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Composing Game Music

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8 Basic steps to get you started

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Mark Lampert, Composing Skyrim's Theme   -   Game Informer   -   Mark Lampert, Skyrim's Sound Designer and Audio Director, talks about working with Jeremy Soule on the composition of the theme for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Mick Gordon, Video Game Composer   -   The Good Game team spoke to Australian Sound Designer Mick Gordon who makes music and sound effects for video games

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Composer Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace gives an inside look into the imaginative creation and implementation of his vivid, minimalist retro score for the game FEZ. . Presented by Pyramind and G.A.N.G.: Game Audio Network Guild

Part 1
Overarching obstacles of creating a strong narrative with locational music in a non-linear game. Audio examples from locations in the game.

Part 2
Using modal motifs to correlate with gameplay states and scenes. Implementation of game engine randomizations to trigger musical elements. Mirroring level design concepts in the music.

Part 3
Linking musical effects to objects in the game, timing logic in triggering musical events, using modal schemes for pleasing note combinations. Tips for inspiration, hidden secrets.