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Articulations In Music Composition


Wikipedia:  Music Articulations

"In music, articulation refers to the direction or performance technique which affects the transition or continuity on single note or between multiple notes or sounds."

Legato  |  Staccato  |  Staccatissimo  |  Tonguing  |  Phrase  |  Phrase Mark  |  Sprechgesang  |  Portato  |  Slur  |  Pizzicato  |  Spiccato  |   Arco  |  Accent  |  Marcato  |  Glissando  |  Portamento  |  Expressive Timing  |  Modern Musical Symbols  |  List Of Music Topics  |  Aspect Of Music  |  sforzando  |  rinforzando  |

Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online - Phrasing & Articulation

Slur & Phrase :: Tenuto & Staccato :: Slurs & Staccato :: Variety of Accents :: Articulation on Wind Instruments :: Articulation on Stringed Instruments :: Articulation & Phrasing on Percussion Instruments :: Dot & Wedge in Clavichord Music :: Pedalling on the Piano Table of Dynamic Markings :: Table of Dynamic Markings :: Table of General Musical Markings

Music Notation at Michigan State University

"The most common articulations are the staccato, accent, tenuto, and the marcato. They are usually placed directly over or under the notehead, not the stem. If the notehead is on a space, the staccato and tenuto marks are placed in the next space. If the notehead is on a line, the staccato and tenuto marks are placed in the space after the next line."

"An introduction to the most common musical articulation markings."

NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Articulation (music)
In music an articulation is a sign, direction, or performance technique which indicates or affects the transition or continuity between notes or sounds. Articulations include ties, slurs, phrase marks, staccatos, accents, sforzandos, rinforzandos, and legatos. (Cooper 1985, glossary)"

How to Play Articulations and Ornaments - wikiHow
"In music, articulation refers to the technique which affects the transition or continuity on single or multiple notes. Ornaments are musical flourishes that decorate or "ornament" the melody. Here is a guide about the most common articulations and ornaments and how to play them. "

Advanced Articulation with the Didgeridoo

Saxophone Jazz Articulations

An interface for real-time classification of articulations produced by violin bowing

PDF] Lesson #9 : Articulations & Dynamics

Wikipedia: Baroque Performance Practices

Reading Bach's Ideas, Part I by Jonathan Leathwood
"At the heart of this article is the analysis in part 3 of the Prelude to BWV 998. Parts 1 and 2 inquire into Bach’s phrasing and articulation with special emphasis on the role played by rests. A final part returns to issues of texture and articulation in the light of the analysis   -   The four parts of this article are given as four separate HTML documents."

Krzysztof Penderecki  -  Polish composer
britannica.com  |  Toward bottom of article is mention percussive vocal articulations  |

An Understandable Approach to Musical Expression


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