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Money In Music.com
Making money with music - Learn about the music industry as we explore
songwriting tips, ad jingles,  teaching music and more at MoneyInMusic.com"

Music and Money.com
2 Professional Musicians give the insider secrets to success in the music business.

How can you make money as a musician without resorting to heading back to your
day job? It can take a little creativity as your getting your music career off the ground.
These ideas will get you started.

TAXI FAQs: Making Money-Making Secrets
The secret to making money in the music business  -  by Bob Baker

The New Economics Of The Muisc Industry

Make Music Make Money

32 Different Ways An Artist Can Make Money

How To Make Money In Your Home Studio

How To Make Money As A Music Artist

How to make more money as a musician
by Tom Hess

Making Money In Rock n Roll

How To Make Money With Music

How To Make More Money With Your Music

How Do Bands Make Money Now?

Making Music Make Money
AnIsider's Guide To Becoming Your Own Publisher
Berklee Press

Independant Music Advice.com
Guides and tips for independent musicians wishing to learn the music business inside out.
Through this site we hope to empower more musicians to make money from their
music career independently, and without the help of a record label.

TAXI FAQs: Making Money: Television Music
By Michael Laskow  | 

Squidoo  -  Gigout
Making it as a paid musician

How To Make Money As A musician

Chris Parillo
Making Money With Music  - 
How would you like to find an unknown band or musical artist,
support them, help them get a recording contract, and then receive a portion of the proceeds
from their sales? Is that something you’re interested in

Making Money Teaching Music
David R. Newsam

How easy is it to make money as a musician?
@ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Berklee Press
Making Music Make Money: An Insider's Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher
By Eric Beale

How To Make Money In Music - the models to choose

Film Music Composer
Articles Of Note

How Do I Make Money Off Of Songwriting?


Music Book Titles


Music Business Books

How to Be Your Own Booking Agent
The Musician's & Performing Artist's Guide to Successful Touring
by Jeri Goldstein


Booking Agency Directory 2007-2008 Edition
(Volume 1) by Pollstar

Succeeding in Music
A Business Handbook for Performers, Songwriters, Agents, Managers and Promoters
by John Stiernberg


The Fixers
Eddie Mannix, Howard Strickling and the MGM Publicity Machine
by E. J. Fleming


Special Agent Scully
The Gillian Anderson Files by Malcolm Butt

Colonel Tom Parker
The Curious Life of Elvis Presley's Eccentric Manager
by James L. Dickerson


So You Want To Be In Show Business
A Hollywood Agent Shares The Secrets Of Getting Ahead Without Getting Ripped Off
by Steve Stevens


Peggy: The Life of Margaret Ramsay
Play Agent by Colin Chambers

Warner Bros. Publications 21st Century Guitar Ensemble Series
Secret Agent Man 

Secrets of Negotiating a Record Contract
The Musician's Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Sneaky Lawyer Tricks
by Moses Avalon


101 Music Business Contracts by Platinum Millennium

Music Business Goal Planner
(52 Weeks to the Record Deal, Publishing Contract, and Income You Want)
by David Hooper


Lifetime Contracts
Ideas for Running Your Own Independent Record Label
by Levelt Musgraves


They Fought the Law
Rock Music Goes to Court
by Stan Soocher


Contracts for the Music Industry, Series

Contracts for Songwriters, Series I (Contracts for Songwriters
by Vito Fera

Inside A&R: The Musician's Guide to Pursuing a Major Label Record Deal
by Ken Krongard

Music Business & Entertainment Law Contracts for Indie Recording Artist
Labels, Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Managers and All Others in the Record Industry
Binder / CD-ROM set (PC & Mac) by R. Williams

The Touring Musician: A Small Business Approach to Booking Your Band on the Road
by Hal Galper

The Musician's Guide to the Road
A Survival Handbook & All-Access Backstage Pass to Touring
by Susan Voelz


