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  • Choosing  A Music Career
  • Succeeding_In_Music
  • Music Careers:  Ttutorials & Advice
  • Music Business:  Creating & Selling Your Songs
  • Music Copyright: Protect Your Music Creations
  • Booking Agents: Managing Your Career
  • Music Production:  Music Studio Software Tutorials
  • Music Audio: Digital Tools For The Creative Musician
  • MIDI: Composing & Recording Your Music
  • MIDI Basics:  Tutorials For Beginners
  • MP3: The Music File Format That Changed History
  • Computer Music: Digital Tools For Creative Musicians
  • Recording: Create Your Own Digital Music Studio
  • Tools & Learning: Tutorials Covering Many Topics
  • Sequencing: Create and manage computer-generated music
  • Synthesizers: Generating & Combining Signals (Music Tones)
  • Sound: Perception & Physics Of Sound Waves
  • Electronic Music:  Electronica , Dance , Experimental
  • Composition: The Art Of Creating Music
  • Composers: Their Life, Music & Careers
  • J S Bach:  Genius Music-Meister Of The High Baroque
  • Beethoven:  Titan of the Classical Music Era
  • Music In Asia:  An Informal Survey
  • Comp Instruments: Write Music For Piano, Sax, Trumpet, etc
  • Creative Process: Understanding Music Composition
  • Avant-garde Composition:  Create Experimental Music
  • The Craft Of Songwriting
  • Music Arranging: The Learning Tools You'll Need
  • Orchestration: Combining Instrumental Tone Colors
  • Art Of The Blues
  • Blues Piano
  • Jazz
  • Piano Instruction
  • Elements Of Music
  • Rhythm
  • Chord






    Computer Music   -   A Book List



    Digital Tools For Creative Musicians.

    Computer Composer's Toolbox by Phil Winsor

    Elements of Computer Music by F. Richard Moore

    Guitarist's Guide to Computer Music by Robin Vincent

    Digital Guitar Power!: The Comprehensive Guide (Power!) by Marc Schonbrun

    MIDI Power!, Second Edition Author: Robert Guerin

    Web Jam (Hyperlinkz #3) by Robert Elmer

    Band in a Box: Intelligent Music Accompaniment Software for Your Multimedia Computer

    Midi for Musicians: Buying, Installing, and Using Today's Electronic Music-Making Equipment by Brad Hill

    The Finale NotePad Primer: Learning the Art of Music Notation with NotePad by Bill Purse

    The Musician's Guide to the Internet by Gary Hustwit

    Future Sounds by Andrews McMeel Publishing

    All About Hard Disk Recorders: An Introduction to the Creative World of Digital, Hard Disk Recording by Robby Berman

    Music.Dot.Com by Roger Walton

    How to Do Everything With MP3 and Digital Music by Dave Johnson

    Creating Digital Music and Sound: An inspirational introduction for musicians, web designers, animators, videomakers, and game designers. by Chris Middleton

    The Algorithmic Composer (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series) by David Cope

    Elements of Computer Music by F. Richard Moore

    Digital Performer Power! by Steve Thomas

    Sound Advice on Recording and Mixing Vocals (Instant Pro) by Bill Gibson

    The Sound Blaster Live! Book: A Complete Guide to the World's Most Popular Sound Card by Lars Ahlzen

    Hyperimprovisation: Computer-Interactive Sound Improvisation  By Roger T. Dean

    Midi Ins, Outs and Thrus See 00183500 Author: Jeff Rona 

    Laptop Music Power!: The Comprehensive Guide by John von Seggern

    Midi for Musicians: Buying, Installing, and Using Today's Electronic Music-Making Equipment by Brad Hill

    The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads

    The Billboard Illus Home Recording Handbk

    Burning Down the House: Ripping, Recording, Remixing, and More! by Eliot Van Buskirk

    Creating Music and Sound for Games by G.W. Childs IV

    Making Music with Your Computer Author: Stephen Bennett

    WAVs, MIDIs, & RealAudio® by Judi N. Fernandez

    CD and DVD Recording for Dummies, Second Edition by Mark L. Chambers

    Developing Musical Intuitions: A Project-Based Introduction to Making and Understanding Music by Jeanne Shapiro Bamberger

    Musicianship in the Digital Age by Brent Edstrom

    Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by Charles Dodge

    Digital Music Making for Teens by Andrew Lee Hagerman

    What's MIDI?: Making Musical Instruments Work Together (What's A...?)

    PC Music - The Easy Guide Author: Robin Vincent

    Experiencing Music Technology: Software, Data, and Hardware by David Brian Williams

    Sound and Music for Multimedia by David Javelosa

    Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists &Insiders Reveal Their Creative Secrets by David Battino

    The MIDI Manual, Second Edition | Author: David MilesHuber

    GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

    Audio Mashup Construction Kit: ExtremeTech by Jordan "DJ Earworm" Roseman

    Cybersounds: Essays On Virtual Music Culture (Digital Formations) by Michael D. Ayers

    Midi for Guitarists Author: Bob Ward, Marty Cutler

    The Musician's Guide to Midi Author: Christian Braut

    Midi Connection A Beginner's Guide

    Music and New Technology, the Midi Connection Author: Gabriel Jacobs

    Maximum MIDI Author: Paul Messick

    MIDI Basics Author: Lee Whitmore

    Digital Music Making for Teens Author: Andrew Lee Hagerman

    The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Producing Music with Samples - Author: Bill A. Gibson

    Digital Sound Processing for Music and Multimedia  by Ross Kirk





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  • General
  • Biographies
  • Bio: Classical
  • Books On CD
  • Country
  • Bio: General
  • Brass
  • Bio: Rock
  • Bio:  Jazz
  • Bio: Pop
  • Bio: R & B
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  • Books On Tape
  • Guitar
  • Music Genres
  • Instruments & Performers
  • Voice
  • Music Business
  • History / Criticism
  • Instruments & Performers
  • Percussion
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  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Sheet Music: Composers
  • General Music Genres
  • Bluegrass
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  • Jazz
  • Composition
  • Lullabies
  • Punk
  • Soul
  • Ethnic & International
  • Folk & Traditional
  • Gospel
  • Military Marches
  • Musicals
  • New Age
  • Heavy Metal
  • Opera
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Religious & Sacred Music
  • Popular
  • Rock
  • Music Appreciation
  • Recording & Sound
  • General Reference
  • Discographies Buyer's Guides
  • Theory, Comp & Performance
  • MIDI, Mixers, etc.
  • Scores: Lieder & Art Songs
  • Conducting
  • Exercises
  • Instruction & Study
  • Sheet Music: Forms & Genres
  • Scores: Ballet / Dance
  • Scores: Concerto
  • Scores:  Musicals
  • Songbooks: Populars
  • Scores: Classical
  • Scores: Keyboard
  • Scores: Piano
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  • Scores: Symphonies
  • Scores: Early Romantic
  • Sheet Music & Scores
  • Scores: Requiems & Oratorios
  • Songbooks: Opera
  • Music Composition Software
  • Scores: Religious & Church Music
  • Scores: Baroque
  • Scores: Piano Concertos
  • Scores: Piano Sonatas
  • Sheet Music: Popular
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  • Scores: Vocal
  • Scores: Historical Period
  • Scores: Late Romantic
  • Scores: Modern & 20th Century
  • Scores: Modern Popular
  • Scores: Instrumentation
  • Songbooks:  Folk / Ethnic
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  • Songbooks
  • Songwriting
  • Techniques
  • Theory
  • Music Store
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