Writing For The Orchestra: An Introduction To Orchestration  |  by Merton Shatzkin
  • Electronic Projects for Musicians  |  by Craig Anderton
  • Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music   |  by Derek Bailey
  • Fundamentals of Musical Composition  |  by Arnold Schoenberg
  • Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music  |  by Mark J. Butler
  • Sonata Forms  |  by Charles Rosen
  • From Score To Screen: Sequencers, Scores And Second ThoughtsThe New Film Scoring Process  |  by Sonny Kompanek
  • Musical Composition  |  by Reginald Smith Brindle
  • The Computer Music Tutorial  |  by Curtis Roads
  • Compositional Theory in the Eighteenth Century  |  by Joel Lester
  • Creative Music Composition: The Young Composer's Voice  |  by Margaret Lucy Wilkins
  • Audio Editing with Adobe Audition  |  by Richard Riley
  • Chord Progressions for Songwriters  |  by Richard J. Scott
  • Melody: How to Write Great Tunes  |  by Rikky Rooksby
  • Songwriting: Essential Guide to Rhyming: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Rhyming and Lyrics  |  by Pat Pattison
  • The Finale Primer: Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale  |  by Bill Purse
  • Modal Music Composition: Expanded Edition  |  by Stephen M. Cormier
  • Composing for the Jazz Orchestra  |  by William Russo
  • The Guide to Midi Orchestration  |  by Paul Gilreath
  • Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity  |  by Jason Blume
  • The Art of Writing Love Songs  |  by Pamela Oland
  • Sound Advice on Developing Your Home Studio  |  by Bill A. Gibson
  • Users' Guide to Logic Audio 5  |  by Stephen Bennett
  • Machine Models of Music  |  by Stephan Schwanauer
  • Rethinking Music
  • Writings on Music, 1965-2000  |  by Steve Reich
  • PC Music - The Easy Guide  |  by Robin Vincent
  • The Harmony of Bill Evans  |  by Jack Reilly
  • Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition (Harmonologia Series, No 6)  |  by Iannis Xenakis
  • The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers  |  by John Cacavas
  • Serial Composition and Atonality: An Introduction to the Music of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern, Sixth edition, Revised  |  by George Perle
  • Sudden Music: Improvisation, Sound, Nature  |  by David Rothenberg
  • American Experimental Music, 1890-1940  |  by David Nicholls
  • Music & Song  |  by Tim Murphey
  • Types Of Music Form And Composition: 50 Ready-to-Use  |  by Audrey J. Adair
  • Advanced Techniques for Film Scoring (Book and CD)  |  by Earle Hagen
  • An Open Design for Computer-Aided Algorithmic Music Composition:  |   by Christopher Ariza
  • Tonal Pitch Space  |  by Fred Lerdahl
  • Composition in Retrospect  |  by John Cage
  • Counterpoint: Strict And Free  |  by Ebenezer Prout
  • Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft  |  by Stephen Citron
  • Serial Composition  |  by Reginald Smith Brindle
  • The Piano Quartet and Quintet: Style, Structure, and Scoring  |  by Basil Smallman
  • Electronic and Computer Music  |  by Peter Manning
  • Machine Musicianship  |  by Robert Rowe
  • Fugal Composition: A Guide to the Study of Bach's '48'  |  by Joseph Groocock
  • The Woman Composer: Creativity and the Gendered Politics of Musical Composition  |  by Jill Halstead
  • Form and Method: Composing Music  |  by Roger Reynolds
  • Songwriters: A Biographical Dictionary With Discographies  |  by Nigel Harrison
  • The Thematic Process in Music  |  by Rudolph Richard Reti
  • Anatomy of Melody: Exploring the Single Line of Song  |  by Alice Parker
  • Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for American Music  |  by Judith Tick
  • The Secrets of Songwriting: Leading Songwriters Reveal How to Find Inspiration and Success  |  by Susan Tucker
  • Twelve-Tone Tonality, Second edition  |  by George Perle
  • Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century  |  by Arnold Whittall
  • Concerto Conversations: With a 68-minute CD (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures)  |  by Joseph Kerman
  • Meter as Rhythm  |  by Christopher Hasty
  • Electronic Music Composition for Beginners  |  by Robert T. Adams
  • Loops and Grooves: The Musician's Guide to Groove Machines and Loop Sequencers
  • What's MIDI?: Making Musical Instruments Work Together
  • Creative Music Making  |  by William L. Cahn
  • Reviving the Muse: Essays on Music After Modernism Reviving the Muse: Essays on Music After Modernism
  • Stolen Time: The History of Tempo Rubato   |  by Richard Hudson
  • How to Write a Melody  |  by Alexander Borisoff
  • Dialogues with Boulez Dialogues with Boulez  |  by Rocco Di Pietro
  • Techniques of Twentieth Century Composition: A Guide to the Materials of Modern Music  |  by Leon Dallin