This Business of Concert Promotion & Touring
by Ray Waddell

Access All Areas
A Real World Guide to Gigging and Touring
by Trev Wilkins


Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle by Neil Peart


Concert Sound and Lighting Systems
Third Edition by John Vasey

Concert Lighting, Second Edition
Techniques, Art and Business by James Moody

Stage Presence from Head to Toe
A Manual for Musicians by Karen Hagberg

Concert Tour Production Management
by John Vasey

Concert Life in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Theatres and Opera Houses
(Masterpieces of Architecture) by Terri Hardin

Concert Sound
(Mix Pro Audio) by David Trubitt

Performance Lighting Design
How to Light for the Stage, Concerts, Exhibitions, and Live Events
by Nick Moran


High Performance Pa and Concert Sound Systems
by Ben Duncan


Professional Sound Reinforcement Techniques
Tips and Tricks of a Concert Sound Engineer (Mix Pro Audio Series)
by Jim Yakabuski


Live Sound Reinforcement
(Mix Pro Audio Series) by Scott Stark

Ableton Live 6 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
by John Von Seggern

Automated Lighting  The Art and Science of Moving Light
in Theatre, Live Performance, Broadcast, and Entertainment
by Richard Cadena


Mastering Digital Audio Production
The Professional Music Workflow with Mac OS X
by Cliff Truesdell


Design and Build Your Own Live-Sound Speakers
by Larry Mundy

Crank It Up
Live Sound Secrets of the Top Tour Engineers by Clive Young

Basic Live Sound
Paul White

The Basics of Live Sound
Tips, Techniques and Lucky Guesses by Jerry J. Slone


Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle by Neil Peart

Concert Tour Production Management
by John Vasey

Concert Lighting
Second Edition: Techniques, Art and Business by James Moody

Music Publishing
The Real Road to Music Business Success
by Tim Whitsett


Performance Success
Performing Your Best Under Pressure (Theatre Arts) by Don Greene

The Musician's Internet
Online Strategies for Success in the Music Industry
by Peter Spellman


Mix Masters
Platinum Engineers Reveal Their Secrets for Success
by Maureen Droney


The Musician's Handbook
A Practical Guide to Understanding the Music Business
by Bobby Borg


100 Careers in the Music Business
by Tanja Crouch


6 Steps to Songwriting Success
The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs by Jason Blume

Career Opportunities in the Music Industry
by Shelly Field

Success and Confidence
(The Ultimate Healer Subliminal Series)

Music Money & Success
by Jeffrey Brabec

Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians
by Patricia Shih

How to Make It in the New Music Business
Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from Music's Biggest and Best by Robert Wolff

How to Pitch and Promote Your Songs
by Fred Koller

Making It in the Music Business
The Business and Legal Guide for Songwriters and Performers
by Lee Wilson


Ruthless Self Promotion in the Music Industry
by Jeffrey P. Fisher

Building a Successful 21st Century Music Career
by Simon Cann

Success in the Arts
What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields
by A Michael Shumate


The Songwriter's and Musician's guide to Nashville
by Sherry Bond

Hot Hits, Cheap Demos
The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success
by Nadine Condon


Cycle of self Empowerment
by Dom Famularo

Become a Great Musician in 88 Steps
88 Keys to Better Musicianship by Stan Munslow


Opportunities in Music Careers
Revised Edition by Robert Gerardi

Rock Star 101
A Rock Star's Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business
by Marc Ferrari


Strategies for Success
Self-Promotion Secrets for Musicians
by Michael Gelfand


How to Be a Working Musician
A Practical Guide to Earning Money in the Music Business
by Mike W. Levine




Music  Business


eHow  Articles



Books: Creating Music


Book  Titles

The Songwriter's Journal
52 Weeks of Songwriting Ideas and Inspiration
by Stan Swanson


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Songwriting
The Complete Idiot's Guide
by Joel Hirschhorn


