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  • Choosing  A Music Career
  • Succeeding_In_Music
  • Music Careers:  Ttutorials & Advice
  • Music Business:  Creating & Selling Your Songs
  • Music Copyright: Protect Your Music Creations
  • Booking Agents: Managing Your Career
  • Music Production:  Music Studio Software Tutorials
  • Music Audio: Digital Tools For The Creative Musician
  • MIDI: Composing & Recording Your Music
  • MIDI Basics:  Tutorials For Beginners
  • MP3: The Music File Format That Changed History
  • Computer Music: Digital Tools For Creative Musicians
  • Recording: Create Your Own Digital Music Studio
  • Tools & Learning: Tutorials Covering Many Topics
  • Sequencing: Create and manage computer-generated music
  • Synthesizers: Generating & Combining Signals (Music Tones)
  • Sound: Perception & Physics Of Sound Waves
  • Electronic Music:  Electronica , Dance , Experimental
  • Composition: The Art Of Creating Music
  • Composers: Their Life, Music & Careers
  • J S Bach:  Genius Music-Meister Of The High Baroque
  • Beethoven:  Titan of the Classical Music Era
  • Music In Asia:  An Informal Survey
  • Comp Instruments: Write Music For Piano, Sax, Trumpet, etc
  • Creative Process: Understanding Music Composition
  • Avant-garde Composition:  Create Experimental Music
  • The Craft Of Songwriting
  • Music Arranging: The Learning Tools You'll Need
  • Orchestration: Combining Instrumental Tone Colors
  • Art Of The Blues
  • Blues Piano
  • Jazz
  • Piano Instruction
  • Elements Of Music
  • Rhythm
  • Chord






    Understanding Chords:  Book List


    Music Theory for Guitarists
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask by Tom Kolb

    The Chord Wheel
    The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians by Jim Fleser

    Fretboard Logic SE
    The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete  by Bill Edwards

    The "First Stage" Guitar Chord Chart
    Learn How To Play The Most Commonly Played Guitar Chords by Chris Lopez

    Chord Chemistry
    by Ted Greene

    The Songwriting Sourcebook
    How to Turn Chords Into Great Songs by Rikky Rooksby

    Modern Chord Progressions
    by Ted Greene

    Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony

    Guitar Chord Encyclopedia
    (Ultimate Guitarist's Reference) by Steve Hall

    Chord Progressions for Guitar
    101 Patterns for All Styles from Folk to Funk!

    Contemporary Chord Khancepts
    (Jazz Masters) by Steve Khan

    Piano Essentials: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences for the Contemporary Pianist
    (Book & CD) by Ross Ramsay

    The Only Basic Piano Instruction Book You'll Ever Need
    Learn to Play--from Reading Your First Notes to Constructing Complex Chords by Brooke Halpin

    Piano Chords & Progressions
    The Secret Backdoor to Exciting Piano Playing! by Duane Shinn

    The Keyboardist's Picture Chord Encyclopedia
    (Piano Book) by Leonard Vogler

    The Easy Classical Fake Book
    Melody, Lyrics and Simplified Chords in the Key of "C"

    Chord Master: How to Choose and Play the Right Guitar Chords
    by Rikky Rooksby

    Technique of the Saxophone - Volume 2
    Chord Studies by Joseph Viola

    Mel Bay Creative Keyboard's Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords
    A Complete Study of Chords and How to Use Them by Bob Kroepel

    The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences
    Includes All the Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic) & Chromatic Scales
    Plus Additional Instructions on Music Fundamentals by Willard A. Palmer

    Guitar Chord Bible
    Over 500 Illustrated Chords for Rock, Blues, Soul, Country, Jazz, and Classical by Phil Capone

    Picture Chord Encyclopedia for Left Handed Guitarists: 6 inch. x 9 inch. Edition

    Piano Chord Dictionary
    (Handy Guide) by M. Manus

    Blues You Can Use Book of Guitar Chords
    (Blues Guitar Instruction) by John Ganapes

    Funk Keyboards: The Complete Method
    A Contemporary Guide to Chords, Rhythms, and Licks

    Chords & Progressions For Jazz & Popular Guitar
    (Guitar Books) by Arnie Berle

    The BEAD Method of Fretboard Mastery
    by Robert, Luther Dietz

    The Guitar Chord Wheel Book
    Over 22,000 Chords

    Scales Over Chords
    by Wilbur M. Savidge

    Chord-Melody Guitar
    A Guide to Combining Chords and Melody to Create Solo Arrangements in Jazz and Pop Styles
    by Bruce Buckingham

    Al Di Meola - A Guide To Chords, Scales and Arpeggios
    by Al Di Meola

    The Guitar Chord Deck
    (Guitar Decks) by Ed Lozano

    Jazz Chord Hanon
    70 Exercises for the Beginning to Professional Pianist by Peter Deneff

