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  • Choosing  A Music Career
  • Succeeding_In_Music
  • Music Careers:  Ttutorials & Advice
  • Music Business:  Creating & Selling Your Songs
  • Music Copyright: Protect Your Music Creations
  • Booking Agents: Managing Your Career
  • Music Production:  Music Studio Software Tutorials
  • Music Audio: Digital Tools For The Creative Musician
  • MIDI: Composing & Recording Your Music
  • MIDI Basics:  Tutorials For Beginners
  • MP3: The Music File Format That Changed History
  • Computer Music: Digital Tools For Creative Musicians
  • Recording: Create Your Own Digital Music Studio
  • Tools & Learning: Tutorials Covering Many Topics
  • Sequencing: Create and manage computer-generated music
  • Synthesizers: Generating & Combining Signals (Music Tones)
  • Sound: Perception & Physics Of Sound Waves
  • Electronic Music:  Electronica , Dance , Experimental
  • Composition: The Art Of Creating Music
  • Composers: Their Life, Music & Careers
  • J S Bach:  Genius Music-Meister Of The High Baroque
  • Beethoven:  Titan of the Classical Music Era
  • Music In Asia:  An Informal Survey
  • Comp Instruments: Write Music For Piano, Sax, Trumpet, etc
  • Creative Process: Understanding Music Composition
  • Avant-garde Composition:  Create Experimental Music
  • The Craft Of Songwriting
  • Music Arranging: The Learning Tools You'll Need
  • Orchestration: Combining Instrumental Tone Colors
  • Art Of The Blues
  • Blues Piano
  • Jazz
  • Piano Instruction
  • Elements Of Music
  • Rhythm
  • Chord






    Choosing A Music Career   -   Music Book List




    100 Careers in the Music Business  |  by Tanja Crouch

    FabJob Guide to Become a Pop Star by Kathy Baylor

    Start Your Own Band: A Jet Lambert Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Take Your Band to the Top by Marty Jourard

    Running a Band As a Business by Ian Edwards

    Managing Your Band: Artist Management: The Ultimate Responsibility by Stephen Marcone

    A Singer's Guide to Getting Work by John Byrne

    Singing Professionally: Studying Singing for Actors and Singers by Arabella Hong-Young

    Label Launch: A Guide to Independent Record Recording, Promotion, and Distribution by Veronika Kalmar

    Teach Yourself Songwriting (Book+ Audio CD) (Teach Yourself: Arts And Crafts) by Sam Inglis

    How to be a DJ (Wicca) by Janet Hoggarth

    The Mobile Dj Handbook: How to Start and Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey Service by Stacy Zemon

    Great Jobs for Music Majors (Great Jobs Series) by Jan Goldberg

    The Gigging Musician: How to Get, Play, and Keep the Gig by Billy Mitchell

    Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals by Richard Davis

    Build and Manage Your Music Career by Maurice Johnson

    Making Money Teaching Music by David R. Newsam

    The PracticeSpot Guide to Promoting Your Teaching Studio: How to make your phone ring, fille your schedule, and create a waiting list you can't jump over by Philip Johnston

    Monsters and Angels: Surviving a Career in Music by Seymour Bernstein

    Growing up with Jazz: Twenty Four Musicians Talk About Their Lives and Careers by W. Royal Stokes

    Careers in Audio by Touzeau

    Audio Recording for Profit: The Sound of Money by Chris Stone

    The Working Drummer by Rick Van Horn

    Breaking into Commericals: The Complete Guide to Marketing Yourself, Auditioning to Win, And Getting the Job, 2nd ed. by Terry Berland

    The Rookie’s Guide to Becoming a Hollywood Musician: A Practical Companion Towards Taking the Plunge by Jesse Singer

    I Like Music: What Can I Be? by Dubois  -  For Children

    Making a Living in Your Local Music Market: Realizing Your Marketing Potential by Dick Weissman

    The Australian Guide to Careers in Music by Michael Hannan

    Physical and Emotional Hazards of a Performing Career: A special issue of the journal Musical Performance. by B. Tschaikov

    Julian Bream: The Foundations of a Musical Career by Stewart W. Button

    Career Building Through Digital Sampling and Remixing (Digital Career Building) by Jeffrey Spaulding

    Your Own Way in Music: A Career and Resource Guide by Nancy Uscher

    How to Make It in Musicals: The Insider's Guide to a Career As a Singer-Dancer by Michael Allen

    Show Tunes: The Songs, Shows, and Careers of Broadway's Major Composers by Steven Suskin

    Writing a Musical by Richard Andrews

    Student's Guide to College Music Programs: How to Obtain Financial Aid * Music Industry Careers * Guidelines for a College Audition

