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Tell Me How To
How To Compose A Simple Tune  |  A few simple chord patterns | you could have a pop hit

Advice To Beginning Musicians
Graham English

How to Write Music  |  Elements of a Song   |  Create a Chord Progression: First Steps  |  Traditional methods of teaching music composition require you to learn lots of music theory, as well as play an instrument. These articles aim to help you start creating your own music right away, with no musical background required:

Inside Sessions
How to write music  |  Online Interactive Music  |  Writing Distance Learning Class  |  Inside Sessions  |

How to write great music  |  How DoYou Write Music?  |

Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music  |

Music: How to write, play and perform it

How to Write music for free

Wisc U
Create your own music  |  Web course  |  Step-by-step process for creating  first composition  |

"Want to know how to write music?"  |

CompositionToday  |  Forums  |

The Straight Dope: If Irving Berlin could not read or write music, how did he compose?

BBC - Parents' Music Room
All children are now given the opportunity to create and develop their own musical ideas in school 

Teach Me Pop Music
For those who want to rock the world with their guitar or bass  |

Virtual Sheet Music  |  Blank Sheet Music  |   8, 10, 14, 18 & 22 Stave High Quality Score Design  |

Breakin' into Nashville  |  How to Write and Sell Country Music  |

Write more music on 43 Things

Experts > Music/Performing Arts > Musicians' Exchange > Musical Composition, Theory, Songwriting, and Singing

Bob Baker.com
Don't go to your grave with your talent and potential still locked inside of you  |

Music Theory  |  Registration required  |  Articles  |  News  |

The basic process of recording tracks on a computer.
Keep your tracks in the digital domain and get a better mix for less money

Mind, Music, and Technology » Blog Archive » Why Write Music?  |  kouroshdini.com  |  Improvisation as Self-Analysis  |  Naming

Pieces of Music  |  Instruments|

MusicLessonsOnline  |  contains over 90 articles, all written by a team of experts who have entensive experience in this area  |

Essential ingredients of a top 10 pop song!  | Suite 101  -  © Yogesh Bakshi

Essential Secrets of Songwriting
By using the examples of professional songwriters, you can improve your songwriting skills and create better melodies, chords and lyrics

Music Composition's Secrets
Tips in how to be a good composer.
Improving Your Improvisation Skills  |

Empty and Marvelous
Compares Zen philosophy to improvisation and suggests a unique approach to music making

The Secret to Composition

Piano Composition Secret of George Winston Reveals Easy Way to Play Piano!

How To Use Piano Chords To Create Complete Sections Of Music

To Learn How to Compose Learn How to Improvise  |

How to Use Chord Changes to Learn the Art of Musical Composition

How to Quickly and Easily Block out Entire Sections of Music

Best-Selling Author Asks: Is The Creative Process Universal?

Piano Journeys - Create Your Own Unique Music
Explains how to capture musical ideas using an 8-bar phrase.

The Beauty of New Age Piano

The Magic of New Age Piano

Nature Sounds and New Age Piano

New Age Pianist Shows You How To Compose Your Own Music

Jazz Piano Lessons - A Whole New Approach

Composing Your First Piano Piece

What Is Music Theory? FAQs

Musical Compostion - How To Listen To Music Like A Composer

11 Practices to Improve your Songwriting Ability

How I Compose a Piece of Music

Composing Using Chord Charts

A Rundown of Several North American Conservatories
A conservatory is an educational institution with special facilities for the fine arts

Creating Within Limits
Describes the power of working with a set of limitations when improvising.

Composing Music - Inspiration and Creativity

Composing for Piano Using Small ABA Form

The Horror of Traditional Piano Lessons  |  Points out the downfalls of current piano teaching methods and suggests an alternative approach.

Easy Ways To Benefit From Public Domain Music

Piano Music - How to Begin and End a Piece

Paint Your Own Musical Landscapes!

Benefits of Music Education

3 Secrets To Understanding What Makes Music Tick

How to Create Your Own Beautiful Piano Compositions

What Everybody Ought to Know About Composition

The Art of Music

Relationship of Music and Spirituality

5 Reasons to Learn Music Theory
Learn To Play The Piano Better By Learning To Arrange Chords & Chord Progressions

Musical Instruments: Discover Your Love For Music

Producing Your Own Music

Creative Piano Playing 101

Beginner Piano Lessons: Creating Music From the Heart

How To Create An Original Melody From Scratch

Piano Songs - Create Them Yourself!

How to Improve Your Sight-Reading

How-To-Write-Song  |  How to write a song  |  music publishing on the internet  |

BlankSheetMusic  |  Tutorial: How to Write a Great Song

  |  Melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics  |  Tips on songwriting  |  Music theory  |  harmony  |  dissonance  |  tonality 

You Can Write A Song

I Write The Songs  |  I Write The Songs  |  Songwriters RadioShow  |

MusesMuse  |  Songwriting Survey -Which do you write first? The lyrics or the music?  |

LyricPro  |  12 Steps To Competitive Songwriting  |

Metaroc  |  45 Books of interest to Songwriters  |

Secrets Of Songwriting  |  "Are you serious about becoming a top-notch songwriter? Having the best of intentions is no guarantee that you’ll write killer songs. In fact, all that hard work may be getting you nowhere if you are committing basic songwriting errors." 

