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A Beginners Guide  To 
Creating  Music

Book List:  Elements  Of  Music 


Elements of Music (2nd Edition) by Joseph Straus
The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications, Vol. 2 by Ralph Turek
Basic Elements of Music Theory for The Guitar: Supplement 2: Classic Guitar Technique by Aaron Shearer
The Elements of Music: Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony (Wooden Books) by Dr. Jason Martineau
The Listening Experience: Elements, Forms, and Styles in Music by James P. O'Brien
Music in Theory and Practice Vol 2 with Anthology CD by Bruce Benward
Music in Theory and Practice, Volume 1 (v. 1) by Bruce Benward
First Steps in Music Theory by Eric Taylor
Workbook: Tonality and Design in Music Theory, Volume II by Earl Henry
Essential Dictionary of Music Notation: The Most Practical and Concise Source for Music Notation by Tom Gerou
Score Reading: A Key to the Music Experience by Michael Dickreiter
Elements Of Music by F. Davenport
Playing With the Elements of Music: A Guide to Music Theory by Jean Nandi
Elements of the Jazz Language for the Developing Improvisor by Jerry Coker
Music Notation by Mark McGrain
Meter in Music, 1600-1800 (Music: Scholarship and Performance) by George Houle
Basic Harmonic Progressions: A Self-Instruction Program  by John L. Clough
Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns (Text) by Nicolas Slonimsky
The Elements of Music: Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony (Wooden Books) by Dr. Jason Martineau
Fretboard Theory - Learn Guitar Theory, Scales, Chords, Progressions, Modes, Song Details and More. Music Theory Lessons For Acoustic and Electric Guitar. by Desi Serna
The Everything Guitar Scales Book with CD: Over 700 scale patterns for every style of music (Everything Series) by Marc Schonbrun
Scales and Chords are Fun / Book 1 (Hirschberg) by David Hirschberg
The Twelve Notes Of Music: Ear Training And Interval Study Course by Mark John Sternal
GUITAR DVD + BOOK + CD Total Scales Techniques and Applications by Mark John Sternal
The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences:  -  by Willard A. Palmer 
Music Theory: Reading Music, Scales, Modes and Chords
Guitar Scales and Arpeggios: Grades 6-8
Meter in Music, 1600-1800 (Music: Scholarship and Performance) by George Houle
Hearing in Time: Psychological Aspects of Musical Meter by Justin London
Meter As Rhythm by Christopher Hasty
Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter: A Programmed Course in Elementary Music Theory,by John Clough
Rhythm: One on One, Dalcroze Activities in the Private Music Lesson by Julia Schnebly-Black


More  Book  Lists

Choosing  A Music Career Succeeding_In_Music
Music Careers:  Ttutorials & Advice Music Business:  Creating & Selling Your Songs
Music Copyright: Protect Your Music Creations Booking Agents: Managing Your Career
Music Production:  Music Studio Software Tutorials Music Audio: Digital Tools For The Creative Musician
MIDI: Composing & Recording Your Music MIDI Basics:  Tutorials For Beginners
MP3: The Music File Format That Changed History Computer Music: Digital Tools For Creative Musicians
Recording: Create Your Own Digital Music Studio Tools & Learning: Tutorials Covering Many Topics
Sequencing: Create and manage computer-generated music Synthesizers: Generating & Combining Signals (Music Tones)
Sound: Perception & Physics Of Sound Waves Electronic Music:  Electronica , Dance , Experimental
Composition: The Art Of Creating Music Composers: Their Life, Music & Careers
J S Bach:  Genius Music-Meister Of The High Baroque Beethoven:  Titan of the Classical Music Era
Music In Asia:  An Informal Survey Comp Instruments: Write Music For Piano, Sax, Trumpet, etc
Creative Process: Understanding Music Composition Avant-garde Composition:  Create Experimental Music
The Craft Of Songwriting Music Arranging: The Learning Tools You'll Need
Orchestration: Combining Instrumental Tone Colors Art Of The Blues
Blues Piano Jazz
Piano Instruction Elements Of Music
Rhythm Chord


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