    Chords for Jazz Guitar
    The Complete Guide to Comping, Chord Melody and Chord Soloing by Charlton Johnson

    Chord Progressions for Songwriters
    by Richard J. Scott

    All The Jazz Chords You'll Ever Need
    by Jack Long

    Joe Pass Guitar Chords

    The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Piano Chords
    (Pocket Idiot's Guides) by Karen Berger

    The Chord Factory
    Build Your Own Guitar Chord Dictionary by Jon Damian

    Picture Chord Encyclopedia
    9 inch. x 12 inch. Edition

    The Guitar 3 Chord Songbook
    Melody/Lyrics/Chord Frames   Guitar Chord Guru

    by Mark Hanson

    Contemporary Eartraining - Level One
    A Modern Approach to Help You Hear and Transcribe Melodies, Rhythms, Intervals, Bass Lines and Chord
    by Mark Harrison

    Scale Chord Relationships
    A Guide to Knowing What Notes to Play - and Why! by Jeff Schroedle

    4400 Guitar Chords

    Understanding Chord Progressions For Guitar
    by Arnie Berle

    Chord Orbits
    (The Progressive Guitarist Series) by Don Latarski

    by Rick Peckham

    A Player's Guide to Chords and Harmony
    Music Theory for Real-World Musicians by Jim Aikin

    The Guitar Grimoire
    A Compendium of Guitar Chords and Voicings by A. Kadmon

    The Acoustic Guitar Method Chord Book
    Learn to Play Chords Common in American Roots Music Styles  -  by David Hamburger

    The Jazz Guitar Chord Bible Complete
    by Warren Nunes




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    Music Instrument Directory

    GenInstruments Accordion Alto Saxophone Banjo Bass Guitar
    Bassoon Cello Clarinet Drums Dulcimer
    Easy Piano Fiddle Flute French Horn Guitar tab
    Harmonica Mandolin Oboe Organ Percussion
    Piano Solo Piano/Vocal/Chords Recorder Tenor Saxophone Trombone
    Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin Voice Solo

    Music Artists Alphabetical


    Music Genres

    Broadway Choral Christian Christmas Fakebooks
    CD Sheet Music Guitar Tab MusicMinus One Wedding Jazz
    Rock Teach Yourself School Teachers Children

    Sheet Music Publishers
    Alfred Baerenreiter Bastien C. F. Peters G. Henle
    Aebersold Jazz Schirmer Gift Ideas Bestsellers Mel Bay






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  • Music
  • General
  • Biographies
  • Bio: Classical
  • Books On CD
  • Country
  • Bio: General
  • Brass
  • Bio: Rock
  • Bio:  Jazz
  • Bio: Pop
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  • Books On Tape
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  • Music Genres
  • Instruments & Performers
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  • Music Business
  • History / Criticism
  • Instruments & Performers
  • Percussion
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  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Sheet Music: Composers
  • General Music Genres
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Composition
  • Lullabies
  • Punk
  • Soul
  • Ethnic & International
  • Folk & Traditional
  • Gospel
  • Military Marches
  • Musicals
  • New Age
  • Heavy Metal
  • Opera
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Religious & Sacred Music
  • Popular
  • Rock
  • Music Appreciation
  • Recording & Sound
  • General Reference
  • Discographies Buyer's Guides
  • Theory, Comp & Performance
  • MIDI, Mixers, etc.
  • Scores: Lieder & Art Songs
  • Conducting
  • Exercises
  • Instruction & Study
  • Sheet Music: Forms & Genres
  • Scores: Ballet / Dance
  • Scores: Concerto
  • Scores:  Musicals
  • Songbooks: Populars
  • Scores: Classical
  • Scores: Keyboard
  • Scores: Piano
  • Music Magazines
  • Scores: Operas
  • Scores: Symphonies
  • Scores: Early Romantic
  • Sheet Music & Scores
  • Scores: Requiems & Oratorios
  • Songbooks: Opera
  • Music Composition Software
  • Scores: Religious & Church Music
  • Scores: Baroque
  • Scores: Piano Concertos
  • Scores: Piano Sonatas
  • Sheet Music: Popular
  • Scores: Violin Concertos
  • Scores: Vocal
  • Scores: Historical Period
  • Scores: Late Romantic
  • Scores: Modern & 20th Century
  • Scores: Modern Popular
  • Scores: Instrumentation
  • Songbooks:  Folk / Ethnic
  • Books: Vocal
  • Scores: Violin
  • Scores: Orchestra
  • Songbooks
  • Songwriting
  • Techniques
  • Theory
  • Music Store
  • Instrument Instruction Software
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