Basic Music Theory
How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music by Jonathan Harnum

Songwriting for Beginners
by John Davidson

How to Write Songs on Guitar
A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course
by Rikky Rooksby


88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them
Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting , Make Your Songs More Marketable
by Pete Luboff


Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure
Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics
by Pat Pattison


How to Write Songs on Keyboards
A Complete Course to Help You Write Better Songs How to Write Songs on Keyboards:
by Rikky Rooksby


101 Songwriting Wrongs and How to Right Them
How to Craft Songs That Sell
by Pete Luboff


Successful Lyric Writing
A Step-By-Step Course & Workbook
by Sheila Davis


Off The Record
Songwriters on Songwriting

Music Publishing
The Real Road to Music Business Success
by Tim Whitsett


Songwriting for Dummies
by Jim Peterik

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting
by Jimmy Webb  

The Craft and Business of Songwriting

by John Braheny

Musical Improv Comedy
Creating Songs in the Moment
by Michael Pollock


The Songwriting Sourcebook
How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs
by Rikky Rooksby


Writing Better Lyrics
by Pat Pattison

Songwriters on Songwriting
by Paul Zollo

The Craft of Lyric Writing
by Sheila Davis

Melody in Songwriting
Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs (Berklee Guide) by Jack Perricone

Successful Lyric Writing
A Step-By-Step Course & Workbook
by Sheila Davis


by Nick Hornby

Song: The World's Best Songwriters on Creating the Music That Moves Us
American Songwriter Magazine

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook
A Radical Guide to Cutting Loose, Overcoming Blocks,
and Writing the Best Songs of Your Life
by Karl Coryat


The Songwriters Idea Book
40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help You Design Distinctive Songs, 
and Keep Your Creative Flow
by Sheila Davis


Lyrics: Writing Better Words for Your Songs
by Rikky Rooksby


The Art of Writing Great Lyrics
by Pamela Phillips Oland

Composing Music: A New Approach
by William Russo

This Business of Songwriting
by Jason Blume

The Craft and Business of Songwriting
Creating and Marketing Artistically and Commercially Successful Songs
by John Braheny


Songwriting: Essential Guide to Rhyming
A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Rhyming and Lyrics
by Pat Pattison


6 Steps to Songwriting Success
The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs
by Jason Blume


How to Write a Hit Song
The Complete Guide to Writing and Marketing Chart-Topping Lyrics and Music
by Molly-Ann Leikin


Music Notation
(Berklee Guide) by Mark McGrain

Chord Progressions for Songwriters
by Richard J. Scott

The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony
by Jimmy Kachulis


Writing Music For Hit Songs
Second Edition by Jai Josefs

Melody: How to Write Great Tunes
by Rikky Rooksby

New Songwriter's Guide to Music Publishing
Everything You Need to Know to Make the
Best Publishing Deals for Your Songs
by Randy Poe


The Essential Songwriter
by Jonathan Feist

The Secrets of Songwriting
Leading Songwriters Reveal How to Find Inspiration and Success
by Susan Tucker


Blinded by the Lyrics
by Brent Mann

Inside Classic Rock Tracks
Songwriting and Recording Secrets of 100+ Great Songs
by Rikky Rooksby


Inside the Music
by Dave Stewart

Songwriting: Methods, Techniques And Clinical Applications
For Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators And Students

The Studio Business Book
(Mix Pro Audio Series) by Jim Mandell

How to Pitch and Promote Your Songs
by Fred Koller

How to Be a Hit Songwriter
Polishing and Marketing Your Lyrics and Music
by Molly-Ann Leikin


The Art of Writing Music
A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers
by John Cacavas


The Musician's Guide to Reading and Writing Music
by Dave Stewart


How to Have Your Hit Song Published and Updated
by Jay Warner

The Words and Music of Carole King
(y James E. Perone

The Complete Singer-Songwriter
A Troubadour's Guide to Writing, Performing, Recording and Business
by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers


Songwriting: And the Creative Process
Suggestions and Starting Points for Songwriters
by Steve Gillette


The Songwriter's and Musician's guide to Nashville
by Sherry Bond

Inspiration for Songwriters
Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse by Stan Swanson

All About Chords
Understanding Contemporary Chordal Structures and Progressions
by Elvo D'Amante


How to Get Real with a Fake Book
A Guide for the Piano Arranger

Becoming Remarkable
For Songwriters and Those Who Love Song by Harriet Schock

The Do's & Dont's of Music Row
by Liz, Hengber

The Professional Singer's Handbook
The Complete Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Singer
by Gloria Rusch


The Words, the Music and the Money
by Dick Weissma


Your First Cut
A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting There by Jerry Vandiver

How to Write Funny Lyrics
The Comedy Songwriting Manual
by Michael Pollock


Lead Sheet Bible
A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Lead Sheets and Chord Charts

American Women Songwriters
A Biographical Dictionary
by Virginia L. Grattan


Inside Songwriting
Getting to the Heart of Creativity Inside Songwriting:
by Jason Blume


Arranging Songs
How to Put the Parts Together
by Rikky Rooksby


Songwriters Rhyming Dictionary
by Jane Whitfield

Get It in Writing
The Musician's Guide to the Music Business
by Brian McPherson

Rock Troubadours
Conversations on the Art and Craft of Songwriting
Jerry Garcia, Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and More
by Jeffrey PepperRodgers


The Lyricist's Notebook
Manuscript Paper for Inspiration and Composition
by Matthew Teacher


The Songwriter's Handbook
by Tom T. Hall

The American Idol Audition Book With CD

And Then I Wrote
The Songwriter Speaks

Money Chords
A Songwriter's Sourcebook of Popular Chord Progressions
by Richard J. Scott


How to Write, Produce and Sell Commercial Music
by Al Stone


Songwriting Success
How to Write Songs for Fun and (Maybe) Profit
by Michael Lydon


The Everything Songwriting Book
All You Need to Create and Market Hit Songs
by C. J. Watson


The Songwriter's Market Guide to Song & Demo Submission Formats

Songwriters Playground
Innovative Exercises in Creative Songwriting
by Barbara L. Jordan


The Art of Writing Music
A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers of Instrumental,
Choral, and Electronic Music
As Applied to Publication
by John Cacavas


Songs Without Rhyme
Prose By Celebrated Songwriters

The Blues Lyric Formula
by Michael Taft

Telling Stories, Writing Songs
An Album of Texas Songwriters
by Kathleen Hudson


All Area Access
Personal Management for Unsigned Musicians
by Marc Davison


The Art of Writing Love Songs
by Pamela Oland

500 Songwriting Ideas
by Aschmann Lis

Breakin' into Nashville
How to Write and Sell Country Music
by Jennifer Pierce


A Complete Guide to the Craft
by Stephen Citron


The Complete Handbook of Songwriting
An Insider's Guide to Making It in the Music Industry
by Mark Liggett


You've Written A Song, So Now What?
A Guide to the business of Songwriting for Songwriters,
Musicians and Recording Artists
by Aaron Meza


Nashville Songwriting by Jerry Cupit

The Modern Rhyming Dictionary Edition
by Gene Lees

Write Songs from Scratch
(From Scratch) by Christopher Norton

You Can Write a Song
(with Audio CD) (You Can)

How to Make a Good Song a Hit Song
by Molly Ann Leikin

Music with Words
A Composer`s View
by Virgil Thomson


Songwriting and the Guitar
The Complete Guide

Essential Songwriting
Everything You Need to Compose, Perform, and Sell Great Songs
by C.J. Watson