  • The Twentieth-Century Composer Speaks  |  by Mari Nishimura
  • Choral Composition: A Handbook for Composers, Arrangers, Conductors, and Singers  |  by Robert Stephan Hines
  • Learning to Compose  |  by John Howard
  • Basic Atonal Theory  |  by John Rahn
  • Alban Berg  |  by Bryan R. Simms
  • Computer Composer's Toolbox  |  by Phil Winsor
  • The Practical Harmonist at the Harpsichord.)  |  by Francesco Gasparini
  • Interactive Music Systems: Machine Listening and Composing  |  by Robert Rowe
  • Musical Creativity  |  by Irene Deliege
  • Tones into words;: Musical compositions as subjects of poetry  |  by Calvin S Brown
  • The technique of choral composition  |  by Archibald T Davison
  • Musical Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music  |  by Derek Bailey
  • Finale 2007 Academic (Win/Mac)  - software
  • Music with Words: A Composer`s View  |  by Virgil Thomson
  • Sony Acid Music Studio - software
  • Digital Orchestrator
  • iDrum US27000 Virtual Drum Machine for Mac OS X Garage Band, Live, Logic and Stand Alone Use
  • Sony Jam Trax
  • Improvising Blues Piano  - book
  • Cubase Studio 4
  • Digital Music Starter Kit
  • Chord Tone Soloing: A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style  |  by Barrett Tagliarino
  • Playing the Changes: Guitar: A Linear Approach to Improvising  |  by Paul Del Nero
  • The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising  |  by Jon Damian
  • Improvising Jazz   |  by Jerry Coker  -  book
  • 1001 Jazz Licks: A Complete Jazz Vocabulary for the Improvising Musician
  • Intervallic Designs for Jazz Guitar: Ultramodern Sounds for Improvising  |  by Joe Diorio
  • Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising for Guitar
  • Improvising: How to Master the Art by Gerre  |  Hancock
  • A Rhythmic Vocabulary: A Musician's Guide to Understanding and Improvising With Rhythm  |  by Alan L. Dworsky
  • Improvising Jazz Flute  |  by Horace A. Young
  • Improvising Lead Guitar: The Essential Guide  |  by Fred Sokolow
  • Improvising Jazz Sax: (MFM 75) (Saxophone) Improvising Jazz Sax  |  by Charley Gerard
  • Improvising Jazz Piano  |  by John Mehegan
  • mprovising Rock Sax  |  by Peter Yellin
  • Improvising Rock Piano  |  by Jeffrey Gutcheon
  • Sync or Swarm: Improvising Music In A Complex Age  |  by David Borgo
  • Improvising Rock Guitar  |  by Artie Funaro
  • 25 Ways to Improve Your Improvising for Guitar |   by Jay Marks
  • Improvising Rock Bass  |  by David C. Gross
  • Creative Saxophone Improvising
  • Improvising Jazz Lines
  • Bass Improvising  |  by Earl Gately
  • Saxophone Improvising Workbook  |  by William Bay
  • Stress Points: A Guitarist's Guide to Improvising  |  by Dom Minasi
  • Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist: For Those Interested in Expanding Melodic Concepts
  • Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of John Coltrane  |  by Corey Christiansen
  • Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Wes Montgomery for Guitar Book/CD Set  |  by Corey Christiansen
  • Interpretation for Flute: How to Shape a Melodic Line
  • Ron Carter - Building Jazz Bass Lines  |  by Ron Carter
  • The Changes Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Line & Comping for Guitar  |  by Sid Jacobs
  • Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Clifford Brown, Bb Edition  |  by Cliffor Brown
  • Expanding Walking Bass Lines  |  by Ed Friedland
  • Jazz Improvisation 2: Jazz Rhythm And The Improvised Line  |  by John Mehegan
  • Jazz and Blues Bass Lines  |  by Bruce Arnold
  • Essential Jazz Lines : Guitar the Style of Joe Pass  |  by Corey Christiansen
  • Structure and Analysis of the Modern Improvised Line  |  by D. Zinn
  • Jazz Guitar Comping  |  by Andrew Green
  • All Blues for Jazz Guitar: Comping Styles, Chords & Grooves  |  by Jim Ferguson
  • Voicing and Comping for Jazz Vibraphone
  • Creative Comping Concepts for Jazz Guitar  |  by Mark Boling
  • Jazz Guitar: Creative Comping, Soloing, and Improv  |  by Larry Coryell
  • Jazz Piano Comping: "From the Top"  |  by June Edison
  • 101 Must-Know Blues Licks  |  by Wolf Marshall
  • Chords for Jazz Guitar: The Complete Guide to Comping, Chord Melody and Chord Soloing  |  by Charlton Johnson
  • The Changes Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Line & Comping for Guitar  |  by Sid Jacobs
  • Barry Galbraith - Guitar Comping
  • Intermediate Jazz Piano Comping: "At the Bridge"  |  by Tom Anderson
  • Jazz Guitar Standards: A Complete Approach to Playing Tunes : Lead Sheet, Chord Melody Solo, Comping Backup, Single-Line Improvisation by Corey
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