How to Write a Song - WikiHow  |  Even if you can play and sing by ear amazingly, knowing at least how to read and write music will help you play with others and communicate your music  |

Songwriting Tips, Tricks & Techniques  |  Ultimate Song Writing.com  |  How To Write A Song - songwriting guide  |  Software  |  Step by Step Song Writing Tutorial & Tips for beginners  | Writing Lyrics  |  Songwriting Books  |  Blog  |  How To Write A Song  |  Record Deals  |  Music Business  |  Publishing  |  Building A Studio  |  Recording  |  Free Newsletter  |  Music Directory  | 

SongwritersDirectory  |  Songwriting Associations (USA)  |

Yahoo! UK & Ireland directory  |  > Music Composition > songwriting  |

EZ2Find  |  Writing Tips Sites  |

TAXI  |  "Get your music to the right people with TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors."  |

SongwritersResourceNetwork  |  "Songwriting tips & marketing information for songwriters and lyricists: how to write songs, song contests, lyric contest, how to write song lyrics, song publishing tips, Great American Song Contest - market your songs, meet songwriters, musicians, lyricists, recording artists, publishers & producers."   |

MusicianNews  |  Latest Singing and Songwriting News and Updates  |

LyricsReview  |  "LyricsReview.com provides a forum, with world wide exposure, for songwriters lyrics. View the lyrics and reviews of your peers. The site stimulates writers with a workshop and writing tips."   |

SongLink.com  |  Hotlinks > Industry Resources  |

WritingSongs  |  "writing songs .com a complete resource for songwriters. Writing lyrics, songs and music while getting together with other writers from around the world. Join our on line chat, post your songs, critique others, read classifies, free songwriting tips, links, news and much more!"   |

SongwriterUniverse - Empower the Songwriter  |  "songwriting resource,music business,songwriting,music,songs, song & CD evaluations, individual consultations, resources,useful articles, interviews, songwriter associations, musicians,recommended reading books,club lists, publications lists, record label lists, music publisher lists,collaboration"  |

WriteSongs  |  12 Steps  |  88 Wrongs  |  Workshops  |  Consultation  |  Recommendations  |  Songtips: Articles  |  NSAI Interview  |  Links  |  "Songwriters: Write Better Songs! "  |

SingingSpot  |  Singing Spot - Online Vocalist Resource directory - songwriting  |  General Resource Links  |  30+ categories   |

WebGuest  |  Songwriting tips  |  links  |  Workshps & Courses

Addicted to Songwriting  |  Your resource for songwriting information, articles, news, tips and more.  |  Articles  |  Song Chorus Construction  |  Successful Song Stuctures  |  Song Hooks  |  Interviews  |  Janis Ian: Breaking Silence  |  Shawn Colvin: Her Story  |  Steve Seskin Shares Secrets  |  Sarah McLachlan's Walden  |  Pond  |  Musicians Junction  |  Find and be found by other bands, artists, musicians, songwriters and more with the Musicians Junction. It's free!  |  Links • Link with Us!   • Songwriting Associations • Unsigned Showcases • Record Deals • Songwriting Contests • Film & TV Music Placement  |

Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine  |  Ed. Page  |  Columns  |  CD Ratings  |  Events  |  Classifieds  |  Info. Locator  |  FREE Newsletter  |  Letters to Ed  |  FAQ  |  Links 

EarMaster  |  Ear training will make you a better musician  |  Hear sheet music in your head  |  See music you hear with your inner eye  |

VOCALOID  |  is a vocal-synthesizing software that enables song writers to generate authentic-sounding singing on their PCs by simply typing in the lyrics and music notes of their compositions. The software synthesizes the sound from "vocal libraries" of recordings of actual singers, retaining the vocal qualities of the original singing voices to reproduce realistic vocals. The software also features simple commands that enable users to add expressive effects - such as vibrato and pitch bends - to their synthesized vocals. Additional releases to the range of vocal libraries currently available will broaden the range of voices and singing styles that can generated by VOCALOID. At the moment, VOCALOID can generate singing in Japanese and English. Other languages are also planned for the future   |

Voyetra  |  MusicWrite Maestro  |  top-of-the-line composer's tool  |  94 staves  |  32,000 events per track  |  quick score setup  |  16channel  |

Robosens  |  Guitarmaster  |  RoboSens introduces its guitar composition software  |

Tweakheadz  |  Doing it with Digital  |  Keep your tracks in the digital domain  |  Get a better mix for less money  |

WosznyMusic  |  The Synthesizer  |  Creating  |  Composing From Scratch  |  Inspirations  |  Jump Starts  | Directions  |  The Logical Next Step  |