Creating Melodies
A Songwriter's Guide to Understanding, Writing and Polishing Melodies
by Dick Weissman


by Matthew Nicholl

Beginning Songwriter's Answer Book
by Paul Zollo

Audition Songs For Female Singers 2

Selling Songs Successfully
by Henry Boye

The Song is Ended
Songwriters and American Music, 1900-1950
by William G. Hyland


You Can Teach Yourself Song Writing
by Larry McCabe

The Melody Lingers on
The Great Songwriters and Their Movie Musicals
by Roy Hemming


101 songwriting and composing techniques
by Jack Wheaton

Behind The Muse
Pop and Rock's Greatest Songwriters Talk About Their Work and Inspiration
by Bill Demain


Breakin' in to the Music Business
by Alan Siegel

CD-ROM Manuscript Paper
A Variety of Staff Paper for All Your Composing and Arranging Needs

Contracts for Songwriters, Series I
Contracts for Songwriters
by Vito Fera


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Songwriting
by Cliffie Stone

Heart and Soul
Revealing the Craft of Songwriting by Chris Bradford

How to Get Somewhere in the Music Business
From Nowhere with Nothing
by Mary Dawson


How To Play By Ear
Chords and Progressions for Musicians, Songwriters and Composers
by Jack Hatfield


How to Write a Hit Song
by Al Kasha

Line Finder
by Jim Disney

Making Money Making Music
No Matter Where You Live by James W. Dearing

Musicians Guide To The Internet
by Gary Hustwit

The Nashville Number System
by Chas Williams

On Songwriting by Bob Snider

The Practical Guide to Songwriting
by Larry Petree

Solo: Women Singer-Songwriters in Their Own Words

The Songwriter's Guide to Collaboration
by Walter Carter

The Songwriter's Guide to Melodies
by Joseph R. Lilore

The Songwriter's Handbook
by Harvey Rachlin

The Songwriter's Hook Book
by Jon Batson

The Songwriters Song
The Discovery of Songwriting and its Origins
by Reginald Rodney


Songwriting for Music Therapists
Methods, Techniques and Applications
by MT-BC Betsey King Brunk M.M.T


Songwriting For Your Original Act
by Cat Cohen

Songwriting: From Ideas to Royalties
by Joe Keene

The Complete Handbook of Songwriting
An Insider's Guide to Making It in the Music Industry by Mark Liggett; Cathy Liggett..



Business  Articles


eZine Articles

Getting Your Songs Placed In TV Shows and Films

How to Be in the Moment when Playing Piano

Internet Money Making For Musicians

Sonic Producer Review - Software to Make Your Own Beats

The Formula to Have Bestselling Music

Two Great Options For Making Money Online

Learn About Producing Music

New Music Service From MySpace

Making Money on Royalties

Benefits of Music Education

Factors Affecting the Popularity of Music CDs

 Vending Machines

Techno Music Relies Heavily On The Beats

How Do You Get Into Making Dance Music Tracks?

Legalities of Online Music

Online Music Courses

Music Video Production Companies

USB Flash Drives in the Music Industry

Building a Home Studio? Answer These Questions First

Music Composition's Secrets

Music Production For Beginners

Music Producers - You Can Pursue Your Passion

The Era of World Music

How To Sell Your Music As An Unsigned Recording Artist Online

Low-Budget Music Videos

Music Business Books - 2 Best Choices For the Serious Musician

The Reality of Royalty Free Music

CD-DVD Duplication Makes You Store Music in a More Lasting Digital Format

Electronic Drum Sets and Their Many Benefits

Advantages of Online Piano Lessons Downloads

10 Tips For Improving Your Songwriting on Your Guitar

Music Teaching Resources Advance Strategies More Effectively



Music  Business



A Case for Live Concerts
by Kirk Whipple

A Few Great Reasons to Attend Student (and other!) Performances
by Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales

All the World's a Stage
by Steve Bruner

The Art of Listening
by Ken Blacklock

Excerpts from Harmonic Experience
by W.A. Mathieu

Getting Started in Music: Some Tips
by the Unconservatory

How to Practice
by Ken Blacklock

How to Select a Music Teacher
by Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales

Letter to a Young Musician: On Becoming a Classical Musician
by Ken Blacklock

On Piano Playing
by Mickie Willis


Business Articles


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How To Make A Good Beat With A Beat Maker: It's Easier Then You Think

Hiring a Piano Teacher: Things to Consider First

Pioneers Of DJ Equipment And Techniques

What Is MIDI And How Does It Work In Electronic Keyboards?