    The 30-30 Career: Making 30 Grand in 30 Seconds Producing Music for Commercials: Volume 1 by Wendell Hanes

    Music Industry Uncovered (Careers Uncovered)

    Manual del dj/ DJ Manual (Spanish Edition) by Frank Broughton

    How to Become a Record Producer (Music How-To) by David Mellor

    Making Your Living as a String Player: Career Guidance from the Experts at Strings Magazine

    There's Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Voice-Overs by Elaine A. Clark

    Opportunities in Music Careers
    Revised Edition by Robert Gerardi

    The Music Business: Career Opportunities and Self-Defense by Dick Weissman

    Careers in Music (Kogan Page Careers in) by Ruth Yockney

    Be the next singing sensation: Everything you need to win a contest on reality TV and launch your music career by Dr. Oh

    Exploring Careers in Music by MENC: The National Association for Music Education

    Careers w/o College: MUSIC (Careers Without College) by Ted Greenwald

    Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star?: The Right Way-The Wrong Way and the Nashville Way by Sam Wellington

    Music on Demand: Composers and Careers in the Hollywood Film Industry by Robert R. Faulkner

    Music Business Handbook and Career Guide by David Baskerville

    Performing Arts Career Resources

    Career Opportunities in the Music Industry by Shelly Field

    Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music by Angela Myles Beeching

    Ferguson Career Coach Managing Your Career in the Music Industry by Shelly Field

    Success in the Arts
    What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields by A Michael Shumate

    How to Be a Working Musician
    A Practical Guide to Earning Money in the Music Business by Mike W. Levine

    6 Steps to Songwriting Success
    The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs by Jason Blume

    How to Be Your Own Booking Agent
    The Musician's & Performing Artist's Guide to Successful Touring by Jeri Goldstein

    Succeeding in Music
    A Business Handbook for Performers, Songwriters, Agents, Managers and Promoters by John Stiernberg

    So You Want To Be In Show Business
    A Hollywood Agent Shares The Secrets Of Getting Ahead Without Getting Ripped Off by Steve Stevens

    Music Business Goal Planner
    (52 Weeks to the Record Deal, Publishing Contract, and Income You Want) by David Hooper

    Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians
    by Patricia Shih

    The Touring Musician: A Small Business Approach to Booking Your Band on the Road by Hal Galper

    Performance Success
    Performing Your Best Under Pressure (Theatre Arts) by Don Greene

    Concert Tour Production Management
    by John Vasey

    Concert Sound and Lighting Systems
    Third Edition by John Vasey

    Concert Tour Production Management
    by John Vasey

    Live Sound Reinforcement
    (Mix Pro Audio Series) by Scott Stark

    Mastering Digital Audio Production
    The Professional Music Workflow with Mac OS X by Cliff Truesdell

    Crank It Up
    Live Sound Secrets of the Top Tour Engineers by Clive Young

    Music Publishing
    The Real Road to Music Business Success - 5th Edition (Mix Pro Audio Series) by Tim Whitsett

    This Business of Concert Promotion & Touring by Ray Waddell






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  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Sheet Music: Composers
  • General Music Genres
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Jazz
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  • Lullabies
  • Punk
  • Soul
  • Ethnic & International
  • Folk & Traditional
  • Gospel
  • Military Marches
  • Musicals
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  • Heavy Metal
  • Opera
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  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Religious & Sacred Music
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  • Music Appreciation
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  • General Reference
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  • MIDI, Mixers, etc.
  • Scores: Lieder & Art Songs
  • Conducting
  • Exercises
  • Instruction & Study
  • Sheet Music: Forms & Genres
  • Scores: Ballet / Dance
  • Scores: Concerto
  • Scores:  Musicals
  • Songbooks: Populars
  • Scores: Classical
  • Scores: Keyboard
  • Scores: Piano
  • Music Magazines
  • Scores: Operas
  • Scores: Symphonies
  • Scores: Early Romantic
  • Sheet Music & Scores
  • Scores: Requiems & Oratorios
  • Songbooks: Opera
  • Music Composition Software
  • Scores: Religious & Church Music
  • Scores: Baroque
  • Scores: Piano Concertos
  • Scores: Piano Sonatas
  • Sheet Music: Popular
  • Scores: Violin Concertos
  • Scores: Vocal
  • Scores: Historical Period
  • Scores: Late Romantic
  • Scores: Modern & 20th Century
  • Scores: Modern Popular
  • Scores: Instrumentation
  • Songbooks:  Folk / Ethnic
  • Books: Vocal
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  • Songbooks
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