The ABC Plus project  |  ABC music notation language |  tool to typeset sheet music  |

Wildcat  |  Autoscore  |  Music Straight From Playing to Monitor  |

UIUC.edu  |  Music Composition Project  |  Write music:  melody with correct rhythm & note placement  |  harmony  |  comparable to prose  |

MacBeat  |  "Compose Yourself"  |  Guide to music composition  |  21O page textbook  |  68 strategies of composing  |  rhythmic ability  |

SearchBoss  |  How to write music  |  music education software  |

Voyetra  |  "Record Producer" turns your MIDI PC into a music production studio  |  Record your song using digital audio tracks  |

Sibelius Compass software  |  teaches music composition   |  interactive program used for teaching music composition to students from middle school through university levels 

Tweakheadz  |  Songwriting and Philosophy for the Incurable Computer Musician  |
Sibelius Compass software  |  teaches music composition   |  interactive program used for teaching music composition to students from middle school through university levels
RMA Music  |  How to Write Symphonic Music with Midi  |
GameDev  |  Writing Game Music | The music for a game is very important | It sets the mood for the game |
BBCOneMusic/Fame Academy - Writing music on computer  | 

Songwriting - What Is It Really?

How You Can Improve Your Songwriting Skill

5 Songwriting Tips

Careers in Songwriting

Join A Songwriting Forum - It's A Good Idea!

How to Become a Songwriter - 2

Show Off Your Musical Talent by Entering a Songwriting Contest

Songwriting Contest Observations

Songwriting Tips - A Common Problem That Songwriters Face

Songwriting Zen - Songwriting Is Life Itself

Songwriting Zen - Songwriting Is Like Aural Photography

Songwriting Tip - Start A Journal Today

3 Simple But Powerful Songwriting Tips

Songwriting Tip - Collaborating With Other Songwriters

Make Money with Your Music - the Top 5 Ways

How To Overcome The Lyric Writing Hurdles That Are Keeping You Behind

To Find Yourself In Your Song Writing

Lyrics And Songwriting Ideas

Songwriting - The Art of Writing a Good Song

Do Musicians Make Better Songwriters?

Managing Your Time, when Music isn't Your "Day Job"

Use Drumloops and Samples for Making Up Great Songs

Song Lyrics - Creating Possible Song Titles

Guitar Online Schools


The Songwriting Habits

Audience's Perception Of Songs

How To Write A Song

Seven Basic Songwriting Errors

SONGWRITING - Inspiration or Perspiration?

Staying True To Your Music – And Pursuing Success

Write The Next Chart Topper - Start With Blues Piano

How to Develop a Good Ear

Develop Better Ears and Become a Stronger Musician

Why Hit Songs Aren't Hit or Miss

How to Get A Songwriting Record Deal

Write Songs the Music Industry Wants to Hear!

Song Lyrics

Songwriting Tip - Conquering Writers Block

Online Music Courses

The Role of CD Mastering Engineers

Jealous Again - Jealousy Among Musicians

So, You Want To Collaborate? The Key to Success For Songwriters

Soundtrack Lyrics

Beautiful Dreamer, Stephen Foster, America's First Folk Song Writer

Hooks to Hits: The Key to Writing Songs That Sell

Killing Her Softly With Their Song

Song Writing: To Find Yourself In The Music You Compose

So You Wrote Some Lyrics-2

Visualization Techniques for the Pianist

Sound Technology Schools Teach Art of Acoustics

Dividing Your Practice Time
Creative And Feeling Alone? What To Do When Your Friends Don't Support Your Creative Life

The Life and Legacy of John Denver

Rock & Roll Feature: Dylan Bringing the Controversy All Back Home

Songwriting Ideas

10 Ways for Unknown Musicians to Get the Word Out

Why Play Cover Songs


How to Write Lyrics For a Song

Songwriter Confessions #1

Writing Hit Songs

Guitar - Beyond The Chord Chart

Going Seamless: Dissolving the Brain Divide

Why Artist Development Makes A Difference

Turning a Band Into Songwriters - 10 Songs In One Hour

5 Songwriting Tips For The Lazy

To Record or Not To Record - At Home, That Is

Tapping Into Your Musical Side - Writing Song Lyrics

How To Get Signed To A Label - Top 10 Ways

Copyright Basics for Songwriters

Why You Must Stay On Course

The Gig Is Up - Getting Those Gigs

Every Song Tells A Story...But Does It Need To Be An Abstract Novel?

What Bruce Springsteen Taught Me About Writing

People are Turning to Meaningful Songs for Emotional and Spiritual Relief:

Improvisation in Music: Is that What Your Soul is Saying or are You Just Regurgitating?

JOHN LENNON - The Man and His Times

Tips on Songwriting

100 Tips to Market Your Music - Part 2

How To Break A #1 Hit Song On MP3.com

How to Become a Successful Independent Artist or Songwriter


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