The Life & Music of George Gershwin

Find The Value Of Your Vinyl Records

Why has Vinyl Records Become so Popular Again?

Staying in Tune: The Basics of Piano Tunings

Perfect Pitch: How to Tell if You Have It

Building a Simple Recording Studio for Beginners

The Great "Cocktail" Pianists: The Best of the Bunch

Pop Piano: Five Ways to Get Started in Popular Music

Beginners DJ Equipment. Tips You Need

The History Behind DJ Equipment

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Musicians

The Best Albums of 2008

The Innovative & Intellectual Jazz Piano Of Bill Evans

How to Pick a Name for Your Band

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music

Learn How To Play Lead Guitar

Keith Jarrett: The Jazz Piano Prodigy

Grand Pianos: How They Work

George Gershwin: Prolific Songwriter And Musical Maestro

Seven Things That Will Make or Break Your Music Website

Making Opportunities For The Guitar To Stand Out As A Solo Instrument

Can An Air Guitar Be Classed As A Real Instrument?

Grand Piano: Upright Or Digital Keyboard?

What Is The Classical Guitar Technique?

The Pros And Cons Of Starting To Learn Guitar Slowly

The Unique Characteristics Of Guitar Chords

Cole Porter, Composer Extraordinaire

Tips for Finding a Local Music School in Your Community

Why Do We Love The IPod?

New Age Music Relaxes the Mind

Learn To Read Music & Play Piano As An Adult

Learn To Read Music & Play Piano As An Adult

Indie Label Startup Pure and Simple

Erroll Garner: One of a Kind Jazz Pianist & Composer of "Misty"

Indie Labels Competing With Major Labels?

Learning To Be Your Own Guitar Hero

Shred Guitarists Breaking the Barriers

Podcasts: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Art Tatum: The Virtuoso Of Jazz Piano

Terrifying Guitar Tricks - A Guide for Beginners

Some Very Useful Guitar Clean-up Tips

The Many Magical Musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein

Tips on How to Play the Drums

World Musical Instruments - Exploring Musical Inclinations From Some Countries Around the Globe

Acoustic And Electric Guitar - How They Stack Up Against Each Other

Learning To Play The Guitar

Determining MP3 Quality

The Turntable And DJ Equipment In The Digital Age

Modulation Effects For Electric Guitar

Count Basie - the Count of Piano Jazz

What is Musical Syncopation And How Does It Work?

Digital Piano: Choosing the Right One

How To Make Good Analog Music Recordings - some Tips from Moritz Illner

Oscar Peterson - Jazz Pianist Extraordinary

How To Play The Piano WIth Just Two Simple Chords

4 Practical Strategies To Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level

Music Copyright Myths and Royalty Free Music

Music Scales For Beginners

The Future Of The Music Industry And NYLVI - Where Do We Fit In?

How To Write Original Songs That People Like

Drum Kits: Not Just About The Drums

The Many Sounds Of The Drum

Guitar Amps: For The "Plugged" Performance

Piano Keyboards to Keep You Playing: What To Look For In a Keyboard

Practising With Digital Backing Tracks

Tips on How to Tune a Guitar

How to Use a Guitar Pick

How Important Is Sight Reading For Piano Players?

10 Piano Styles You Can Learn To Play

So You Want to Be a Piano Teacher?

Is Sheet Music Necessary For Musicians?

Changing Keys: What Is Transposition, And How Can I Do It?

Swing Bass for Piano: Get Your Left Hand In Action

Dave Brubeck: The Master of Improvisation And Unusual Rhythms

Piano Methods Online - What to Avoid

How To Master Singing Breath Control Techniques

When It Comes To Music, You Never Know What's Going To Be Popular

Understanding Sheet Music Structuring For Novices

How Lyrics Set The Mood For A Song

Is it Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away?

New Music - Bands Heading For The Big Time

Music Networks - How Bands and Musicians Use Music Networks for Band Promotion

How To Write A Great Live Set List For Your Band

Promote Your Band or Music Using These Massive Traffic Building Tips

Piano Improvisation: How To Create Exciting New Music As You Play!

Piano Technique and Methods for Beginners

Why Changing Your Musical Style is a Good Thing

Selling Out Or Musical Progression

Basic Music Theory for Guitar - Scales and Keys

How Far Has Computerised Music Come

Prospects Of US Music Gear Industry

Microphone Techniques For Acoustic Guitars

Microphone Techniques And Drums

Sound Controlling Music Gear

Why Do-It-Yourself Recording Isn't Always Your Best Bet

How To Play Piano Or Guitar By Ear

How To Play In A Band - Some Useful Tips

How To Become A Great Guitarist

Everything You Should Know About USB Turntables

Piano Lesson: Are You Getting Better All The Time?

The Evolution Of Recorded Sound

Play Jazz Piano In Style

Software Tools For Producers

How to Play the Keyboard: Start With C Major

How To Sing With Feel, Emotion And Passion Of A Superstar

Tips And Tricks For Recording Your Voice


Can You Write a Song?

Free Sources of Legal Music Downloads

How to Play the Twelve Bar Blues Structure Guitar Lesson

How To Avoid Common Singing Mistakes

Music Promotion Using Viral Marketing And Old Fashioned Word Of Mouth. More Plays And Views

Ways To Get Your Music Noticed And Get Myspace Plays And Views

Price Fixing By People That Should Know Better

How To Work Out Key Signatures

Guitar Lesson: How To Understand Major Chords

Proven Ways To Protect Your Hit Song

Putting Your Hit Song Out There

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Sight Reading

Piano Lesson: How To Play From A Fake Book

The Top 10 Ways To Improvise On The Piano

The Main Reasons You Are Not Getting A Record Deal

What You Need To Record A Great Album

How To Record With The Right Attitude

How To Pass Your American Idol Audition

A Guide To Reading Sheet Music

The Recipe for A Modern Orchestra

SXSW: Which Admission Option is Best for You?

How To Develop Virbrato Singing Voice

Add More MySpace Plays Whenever You Want Them, Increase Plays,
Get Signed And Climb The Charts

Get Signed And A&R Interest - Get More Myspace Plays To Increase
And Boost Myspace Music Marketing

Making the Most of Your Music Practice Time

Singing with a Purpose

The Blessings Of The Digital Music Age

Goals and Objectives of Singing

How To Sing High Notes

Why Do We Like The Music We Do

Music Gear for Concerts

Basic Mechanism and Growth of the Loudspeaker Enclosure

Tips on Shopping for Music Gear

Tips for Buying a Good Synthesizer

The Synthesis Methods of Sound

How to Read Musical Notes of Synthesizers

Strumming Patterns of Guitars

Finding a Good Synthesizer Player

Drum Hardware for a Complete Drum Set

Ways to Master Guitar Care

Secrets of a Synthesizer

Piano Note Reading for Beginners

Features of Synthesizers

How To Get A Song Published

How To Play the Blues

Piano Improvisation in Three Steps

Performing Live in Concert

Making Music - Some Sound Advice

Capturing the Muse - Tips and Tricks

Self-Care For Musicians

Piano Lesson: Do You Really Want To Learn These Things?

Improving Your Improvisation Skills



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